Why Choose Cladding Over Other Building Materials?

The modern trend is to cover commercial, residential, and industrial buildings with some form of cladding. In the construction industry, cladding refers to the application of one material over the other for cosmetic benefits and practical advantages. It maintains the structural integrity of your walls and protects them from all the outdoor elements. The cladding industry is full of different kinds of building materials, including plastic, wood, stone, bricks, metal, cedar, redwood, and composite. Innovation in design and new technology has arisen to create a material that is more durable, secure, and able to withstand intense outdoor conditions.

Do you want to distinguish your home from the other residences in town with the best cladding material? Well, let us tell you, technology has created a new synthetic material that can uplift the beauty of your home with unique features. The composite cladding can give many noticeable features to your office or home without investing much. Luckily, our today's article is all about the amazing and functional benefits of composite cladding. Why the composite cladding is the superior and best option over other building materials for all kinds of your project? Without any further delay, let's get into it. 

  1. Composite Cladding Is More Attractive

When you clad your walls with composite cladding, you can make a significant difference in the finished look of your building exterior. If we talk about the color options of composite cladding, it is available in a range of colors, materials, and options. The Composite Company has a range of composite cladding options including castellation cladding and simple and classy cladding boards. Just suppose, that someone wants a vintage and rustic look of wood in their outdoor space, our composite cladding board in brown color can do the job for them. Of course, we cannot forget about one of the most prominent advantages of composite cladding. It is the only material in the cladding industry available in different styles, textures, colors, and sizes. When you are on our site, there are different options with various designs and textures, you can perfectly find a match according to your taste.

  1. Composite Cladding Remains Same in Color

The technological innovation in the cladding market has created a material that remains the same for many coming years. What is the best cosmetic benefit of composite cladding over other traditional building materials? All the composite products on our site are covered in capped polymer sheath that needs no painting and staining. In many cases, composite cladding is chosen over other cladding materials because it requires a limited amount of maintenance. The other traditional cladding options require repairing, painting, and cleaning after short intervals.

When you clad your outdoor walls with hardwood, softwood, or timber, you need to clean them according to the schedule for a maintained look. The composite cladding is the only material that requires no painting and remains the same in color for 25 years. Do you want to know about the maintenance procedure of the composite cladding for a beautiful color? All you have to do is to mix mild soap with an adequate amount of water. In this way, you will get a diluted formula for removing stains and dust. 

  1. Composite Cladding Provides Protection

The original use of the cladding is the protection of the outdoor walls from stains and dust. You can cover the stains and imperfections of your walls with a classy material for a more elegant and attractive look on your outdoor walls. Over the past few years, many cladding materials have been tested and trailed to check which one can protect the walls in the best way. Most homeowners who want the rustic look of wood on their walls choose hardwood. The problem with hardwood is that it requires a lot of cost and time for its installation. Harwood absorbs more moisture content from the surroundings and leads to the growth of molds and algae. Additionally, its colors change to another shade and give a very negative appeal to the overall look of your home.

When you install an extra layer of material over your walls with a capped sheath, you will get a barrier to the overall structure of your property. The composite cladding will act as a protective shell for all the structural components of your wall. Why choose composite cladding over other traditional building materials? It prevents the absorption of external moisture sources and maintains the structure of the building. The list of benefits of composite wall cladding is long, but the protection of the walls is at the top. Additionally, it also prevents the absorption of harmful chemicals from the surroundings into your walls.

  1. Composite Cladding Requires Less Effort

The most prominent benefit of composite cladding is the minimal maintenance required compared to other building materials. It provides long-lasting resilience and durability to the walls of your home. Here the term fewer efforts mean there is no need for cost, time, and struggle for the beautiful look of your outdoor walls. But, it is not the case with other traditional cladding materials. You need to hire a professional team for pressure washing and other costly cleaning procedures. If your cladding material is hardwood, then you need to replace the cladding boards after a short time.

  1. Composite Cladding Provides Insulation

Cladding also provides insulation to the existing material of the building. The composite cladding is the only material that keeps the heat outside the rooms of your house. The extra layer on the composite cladding prevents the absorption of heat and keeps the environment of your indoor pleasant. The feature of insulation is not only limited to heat, it will also keep the temperature warm and cozy in extremely cold conditions. You can also avail the noise insulation benefit by selecting the composite material for your cladding. What is better than having a pleasant and cozy atmosphere inside your home?

  1. Composite Castellation Cladding Provides Sustainability

The Composite Company has tried hard to care about the ecology by providing environmentally friendly and sustainable composite products. All our composite products are not only durable but also leave no harmful impact on the environment. The composite cladding help in this regard by minimizing carbon dioxide emission and keeping the environment safe. We aim to provide you with a sustainable product with a long-term warranty of 25 years. We claim ''the beauty of wood with no maintenance'', our customer's review is proof of the reliability of our claim. 

The Right Cladding Building Material - Long Term Benefits

Whatever the purpose of your cladding, it is extremely important to select the right material for your outdoor walls. The first and foremost step is to figure out what type of material is best suited according to the requirements of your space. It depends on the outdoor environmental conditions and location of your home. The composite cladding is the best choice for people receiving loads of rain throughout the year. The composite cladding is resistant to moisture because it is covered in a sheath that makes it resistant to damaging agents.

The style of cladding also plays a big role in the selection of material. There are different options available in the market, but it depends on the shape and style of your building. Composite cladding is the most flexible and versatile option in the market that can be installed in a variety of ways. It is a manufactured material that can make your walls beautiful and elegant in a variety of ways. When you are choosing the material for your outdoor walls, it is also important to keep the structural requirements of the building in mind.

If you want to renovate the old material of your walls, then composite is the best because it provides durability and a rated life span. You can cut the composite cladding boards according to the stains of your walls, and cover them perfectly. The other traditional cladding material suffers from rotting and spitting after a short interval of time. More so, composite cladding offers color retention benefits and excellent insulation benefits. If you are looking for a range of composite castellation cladding with different textures in South Africa, then you can purchase elegant cladding boards in different colors from here. You will notice a clear difference before and after the installation of our composite products in your outdoor space.


Final Thoughts

The composite cladding delivers immense long-term benefits to the building as compared to its competitors. Other traditional cladding materials require you to pay more for installation, maintenance, and purchasing. The extra layer of insulation on your outdoor walls lowers the energy bills and saves the cost. We are pleased to announce that we have a collection of composite cladding boards that can conceal all the imperfections of your outdoor walls. From the 3D look of castellation cladding to the classic look of brown color, we have all the cladding boards that can match your surroundings.

Don't forget to visit the site of the leading supplier of cladding and decking boards in South Africa. We will love to serve you.

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