The Complete Guide to Wall Cladding and How to Save Time and Money

Installing the wall cladding to your exterior is a fantastic way to improve, renovate, and change the look of your home. Over the past few years, innovation in the cladding industry has fabricated a new material known as composite wall cladding. It is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your home, as composite wall cladding offers insulation and improves the curb appeal of the residence. Adding wall cladding to your home is the best way to change the complete look of your residence elegantly.

If you are not satisfied with the look of your exterior, then it's time to cover all the imperfections with the composite wall cladding. It will act like a skin for your outdoor walls and elegantly protect the overall structure of your home. If your home has a dull and damaged cladding material, then it's time to replace it with composite wall cladding. Our today's blog is a complete guide about all the aspects of composite wall cladding. Read the whole article, and in the end, you will get to know all about the best cladding material. Stay tuned.

What is Composite Wall Cladding?

The term ''cladding'' refers to the installation of a specific material over the walls for structural integrity and protection. The composite wall cladding comes on the market in a pre-designed style in the form of boards and panels. What is the best aspect of the composite wall cladding that differentiates it from other cladding materials? Firstly, the composite wall cladding provides superior protection to your outdoor walls without decaying and rotting. More so, the composite castellation wall cladding has the capability to provide a 3D dimension and can uplift the beauty of your home.

The Composite Company is the best brand of decking and cladding supplier in South Africa that offers a range of cladding boards with super durability. Our elegant cladding boards and composite castellation cladding boards will protect your walls from wear and tear. Are you ready to modernize the look of your home with composite wall cladding? You can purchase the finest range of composite wall cladding boards from here, we will love to serve you with the best. In comparison to timber cladding, our decking boards don't require annual cleaning, so your life will be easy in terms of maintenance.

The Best Wall Cladding Material - The Long Term Benefits

The composite wall cladding is a perfect blend of recycled wood fibers and plastic that gives a smooth finish to your outdoor walls. It is a top-rated cladding material available in a variety of colors, from dark brown shades of timber to beautiful hues of grey. The best thing about the composite wall cladding is that it comes on the market with a warranty of 25 years. Here, we have listed some of the amazing benefits of composite wall cladding that you will love to know.

1.    Composite Wall Cladding Is Versatile

When it comes to the installation of composite wall cladding, it provides you with freedom. There are no hard and fast rules, and you can install it horizontally or vertically according to the dimensions of your outdoor walls. What makes composite wall cladding versatile and flexible? As it is not an organic material, so you can cut the composite wall cladding boards according to the demands of your walls. There is a variation of the cladding designs available in the online market. What is better than a versatile cladding material that provides you with the opportunity to implement your innovation on the exterior of your walls? A simple guide on wall cladding ideas to make your home unique can give you some amazing thoughts to renovate your exterior walls.

If your outer walls are faded and dull, it gives a horrible visual experience to your visitors. You can paint the walls to cover the stains and dullness, but composite wall cladding is the superior option. It is the best solution to the outdoor walls that lasts long and provides the beauty of wood without the maintenance.

2.    Composite Wall Cladding Is Available in A Range of Options

When it comes to the choice of your home, everyone has a different taste. Some homeowners love to have the natural shade of timber to cover the stains of outdoor walls, while the other group prefers the shade of grey according to the color of the deck and pergola beams. If you want to add two-toned cladding to your outdoor walls, then there is no need to worry. All shades of dark and light colors are available on our site. You can select according to the color scheme of your exterior.

We have composite cladding boards that offer you the natural tone of timber without the hassle of maintenance. The technological innovation of The Composite Company has generated another variation of 3D material for your outdoor space. We have composite castellation wall cladding boards that can provide a modernized look to all kinds of projects. It can be used for a variety of locations and different situations. You can clad the walls of your outdoor kitchen, garden rooms, offices, and residential buildings with composite cladding. It is a suited cladding material in the market that is best for locations that are difficult to maintain.

3.    Composite Wall Cladding Regulates Temperature

Are you noticing an unusual increase in the internal temperature of your home? Well, it's time to clad your outdoor walls with composite wall cladding or change your cladding material. Composite wall cladding is the only material available in the market that provides insulation benefits. It comes in the industry with a heat-resistant feature, so an ideal option for cladding in hot regions like South Africa. Let's break down the chemistry behind its heat resistance feature. The composite wall cladding is capped in a polymer sheath that is resistant to heat and temperature.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Looks Expensive

Are you ready to increase the value of your home without investing much? If the answer is yes, then clad your outdoor walls with the composite material. When you pay the price for the best material, it pays you back in the form of elegance, durability, and strength. The composite wall cladding gives an expensive look to your home, so if you are on the way to selling your residence, then it can do the best for you. It gives a positive impression to your visitors and ultimately increases the value of your home.


Superior Wall Cladding Material-Saves Time and Cost

How does composite wall cladding save your time and cost from the installation to the next 25 years? Let's get into the details.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Is Flexible

There is no competition in the easy installation feature, as composite wall cladding is at the top of the list. All you need to do is to install it and enjoy its multiple benefits for many coming years. Its easy installation feature makes it the most budget-friendly material on the market. Due to the heavy labor cost, the traditional cladding woods ultimately increases your total budget. The composite wall cladding saves your cost, time, energy, and effort from the installation process to the maintenance features. 

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Is Waterproof

The capped polymer sheath makes the composite wall cladding waterproof, and there will be no accumulation of moisture in the corner of your walls. The traditional wall cladding materials absorb the water in the rainy season and lead to the growth of algae in the different corners. Composite wall cladding offers fantastic resistance to moisture and mildews, the two most common factors in the decaying of walls. If you clad your walls with composite cladding, you don't need to replace your cladding boards after short intervals. With the best cladding material, you can save time and effort for a long time. On the other hand, traditional wood is more prone to moisture damage and weathering as it is a natural material.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Requires Very Low Upkeep

There is no need for special treatment like painting and staining due to the capped polymer sheath. It will save your cost in the long run as you don't have to pay again and again. The Composite Company offers the beauty of wood to your outdoor space without maintenance as the range of our composite products doesn't require costly maintenance procedures.


Final Thoughts

Wall cladding is a new way to cover the imperfections and dullness of your exterior. There are different wall cladding materials on the market, but composite is at the top of the list. It is the best cladding material that offers sound and heat insulation feature benefits. It is a far more insulating material than traditional wood. Its manufactured nature makes it the best-suited cladding material for all kinds of projects due to its versatility and diversity. You can purchase the finest range of composite wall cladding boards in South Africa from here. You will surely love the results.

Contact us today for a fine range of composite wall cladding that can cover all imperfections of your outdoor walls.

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