Discover the many benefits of Composite Timber Cladding in South Africa

Do you want to take advantage of the aesthetic look of timber cladding without much maintenance? All you need is composite timber cladding. Composite timber cladding has become very popular because of its aesthetic appeal. It is suitable for different kinds of projects including commercial and residential. Composite timber cladding is not made from the original wood, but it gives the appearance of the original wood. When you are going to install cladding material in your space, it is important to look for a few central criteria. Now, you may think that does composite timber cladding can do the job for you. Here we are going to answer all of your queries. What are the advantages of timber cladding? How it is suitable for your residential and commercial projects? All about the key comparison of composite cladding to normal timber cladding. Just stay with us.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding is durable

If we talk about durability composite timber cladding is far more long-lasting than traditional wood cladding. The cladding material is made up of two types of woods hardwood cladding and softwood cladding. Both types of timber cladding are made from 100% timber. The difference is that the hardwood cladding is more durable. On the other hand, the softwood cladding is treated with different kinds of chemicals to make it durable. Despite the chemical treatment, it is still less durable than composite cladding.

Composite cladding is made from organic material that is suitable to clad the exterior walls of your residence. As it is made from wood, plastic fibers, and other materials it is more long-lasting than normal timber cladding. It is resistant to different kinds of damaging agents, including moisture, UV rating, fire, and termites. In hot regions like South Africa, you require cladding that is resistant to hot weather conditions. Composite cladding doesn't require any kind of chemical treatment to make it strong. In this busy life, everyone wants a product that requires minimal maintenance. Just imagine that you have invested in the wrong material for your cladding. You have to spend more cost in its maintenance and expensive cleaning procedures. That is why it is important to select the right material for the cladding of your space.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding is cost-effective in the long run

If we talk about the initial cost of timber cladding, it is more expensive than the traditional wood cladding. Many factors affect the cost of the product including cleaning procedures and maintenance expenses. Composite timber cladding is much more budget-friendly than normal timber cladding. It requires too little maintenance. The beauty of the composite cladding will remain the same after the years due to its material. All you need is to select the right name for your composite cladding. The Composite Company always gives the best cost-effective cladding material to its customers. Our goal is not to increase the sales percentage like other traditional names in the market. We want to give you quality in a pocket-friendly way. These all qualities make us the best choice across South Africa.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding gives an Aesthetic look

When the wood cladding is painted it looks like timber. One of the major benefits of timber cladding is that the final result is aesthetically appealing. The timber cladding in architectural structures provides a warm atmosphere that increases the beauty. Timber cladding gives a new life to aged and ugly buildings. It is like a moisturizer to your space. It gives a warm and soft touch to the space. The timber cladding gives a visually appealing space that elevates the beauty of the residence.

Composite cladding is manufactured material as it is not harvested. It is available in different kinds of colors and textures. You can choose according to your taste and the demands of your building. It gives a broad look as compared to normal timber cladding. Composite cladding gives a modern touch that looks appealing and attracts visitors. It also gives the look of natural wood with unique textures. It takes the lead from the normal timber cladding in terms of a natural look. Its benefits enable you to give your home a natural timber look without much maintenance.

Cladding is like an extra protective layer of skin to your residence. It not only increases the beauty but also protects your space. If you are choosing between normal timber cladding and composite cladding, the more long-lasting option is composite cladding. Composite cladding offers versatility with a range of colors. You can have a look at our composite wall cladding board in ice white color. Its decent color looks elegant which will make the difference. Your walls will be transformed into a beautiful look. It is suitable for all kinds of claddings. This cladding board can do the job for you.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding requires low maintenance

If we talk about maintenance composite timber cladding takes the lead. Normal timber may look beautiful, but it's more susceptible to termites and other damaging agents. Normal timber requires regular staining, painting, and other cleaning procedures. You have to maintain it on regular basis for its appealing look. On the other hand, if we talk about composite cladding, it requires no painting. The color of the cladding board will remain the same for many years. The Composite Company’s cladding boards come with a warranty of 25 years. Our cladding boards will remain the same in beauty and elegance.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding has multiple applications

Composite timber cladding can be installed in many ways that will change the appearance of your home. You can install it in either vertical or horizontal arrangements. You can arrange the cladding boards in a grid formation. It will create an organized structure and give a rustic appearance. You can adjust the cladding boards according to your requirement. Adjust the length and width of your boards, and it will give a unique look to your exterior. You can create two rows of overlapping boards, or you can leave space between the boards. These methods of adjusting the composite timber cladding give a unique look.

It depends on how you want to fix your timber composite cladding. You can make it a visible feature or give it a subtle look. If you are using stainless steel nails, it will prevent the chances of rusting. It's also essential to look for other details like the size of your walls and windows. The right measurements and the right selection of materials can make your project successful. The Composite Company aims to give you premium material at a reasonable price.

The Composite cladding is very easy to install. You can shape the cladding boards according to your outdoor space. You can attach the composite cladding according to the structure of your building.  It provides more stability and beauty as compared to normal timber cladding. Composite cladding protects the external structures of the walls. Additionally, it also adds a layer of insulation. It transforms the old and dull buildings into a visually appealing exterior. The composite cladding is weather-resistant and provides thermal insulation as compared to normal timber cladding.

  1. Composite Timber Cladding has practical benefits

It is a very practical cladding material in terms of installation and after installation. It is resistant to weather conditions and durable and has thermal and sound insulation features. Another amazing feature is that it's lightweight. You can easily tackle it according to your requirements.  It is a suitable budget-friendly material. It requires no hard work for its installation. You can easily install it with a little effort. Just imagine that you want to save cost and purchased a low-cost cladding material. You will have to pay more for its installation and maintenance.  It can be used for both decorative and protective purposes. It depends on you how you can adjust it.

Composite cladding acts as the skin on your building throughout the year. It will regulate the temperature of your home and ultimately lead to low energy bills. In comparison with normal timber cladding, it provides more insulation benefits. It is also resistant to water, so moisture from external sources cannot harm it. Changes in the weather pattern can lead to the cracking of the normal timber cladding, but it's not the case with composite cladding. If the composite cladding is properly installed, it can give you many benefits. It can better control internal temperatures and will give an improved appearance. 


Bottom line

At The Composite Company, we are committed to eliminating your hard work. All composite cladding boards are easy to maintain. We want to give your residence a unique elegance with our cladding boards. It will not only provide an appealing look to your residence. It also increases the value of your space. Composite cladding is far better than wood cladding in many attributes. Composite timber cladding is durable and eco-friendly.

Do you find this article helpful in knowing the benefits of composite timber cladding? We welcome you to contact usfor any of your queries. Click here for the amazing cladding boards in South Africa.

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