5 Most Popular Exterior Wall Cladding Options for South African Homes

When it comes to exterior wall cladding in South Africa, it's in use by most homeowners due to its many benefits. Are you looking for a way to make your home exterior different from other residences? Your residential curb appeal gives the very first impression to the visitors. When you renovate your house walls with exterior wall cladding in South Africa, it looks different in terms of elegance and personality. Exterior wall cladding in South Africa acts as a defensive mechanism that protects your home and its interior.

The high-quality cladding material act as a protective shield against temperature, sun, rain, pest, and noises. The Composite Company offers cladding boards that act as an excellent protective shield against structural deterioration. Exterior wall cladding in South Africa by The Composite Company not only increases the aesthetic appearance of your walls but provides many functional benefits. Now, you may think that what are exterior wall cladding South Africaoptions? In our today's guide, we have enlisted the 5 options for exterior wall cladding for the residences of South Africa. Stay with us to know about all the benefits of cladding boards by The Composite Company. Keep reading.

  1. Brick Wall Cladding

Brick wall cladding act as a rain screen facade system that provides a smooth finish to the outdoor walls and as well as also used for renovation. The traditional companies are offering brick tiles that mechanically fit into the stainless steel backing. The drawback of using brick as the exterior wall cladding material in South Africa is that it harms the environment. The reason is that bricks are baked in kilns which requires a lot of energy. Additionally, it also requires cement in its attachment process. The production of cement contributes to the 5% of carbon dioxide emission which has a negative effect on the environment.

Moreover, brick when used as an exterior wall cladding material is not cost-effect. The homeowners who select brick as a cladding material have to pay for a large number of bricks. Additionally, you also have to pay the professionals who know have the expert knowledge regarding the installation of brick cladding. Its precise installation is extremely important as the moisture in the wall leads to the overall weakening of the structural integrity. 

  1. Aluminum Wall Cladding

Aluminum cladding is also a good option as it transforms the look of the home's exterior. But, aluminum wall cladding doesn't provide enough protection to your building as it is prone to dents. It is not a durable option during extreme weather conditions. It is always wise to select a cladding material according to the climate of your region. When it comes to the exterior wall cladding South Africa options, it is important to select a material that can bear intense heat. When installing the aluminum wall cladding, it's important to carefully seal the joints to prevent moisture in the rainy season. 

Moreover, aluminum is an expensive product in terms of purchase and renovation. The manufacturing of aluminum requires a lot of energy, so it is an expensive choice as compared to other cladding options. Aluminum requires a lot of maintenance as you need to repaint it after every 5 years. Before painting, it is important to remove all kinds of traces of oxidation which requires a lot of time. Adding the aluminum wall cladding to your residence requires professional assistance. You cannot add the aluminum cladding to your walls on your own. 

  1. Timber Wall Cladding

Timber wall cladding is a good option for most kinds of projects. It is traditional cladding material that lasts long. Moreover, it gives the natural look of the wood a match of environment. The downside of the timber wall cladding is that it requires ongoing maintenance for a beautiful look. You have to perform the maintenance procedures like oiling, painting, and staining after short intervals. It is important for the maintenance of the structural integrity of walls. Moreover, timber wall cladding is not resistant to cracks and wraps. If you are living in an area that is more prone to fire, then timber wall cladding is not for you. Timber wall cladding is not a fire-resistant material.

As timber is a natural material, it is more prone to damage. It loses its colors after being exposed to external factors. Just imagine that you have added a cladding material to your exterior walls. After some time, you notice that the color of the wall is not the same. The fact is that the timber loses its colors due to external factors.   

  1. Glass Wall Cladding

If we talk about exterior wall cladding South Africa options, glass wall cladding is a good option as it gives a smooth finish. It requires the exact measurement for the exact fitting into the exterior walls. The smoothness of the glass looks good on the exterior of your residence. The drawback of glass wall cladding is that it requires a lot of cost. The manufacturing process of the glass requires a lot of energy so it is an expensive cladding material. Moreover, glass is a brittle material so it can break into pieces. Your walls need a lot of care after adding glass cladding.

Another disadvantage of glass as a cladding material is that it absorbs heat. So, it is not a good option for the exterior wall cladding in South Africa. As there are intense weather conditions in South Africa, it will increase the internal temperature of your residence. Moreover, it requires a lot of maintenance for a shiny look. Glass as a cladding material, is more prone to the accumulation of dust particles.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding

When it comes to the best option for exterior wall cladding in South Africa, composite cladding takes the lead. From elegance to budget-friendly cladding, we have cladding boards that most homeowners want. The thickness of the composite wall cladding provides very good insulation both in terms of external noise and heat. When you have an external layer of skin on your residence, it will regulate the temperature throughout the years. Do you know what is the most functional advantage of exterior wall cladding in South Africa? It regulates the internal temperature in the intense heat of summer which will ultimately lower the energy bills.

At The Composite Company, we are committed to providing cladding boards that are resistant to moisture. Our cladding boards stop the moisture from external sources. Additionally, exterior wall cladding in South Africa maintains the structural integrity of the walls. Other exterior cladding wall options are prone to cracks in extreme weather conditions. But, it is not the case with the composite wall cladding. It is not prone to cracks and splinters and is resistant to every kind of weather condition. High-quality cladding boards offer increased durability, a beautiful aesthetic look, and lower the cost of energy bills.

When adding the composite wall cladding to the exterior walls, it's important to pay attention to the design. Moreover, composite wall cladding is an eco-friendly option. It leaves no negative impact on the environment. It is a synthetic material that is not prone to damage by insects. Once you have added composite cladding, you will have smooth and elegant walls for the next 25 years. You can protect your commercial and residential projects with beautiful designs. Are you irritated by the external noises of traffic from outside? Let us tell you about another benefit of exterior cladding walls South Africa. It prevents the transmission of sound from the exterior into the interior of your residence.


Tips to Keep in Mind While Selecting Exterior Wall Cladding South Africa

Here we have summed up some of the points that you should keep in mind before selecting the right cladding material for your home's exterior.

  • When looking for options for exterior wall cladding in South Africa, composite wall cladding is the best option as it is best in every aspect
  • Take the accurate measurements of the width and length of the walls
  • Method of installation plays a very important role in the longevity of the cladding material
  • The cost-effective material is the one that requires minimal maintenance in the long run
  • Choose the material that is at the top of the list in terms of the warranty.


Final Thoughts

The composite wall cladding takes the lead from all other materials available in the market. Many cladding options can transform the look of your exterior walls. The Composite Company has a range of cladding boards available for you. You can choose according to the theme and requirements of the walls. Are you ready to transform the look of your walls with composite wall cladding? Choose the best cladding boards for the walls of your residence from here. The Composite Company has cladding boards that are elegant, durable, and long-lasting. Have a look at the amazing features of composite wall cladding board in light grey color.

The Composite company is offering you the best exterior wall cladding South Africa. The elegant and classy cladding boards can completely transform the look of your outdoor walls. Be sure to visit the site of the best exterior wall cladding boards across South Africa.

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