Types of Decking Boards from Pressure Treated Lumber to Composite Decking

Selecting superior quality decking boards provides the opportunity to have a perfect entertainment spot, enjoy the dining experience in the evening, and unwind during the summer afternoons. When it comes to the most important aspect of deck installation, the selection of superior quality decking boards comes at the top. A wide range of decking board varieties confuses most homeowners in the selection process. We are here to figure out which category of decking board can do the best for your outdoor space. Additionally, the situation of each project is different, and what is the best choice for your residence might not work for others. More so, it depends on your total budget, the deck design, and the location of your deck.

Today's blog will cover the details of different categories of decking boards. So, if you are wondering which kind of decking board is best for your project, then you are at the right site. Let's get into it.

Pressure Treated Decking Boards

We can define pressure-treated decking boards as low-quality wood treated with preservatives for durability and strength. Most homeowners have the concept that these decking boards are cost-effective. But, it is not a fact, and let us tell you that you need to invest again and again in the upkeep procedures. Additionally, it is not an eco-friendly material, and due to the chemical preservatives, it is hazardous to human health. These types of decking boards are processed with chemical treatment in a series of steps. Firstly, the pressure-treated decking boards harm the environment in the first step of the manufacturing process. Do you know that the preservation process makes the decking boards long-lasting but harms you in the long run?

The pressure-treated decking boards are easy to cut and trim, and you can adjust them according to your choice. But, these kinds of decking boards release toxic chemicals during cutting and trimming. Additionally, let us tell you that these decking boards will lose their color and structural integrity as soon as the chemical preservatives are lost. Once the preservatives are lost in the form of toxins, the decking boards will turn the shade into a grey tone. Do you know that flushing rainwater from a pressure-treated deck will pollute the environment?

PVC Plastic Decking Boards

You may wonder what is the difference between PVC and composite decking boards. Both share some of the most common characteristics, but a major difference comes in the composition. PVC plastic is purely the composition of plastic and sometimes looks very artificial. While on the other hand, composite decking boards are a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic encapsulated in a capped polymer sheath. The two potential cons of PVC decking are it is an expensive material and not an ideal option for hot regions.

As it is an expensive material, so you need to pay a lot of cost for the decking boards. It is not a heat-resistant material, and the decking boards will grill like a frying pan in hot regions. The best selection of decking boards is the one that is according to the environmental conditions. The intense heat of summer will disrupt the structural integrity, and your deck will lose its shape. Do you know that the intense heat of summer changes the color of PVC decking boards? What is the point behind installing costly decking boards that look artificial and are more prone to fading? The composite decking boards are the only material on the market that comes with a heat-resistive feature.  

Hardwood Decking Boards

Here, we are going the share the details of the most expensive material on the market. Hardwood is a costly option from the price of decking boards to long-term maintenance. These types of decking boards come into the market with a high price tag as their origin is tropical trees. Most homeowners love to have hardwood as a decking material due to its attractive natural look. The beautiful look of natural timber is something that we all love. But, the hardwood is more prone to damage by outdoor creatures. The reason is quite simple, it is an organic material, and outdoor creatures will find food on your deck.

Just suppose that you have arranged the hardwood decking boards in your garden. You have invested your time, cost, effort, and energy in planning, designing, and arranging the decking boards. After some time, you may find holes and cracks in the different corners of the deck. These decking boards are more prone to damage by insects, pests, and pets. Let us tell you about another aspect hardwood decking boards require an annual cleaning procedure, and you have to hire a professional team.  

Softwood Decking Boards

The category of softwood decking includes materials from cedar, pine, and spruce. Your outdoor deck is a space for dining, and you will love to furnish it with beautiful accessories. Softwood decking boards are not an ideal option for heavy traffic areas. The reason is quite clear. Due to its soft nature, it doesn't offer exceptional strength and durability. Additionally, it is a low-density material that makes it a weaker option as compared to traditional timber. The best material is the one that suits your lifestyle, budget, and practical needs. If you want to install appliances on your outdoor deck area, then softwood decking boards are not for you.

Composite Decking Boards

Are you ready to explore the fantastic benefits of the top decking boards? Composite decking boards are the new top material of the industry that comes with many attractive pros. If we talk about composition, it is a manufactured product of recycled wood fibers and plastic with a small number of combined agents. Its long-term durability and exceptional strength are the reasons behind its popularity in the past few years. These types of decking boards are man-made products and are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs.

It is the eco-friendly category of decking boards and leaves no harmful impact on the surroundings, from the first step of the installation to the long-term upkeep procedures. You may wonder how to keep your deck an evergreen option for your outdoor space. In our previous blog, we discussed 5 Ways that Decking Wood is Green and Sustainable. The best aspect of composite decking boards is that they are manufactured to give a realistic look to your outdoor space. Apart from aesthetically appealing benefits, composite decking boards have many practical benefits.

If you are looking for a durable, reliable, and beautiful-looking option in the decking market, then composite decking boards are the best option for your project. It accurately mimics the look of natural wood and gives you the long-term attractive benefits of natural timber. Do you know that it gives a beautiful timber look without putting much effort into maintenance? We can summarize the beauty aspect of composite decking boards as ''Beauty of Real Wood Without Maintenance''.


Why The Composite Company's Decking Boards Are Superior Choice in South Africa?

 The core goal of The Composite Company is to keep the environment sustainable and evergreen. We are pleased to tell you that all the range of our composite products comes in manufactured form, and we didn't harm a single tree in the processing process. If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to change the dull look of your outdoor space, then a range of composite products are available on our site. From the beautiful shades of brown to the cool tones of grey, we have all that you will love to have. You can make your deck cool and cozy with the installation of our composite pergola beams on the top.

Our top-quality composite products at a reasonable price make us the best decking boards brand in South Africa. Do you know that our decking boards come with a heat-resistive feature, so they are the best choice for the regions like South Africa? The list of benefits of composite decking boards is long due to the capped polymer sheath. It acts as a capsule cover for your deck and keeps your decking area sustainable and long-lasting for the next 25 years. The beautiful tone of our capped composite decking board in grey will uplift the beauty of your home without investing much.


The Giveaway

Many types of decking boards are available in the market, including pressure-treated, softwood, hardwood, and composite decking boards. Each has pros and cons, but the composite decking boards come on the top due to the multiple benefits. If you are looking for the best quality composite decking boards for your project in South Africa, The Composite Company will love to have you as our happy customer. The stylish, classy, and elegant range of composite decking boards is available here. You will surely love the results of your project after the installation of our decking boards. Happy decking!

Feel free to contact the leading supplier of composite decking boards in South Africa. We will love to have you on our site for some top-quality composite products.

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