The Complete Guide to Building and Designing Houses with Composite Cladding

Before we get into the complete guide on composite cladding installation and designing, we need to know why it is an essential component of the outdoor space. Composite cladding is a new trend in architecture where you provide a layer of protection to your outdoor walls. It is a smart and cost-effective way to transform the appearance of your dull outdoor walls. When you invest in the composite cladding boards of The Composite Company, you are selecting the most budget-friendly way to provide a modern and fresh look to your exterior.

We aim to provide you with a combination of wood fibers and plastic in the synthetic form that can match best to your standard with elegance and beauty. If you have an idea about the basic requirements of the installation, then you can perform the task on your own with just a little effort. Our today's write-up will cover a step-by-step procedure for installing the composite cladding on your outdoor wall for practical and long-term benefits. Additionally, we are going to tell you about some amazing designs of composite wall cladding, so without any further delay, let's get into it.

6 Easy Steps of Building the Composite Cladding by The Composite Company in South Africa

The right installation with the right cladding materials increases the aesthetics of your home. Composite cladding is the new top trend in the cladding industry that covers the imperfections of your outdoor walls. Whether you want to cover the traditional cladding material, or you desire to install the composite cladding in a new way, it is the need for your outdoor walls. The Composite Company always aims to keep your life easy, so here we have summed up all the details of composite cladding installation into six easy steps.

1.  Preparation Is Must

Are you tired of the dull look of the walls of your outdoor exterior? If yes, then prepare the outdoor area for the installation of composite wall cladding. Preparation is the first and most important step of installing the composite cladding, and it should not be overlooked. When you prepare for the first step, it helps you to carry out all the remaining steps easily. Now, you may think about how to prepare your outdoor area to transform the look of your outdoor walls with composite cladding. The step of preparation does not include that you have to clean your outdoor walls before the fixation of the composite cladding boards.

What is the most basic purpose behind the installation of composite cladding to your exterior walls? The composite wall cladding will cover all the stains, imperfections, spots, and dullness of your walls. All you have to do is to make sure the walls are strong enough for the fixation step. You can fix the composite cladding boards easily if the surface of your outdoor walls is smooth and even. The next step of preparation is to take accurate measurements of your exterior so you can get an idea about the number of composite cladding boards.

2.  Collect Your Tools

What about making a checklist before you start installing the composite cladding boards? It is the second most important step of building a beautiful outdoor exterior that will help you a lot in the remaining steps. The Composite Company offers you flexible cladding material that you can install with basic tools. Before you start the next step, it's time to look at the checklist of the following basic tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Clips
  • Drilling Machine
  • Fasteners
  • Screws
  • Plumb Line

3.  Cut The Cladding Boards

The best installation is the one in which the composite cladding boards are according to the measurements of the walls. Take the accurate dimension of your exterior, and measure the length and width of walls for the best installation. 

4.  Fix The Joist

In the third step, all you have to do is to attach the composite cladding boards to the joist. It is the reason that your cladding material should be strong and durable. If you are using pressure-treated wood for your cladding, you need to screw a lot of planks. The composite cladding is the only material that keeps your installation process easy from the first step to the last procedures of finishing. Here, we are going to share a pro tip with you the gap between the joists should not be more than 40 centimeters.

5.  Arrange The Composite Cladding Boards

Now, it's time to attach the composite cladding boards to the walls one by one. For the smooth finish of the overall look of the wall, we recommend you start from the corner or edge and then move onward. You can use a starter clip for the attachment of the cladding board to the joist. You can attach the clip to the joist with the help of a screw. The composite cladding boards should be in accurate arrangement and fixed to each other with the help of clips.

6.  Finish The Edges

 Now it's time to smooth the sharp edges and corners after the attachment of all the composite cladding boards. The installation of the fascia boards gives a smooth finish to the overall look of outdoor walls.


Design Your Home with Us

We have composite cladding boards that give the real feel of timber in the synthetic form. We offer you composite products that will seamlessly fit into the range of designs from modern appearance to classic looks. If you are looking the ways to update the look of your residence, then we can do the job for you. Check out the amazing composite cladding designs that will refresh the look of your dull exterior.

  • Multi-Tone Composite Cladding

Most homeowners love to have both shades of light and dark in their homes. If yes, then this design will surely change the whole look of your exterior. It is a popular trend in the cladding industry to experiment with dark and light shades. When you select two shades of light and dark, it shows your unique taste and makes your residence more attractive to visitors. Whether you want to combine two shades for your home or you love one color on your outdoor walls, you can purchase a range of composite cladding from here. If you don't like the loud shades, then you can experiment this design with the two light shades on the different sections of the outdoor space.

  • A mixture of Vertical and Horizontal Composite Cladding

What is the reason behind the rapid popularity of composite wall cladding in the market? It comes with a polymer sheath which is the reason behind its easy maintenance and cleaning. Additionally, the capped polymer sheath is a reason behind its flexibility feature. What about the idea of cutting the composite cladding boards from different angles and then installing them? Just like the color scheme, you can also bring innovation in the dimensions of composite cladding boards. What's the point behind sticking to the same style when you can bring innovation according to your taste?

  • Natural Rustic Composite Cladding

The styles and designs come in trend and lose their charm and beauty after some time. But the rustic composite cladding on the walls of your outdoor space will look stylish for the next 25 years. The rustic look in your outdoor space gives a warm sensation to visitors who love the natural hues of nature. You can bring the rustic look idea to your outdoor space with The Composite Company cladding boards. The best aspect of composite cladding is that it gives the real look of nature without maintenance. We can summarize it as ''Beauty of wood without Maintenance''.


Upgrade Your Wall Cladding with The Composite Company

We provide you with a range of options, from the 3D look of castellation cladding to the beautiful timber shade cladding. You can bring your taste, ideas, and customized design to your outdoor space with a range of our composite cladding boards. No matter what is your taste, and what type of idea you like for your outdoor exterior, we have cladding boards that are suitable for all types of projects. A range of color options and the different beautiful textures with low maintenance features are the properties of our composite cladding boards that make us the choice of most homeowners in South Africa.



Building and designing composite cladding is surely the best way to change the overall look of your home. It is among the trendy addition to the walls of your outdoor space and adds beauty to a simple outdoor area. When it comes to the installation of cladding, it is a very easy and simple process as the composite material is the most flexible material on the market. Whether you want a simple look of classic or you love stylish cladding, we will love to serve you with the finest range of composite cladding boards.  

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