Composite Decking Benefits - Why Go All Out on This Eco-Friendly Material?

A beautiful look, flexible nature, and impressively low upkeep price are some of the potential pros that differentiate composite decking from all other traditional materials. You must be pleased to know that it is the super eco-friendly material in the industry, from the processing to the long-term upkeep procedures. An outdoor decking area provides a spot where you can sit for a couple of hours and watch the sun go down in the beautiful spring evenings.

Sometimes we feel so frustrated with the indoors that we want to take the fresh cool breezes of afternoons. A well-installed composite decking area allows you to stay in touch with nature. Are you considering installing a deck on your property? If yes, then you need to consider the effect of your project on the surroundings. Now, you may wonder how to save the environment from your outdoor project. It is important to select the superior eco-friendly material in the market for your outdoor space. In today's article, we are about to share some of the fantastic benefits that are the reasons why composite decking is approved and appreciated material by most homeowners. Stay tuned.

Composite Decking Is Alternative to Traditional Timber

There was a time when traditional timber, hardwood, and softwood were the few materials available in the market. The decking industry from all around the globe has united to generate a decking material that leaves no carbon footprint on the environment. The technological innovation has manufactured a decking material that is a green option for the environment. If you have read our blog '' Types of Decking Boards from Pressure Treated Lumber to Composite Decking'' you must have an idea that composite decking is on the top of the list.

The reason behind its popularity is quite simple it offers long-term benefits of durability. Additionally, its manufacturing process makes it super environmentally friendly on the market. Do you know that composite decking is a far cheaper option than traditional timber? It has replaced timber decking as it gives real beauty to wood without much upkeep. You may be surprised to know that it provides eco-friendly benefits to the environment in the processing steps. What is the composition of composite decking that makes it a far more eco-friendly material as compared to traditional timber? The Composite Company has manufactured a range of composite products in step-by-step superior quality procedures.

The composite decking is a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic, which means no organic product in manufacturing. However, most homeowners are still confused about its eco-friendly manufacturing process due to the myths in the decking market. But, let us tell you that it is the most sustainable material as it is not cultivated from the plantation. Deforestation is a major problem of time, and we are pleased to announce that we never contribute to this environmental problem. Traditional timber has several downsides, and the first con is its origin. The hardwood is cultivated from tropical trees and then preserved with toxic chemicals for durability.

Composite Decking Is a Combination of Recycled Materials

Do you have that composite decking is the only material that is the composition of recycled wood fibers? These eco-friendly benefits make it an excellent alternative to traditional timber. It is engineered to give the natural look and feel of timber without any adverse effect on the surroundings. Let us tell you about the composition of The Composite Company's decking boards. The 55% recycled wood fibers and 45% recycled HDPE are the two main ingredients of our composite decking boards.

We always aim to save our environment, and the range of our composite products is a combination of recycled materials. If the waste materials are not recycled properly will otherwise end up in landfills and pollute the environment. Do you know that there are two main benefits of using waste material as the main ingredients of composite decking? Firstly, it will prevent the accumulation of waste products in landfill and keep the environment clean. Additionally, it will reduce the demand for pure natural wood and prevent deforestation. If you are finding the top eco-friendly decking solution for your outdoor space in South Africa, then purchase composite decking boards from here.

Composite Decking Requires No Harmful Chemicals for Maintenance

Do you know that the cleaning solution of composite decking is eco-friendly too? When we claim ''The Beauty of Wood without Maintenance'' we mean it. All the collection of composite decking boards, from the beautiful natural shade of timber to the cool hues of grey, comes with a capped polymer sheath. This sheath is a reason behind the less upkeep and keeps your deck durable for the coming 25 years. When it comes to the comparison of composite decking to traditional timber, composite decking requires significantly less maintenance.

If we talk about the other traditional decking material, they require annual costly cleaning procedures for a beautiful look. If your outdoor decking material is pressure-treated wood, you need to hire a professional team for its cleaning. More so, pressure-treated wood is not an eco-friendly material at all as it requires some harmful chemicals for its preservation. It requires painting, sealing, and sanding after short intervals and all these chemical treatments affect the environment directly or indirectly. When it comes preservation process of the composite decking, it doesn't need any kind of chemical treatment for durability and exceptional strength.

It is naturally resistant to damaging agents, including molds, algae, and pests. The composite decking requires a simple solution of soap and water for cleaning, which is great for the environment. Just suppose you have arranged a family dinner on your outdoor deck on a beautiful evening. As the guests left your home, you found the stains of juices and oils on your composite decking boards. Now you may wonder what you need to do for a neat and clean look. Well, take a mild soap solution and dilute it with water, and clean your decking area with this solution. 

Composite Decking Preservation Is Eco-Friendly

What do we mean by the statement that ''composite decking preservation is environment friendly''? The composite decking is preserved with a capped polymer sheath that makes it flawless and stainless. It is wrapped in a protective shell that makes it extremely resistant to all damaging agents. Additionally, this wrapping of capped polymer sheath is the reason behind its long-term warranty. When it comes to all the eco-friendly features of composite decking, its preservation leaves not a single effect on the environment. The composite decking is further differentiated into two types capped and uncapped. But all the collection of composite decking boards is encapsulated in a capped polymer sheath that makes them stainless.

Understandably, your deck area is for enjoyment, and you may find dust, debris, and stains. One of the fantastic benefits of this sheath is it keeps the dust on the surface of decking boards, and you can easily clean them with a cloth. We care for you, and that is why all our composite decking boards are easy to clean, and you can easily wipe the spills. It means you can enjoy your decking area without the worry of damaging your outdoor floor with stubborn spots.

Why Are The Composite Company Decking Boards Eco-Friendly Solution in South Africa?

Our range of eco-friendly composite decking boards is a combination of recycled wood fibers and reclaimed plastic. If these materials are not utilized properly, they will pollute the landfill. The Composite Company always aims to keep the environment safe, and that is why all the range of our composite products is eco-friendly. Our superior quality manufacturing methods save the tone of material that will otherwise pollute the environment.

Do you know that here in South Africa, we offer a long-lasting solution for your outdoor space at a very reasonable price? Unlike traditional timber decking, which is purely organic and is not an ideal option for environment-conscious consumers, composite decking is the superior eco-friendly option. We can define the warranty feature of composite decking boards, the greater your deck's life, the less it will impact the environment. When you choose the composite decking for your project, you are making an environment-conscious decision. We will love to have you as our happy customer of the eco-friendly composite decking boards.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to the title of top eco-friendly material on the market, who else can take the lead except the composite decking? All the fantastic benefits we have discussed above are demonstrated by the fact that it is the only material that leaves no adverse effect on the environment. Apart from its aesthetically appealing benefits, it offers many practical benefits, and the eco-friendly feature comes on the top. The professing steps, manufacturing processes, and preservation techniques are all eco-friendly. Are you ready to install the greenest material in the industry in your outdoor space?

Contact us today for the top range of eco-friendly composite decking boards in South Africa. You will surely love the results. Don’t forget to give your comments in the comment section below.

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