Wood Cladding - Benefits of Using This Material for Home Improvement

Wood cladding is both a popular and traditional building material on the market. The technological innovation has fabricated a new material known as composite wood cladding. Do you have an idea that composite wood cladding is a new trend to clad your walls with a synthetic look? It gives a sleek polished look to the exterior walls and looks the same texture as real timber. If you are wondering which material is best for the renovation of your home, then congrats, you are at the right site.

Composite wood cladding is like layering the synthetic form of wood over the existing material. Composite wood cladding is used for a multitude of reasons. It provides a stunning structural finish to your exterior walls and makes your outdoor walls look stunning and fresh. Additionally, it also offers super durability and excellent strength. A beautiful outdoor space adds aesthetic value to your residence and can do wonders for your home. But why the composite wood cladding is the best option for exterior walls? Read on to discover the top 8 amazing benefits of composite wood cladding.

1.   Tensile Strength

If we talk about traditional timber, it provides extra strength but is not a long-lasting material. Composite wood claddingis the most lightweight building material but offers extra strength to outdoor walls. The walls of your garden or backyard are more prone to damage by external damaging agents. All traditional cladding materials absorb moisture in rainy seasons and lose structural integrity. Simply put, composite wood cladding is the most lightweight material and doesn't add much volume to the existing building. The Composite Company is pleased to announce that we have a range of composite wood cladding boards that lasts for 25 years.

All the range of our cladding boards, from the simple cladding to the 3D look of castellation cladding, offers extra strength to the structure of the building. We have composite products that can resist environmental factors, which means that our cladding material will protect the structure of your home for a prolonged period. Do you know that timber cladding absorbs moisture and loses structural integrity after some years? The accumulation of moisture in the different corners of walls provides favorable conditions for the growth of molds and algae. What is the point behind the installation of cladding material that is not durable? 

2.   Energy Efficient

The benefits of composite wood cladding are not only limited to the exterior of the home. But, it also has some fantastic benefits for your interior. It is an insulative cladding material and regulates the internal temperature of your home. Are you noticing an unusual temperature increase in the interior of your home? If yes, it's time to clad your outdoor walls with composite wood cladding. When we say that composite wood cladding is the most cost-effective material, in the long run, we mean it.

3.   Sound Insulation

The composite wood cladding's acoustic properties make it an ideal option for all kinds of your projects. Whether you want to install it in your office or desire to design your home, composite wood cladding is the superior choice. It acts as a barrier and prevents the sound transmission from the exterior to the interior. Do you know that it is the only material in the cladding industry that comes with the benefit of sound insulation? It absorbs the sound rather than amplifies it and keeps your internal environment calm and cozy.

4.   Traditional Beauty

Of course, how can we forget the most attractive aspect of composite wood cladding? Because there is a wide range of textures and designs available, you can choose the one that suits the needs of your home. An attractive outdoor space with the decorative appeal of traditional wood is surely something attractive to visitors. A beautifully structured outdoor deck with the traditional grain pattern of composite wood cladding will surely steal the limelight. The beautiful texture of cladding boards, the natural beauty of timber, and the elegant colors are some top attractive features of our composite products.

5.   Green Advantages

We are in an era where the negative impacts of traditional cladding materials are disrupting the ecosystem. Because of this, the composite wood cladding is on the top as it leaves no harmful environmental impacts. The new trend is to clad the outdoor walls with a material that gives a real look of wood in the synthetic form. Firstly, it prevents deforestation as it is a man-made material. Additionally, it doesn't release any chemicals or infectious agents in the surroundings. What is better than a cladding material that gives natural beauty to your outdoor space with no harmful impacts?

It is the only material that is renewable and ensures sustainable construction in the synthetic form. Do you know that it is a composition of recycled wood fibers and plastic? Another fantastic aspect is that it is a synthetic material but doesn't give the look of plastic to your outdoor walls. Unlike traditional alternative facades, it is a composition of recycled materials and is also renewable after a duration of 25 years. The Composite Company takes the commitment seriously to save the environment in which we live. Here at The Composite Company, we offer composite products purely in synthetic form. All the range of our composite wood cladding is environmentally friendly, and the cleaning requirements also don't need preservatives and chemicals.

The timber cladding requires some treatment procedures for a sustainable look. More so, it is treated with insecticides and fungicides to prevent erosion. The Composite Company's products don't require treatment and will go in the long run of 25 years. What makes composite wood cladding the most sustainable and durable option in the industry? Unlike most cladding materials, it comes on the market with capped polymer sheath. This sheath keeps it safe from all the damaging agents and saves your time, cost, and effort on maintenance.

  1. Super Durable

Perhaps the biggest advantage of composite wall cladding is its durability which lasts 25 years. The cladding material is not something that you can replace after intervals. If you select the right brand for your project, your cladding material will go in the long run.   Do you know the reason behind the super durable feature of composite wood cladding? The capped polymer sheath prevents wood cladding erosion and keeps it super durable and functional. You only have to clean this cladding material with a simple soap and water solution, and your cladding will maintain the same look for many coming years.

  1. Cost-Effective Solution

The composite wood cladding is the most economical option available on the market. It is the best alternative to traditional wood and offers an array of pros. First of all, its simple installation process offers you initial savings. Additionally, its maintenance procedures save your cost as you don't have to pay again and again. More so, the composite wood cladding regulates the internal temperature of your home and saves your energy cost. The easy installation, low-cost maintenance procedures, and saving on energy bills are some aspects that give long-term benefits to your pocket.

  1. Super Versatility

Are you ready to change the look of your outdoors with a classy composite wood cladding design? It is the most flexible material in the industry, and you can install it according to your customized style. Additionally, it is available in a range of textures, designs, and styles. More so, it can be arranged according to the customized design of your project. It is the best flexible material that can complement well with different architectural designs. The composite castellation cladding offers aesthetic properties allowing you to experiment with a wide variety of designs. Do you know that it provides you with an attractive, unique, and classy look after the completion of the installation process?

The Composite Company is pleased to announce that all the range of our composite wood cladding has classy look. We aim to keep your atmosphere pleasant with our eco-friendly composite products that leave no harmful impact on the surroundings. We have manufactured composite cladding boards with the capped sheath so you can modify them according to the needs of your outdoor space. The super classy designs, elegant look, and beautiful texture are some top features of our composite wood cladding boards. A super-fine range of composite cladding boards in beautiful colors is available here.


Final Thoughts

Composite wood cladding is the best way to cover the imperfections of your dull outdoor walls. It keeps your environment safe as it expels no harmful chemicals into the surrounding. Additionally, it is the most flexible material in the industry, so you can modify it according to the theme and requirements of your surroundings. The Composite Company offers the best range of composite wood cladding at a reasonable price. Now, what are you waiting for? Purchase the best range of composite wood cladding from here and change the dull look of your outdoor space.

If you are looking for the top composite wood cladding supplier in South Africa, The Composite Company is ready to serve you with the finest range. Contact us today.

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