Wall Cladding Ideas to Make Your Home Unique

If you want to make your house look unique from other homes in the area, you can be very innovative in the walls cladding ideas. The days are gone when there was a trend of bare walls on the exterior of your home. Now, there are multiple ways to incorporate a layer of elegance on your walls. There is a range of materials for the wall cladding in different designs, patterns, and textures. Wall cladding provides aesthetic and functional benefits to the exterior walls. One of the benefits of wall cladding is insulation. Additionally, it also regulates the internal temperature of your home. If you are tired of dull walls in your backyard or garden, then you are at the right site. Wall cladding is like a decorative covering of different kinds of material to cover all the imperfections of your exterior walls. Our today's write-up is all about the unique ideas of exterior wall cladding for your home. Keep reading.


Why Wall Cladding Is Important?

Many reasons make it necessary to clad your walls. The primary purpose of the wall cladding is to provide your residence with a sheath that will protect it from all kinds of external agents. It means wall cladding is not only for aesthetic purposes. It also has some amazing functional advantages. When you protect your walls with the right cladding material, it acts like an extra layer of prevention. Wall cladding prevents the absorption of water into the interior of your home. Do you want to cover all the imperfections of the dull walls of your home? Select the best cladding material and choose a design for the walls of your home from the below-mentioned ideas.


Unique Ideas for Wall Cladding - Functional and Aesthetic Benefits

The right selection of material for your wall cladding with a wise choice of design can do the wonders for your home. A unique design for your home shows your taste and style. Now, it's time to transform the look of the dull walls of your home. Let's get into the details of unique designs that can increase the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Rustic Look of Wood

It is one of the most common trends in the cladding market. It is like covering your walls with wood-like material to transform the overall look of your residence. The beautiful dark shade of the wood in your outdoor space is among the elegant ideas to make your home look unique. But, you want a covering of wood on your walls doesn't mean that you have to cover it with timber. The good news is that composite wall cladding boards are now available with a look of natural wood in the synthetic form.

The basic purpose of wall cladding is to protect your walls from moisture and other weather condition. You are required to install a material that is resistant to moisture. No doubt that timber is among the oldest material for wall cladding. As it is an organic material, it absorbs moisture from outdoor conditions and leads to the growth of molds and algae. The Composite Company covers the cladding boards with a capped sheath that is resistant to moisture. There will be no accumulation of water inside the sheath, and your walls will remain safe. View the details of our composite wall claddingboard in brown color, you will love the results.

  1. Beauty in Asymmetry

This unique idea of wall cladding is going to do wonders for you. It is among the top-class ideas that will make your home look unique. You have to cut the cladding boards into different lengths and widths and fit them together according to the design of your walls. The unfinished look of cladding boards on your outdoor walls will make it look unique. Moreover, there is no need to stick to one color only. You can mix and match different shades of light and dark colors to make your walls look elegant. The high-quality cladding boards in a range of colors are available here.

For this unique idea, you need the cladding boards to be versatile and flexible. Traditional hardwood is hard to cut, and you need a lot of effort to cut them in different lengths and widths. The composite wall cladding boards are easily bendable, and you can modify them according to the dimensions of your walls. You can attach the composite cladding boards easily without paying heavy labor costs. All you have to do is to select the best cladding boards across South Africa from here, cut them easily, and have this unique design on the walls of your exterior.

  1. 3D Wall Cladding

Are you ready to install a unique display on the walls of your house? This unique wall cladding idea is going to steal the limelight with its unique effect. You have to create a beautiful combination of shadow and depth with the help of cladding boards. All you have to do is to cut the cladding boards into different lengths or widths and attach them. Attach the two pieces of cladding boards on the same surface with a gap. The 3D cladding effect will increase the value of your home. Moreover, it will give welcoming vibes to the visitors. With the 3D effect, you can uplift the dull look of your walls.

  1. Decorative Cladding

Your outdoor space is the best place where you can bring the taste of your interior to the exterior. You are only limited by imagination. There is no hard and fast rule. You can bring innovation to your outdoor walls according to the look you want. In your outdoor space, you can create a serene area that will be a treat to your eyes. There is no need to cover the whole wall with cladding boards. If you are not in the favor of a full wall cladding cover for your walls, then It's ok. Attach the cladding boards wherever you want, and place the pictures and logo in between the cladding boards.

The cladding boards will act like a frame for your pictures and logos. Moreover, you can design a specific section of the walls to bring your taste to your walls. The composite wall cladding is quickly gaining popularity in the commercial and residential spaces of South Africa. There are many reasons for the popularity of composite wall cladding that makes it the choice of most homeowners. It is a versatile material in decor design and can be installed in different spaces of the home. For the beautiful decorative wall cladding, choose the color theme wisely and pair it with the surrounding shades. In this way, you can effortlessly create the finest wall cladding design and can make your home worth living.

  1. Hang Up Mirrors

Mirrors on your exterior walls will make your space look bigger and brighter. It is a wall-cladding idea that can make your residence a masterpiece. Choose the mirrors and then place them on your wall. Cover the sides of the mirrors with the cladding board. Let us tell you about another amazing benefit of this wall cladding idea. The mirror reflects light so it will regulate the temperature of your indoors. The combination of the mirror with the composite cladding boards will provide you with insulation benefits. Both these materials are heat reflective and prevent the absorption of heat. In hot regions like South Africa, you are required to select a heat-resistant material for a pleasant atmosphere. The composite cladding boards don't absorb heat and regulate the internal temperature of your home. It not only provides you with a pleasant atmosphere but also decreases the cost of your bills.

  1. Install Shelves

What about adding some potted plants to the walls of your outdoor space? Install the floating shelves with the help of composite cladding boards, and you will love the results. You can create this wall cladding idea with the leftover cladding boards. If you are done with your wall cladding and some cladding boards are left, go with this idea. Attach the cladding boards in such a way to give them a look like a shelf. The idea is not limited to potted plants. You can also place other accessories of your choice for decorative purposes.

Final Thoughts

Wall cladding is now among the popular trends of the time. The reason is it gives the appealing look to the outdoor walls with many functional benefits. There are different kinds of wall cladding materials available like timber and traditional wood. The composite wall cladding is among the top of the cladding material list. It is a durable and long-lasting material. Here at The Composite Company, we have wall cladding boards that can withstand the different weather conditions for 25 years. You only have to install our wall cladding boards for once, and you can uplift the beauty of the outdoor look for many coming years.

The Composite Company has a range of wall cladding boards that have unique textures and designs. Purchase the best wall cladding boards across South Africa from here. Feel free to contact us for all decking and wall cladding supplies.

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