Different Types of Wall Claddings We Offer at The Composite Company

Wall cladding is among the widely preferred and popular trends in the construction industry. Its numerous advantages are the reason for its rapid demand in the construction sector. Most homeowners don't have an idea about the long-term benefits of wall cladding. Wall cladding is a construction technique in which material is applied over the other for the protection of the walls. It will give your residence a distinctive look from the other homes in the town. Wall claddingideas to make your home unique can completely transform the look of your home into a unique place.

There are different types of wall cladding material, and you have to figure it out according to the needs of your residence. Moreover, for the long-term benefits of wall cladding, you need to choose the right name for your project. Therefore, you need to be highly serious about what you choose. The Composite Company has a range of cladding boards in different shades of dark and light colors. Our aesthetically appealing cladding boards can completely change the look of dull walls. The in-depth analysis of different wall cladding types will help you to choose the best. Without any further delay, let's get into it.


Unique and Classy Composite Wall Cladding Boards by The Composite Company

Thankfully, composite wall cladding is now available in the market to elevate the look of your exterior. We have a wider color range palette according to the different themes of your surroundings. We have stunning types of wall claddingboards, from darker shades of wood to striking hues of grey. For truly modern aesthetics, choose the composite cladding board that matches the theme of deck color. We have created a guide to help you in the selection process.

  1. Brown Composite Wall Cladding

The brown color is an acquired taste of most homeowners who loves the color of nature around them. There was a time when you only got the brown color on your walls with the traditional wood. With the progress in the cladding industry, there is no new material on the market in the synthetic form. The composite cladding can give your walls a look of beautiful dark shade in an unnatural form. The Composite Company has provided you with a substitute for the natural wood in a beautiful brown shade. What about a dark timber look in your outdoor space with our cladding boards without much maintenance? 

Our composite wall cladding board can cover all the imperfections of your walls with beautiful hues of brown. Moreover, our composite cladding board in brown color is resistant to UV exposure. The beautiful look of the hardwood in the manufactured form will remain the same in color and elegance for 25 years. The wood look finish of our composite wall cladding boards is available here. Our capped sheath on composite cladding boards keeps it fade-resistant. So, without regular cleaning, you can uplift the beauty of your walls for many years.

  1. Grey Composite Wall Cladding

Grey is among the new trend in the cladding industry color themes. We have a beautiful shade of grey that can perfectly hide all the stains on your walls. If you want a lighter tone of cladding than the darker shade, then grey can be the color of your choice. Our composite wall cladding board in the light and dark grey color will elegantly protect the structural integrity of your walls. By matching it with grey decking, you can perfectly add a touch of elegance to your home. If you are looking for ways to renovate the walls of your home, then the perfect shades of grey can do the best for you.

Moreover, you can install our grey composite wall cladding boards in a variety of ways. You can install it when building a new home or when you want to renovate your walls. If you already have a traditional wood cladding, you can replace it for long-term benefits. The beautiful shades of grey can make your replacement process cost worth it. What about installing the elegant shades of grey around your beautifully structured deck? You will definitely love the results of the matched theme of decking and cladding. A great thing about our composite wall cladding boards is that they only look expensive in a cost-effective way. The fact is they are the most effective way to change the look of your walls.

  1. Castellation Composite Wall Cladding

We have a collection of different types of cladding boards. If you want a 3D effect on the walls of your residence, then castellation wall cladding can do the best for you. The beautiful up and downs of bars on castellation wall cladding boards will give your outdoor walls a unique combination of elegance and functional benefits. If you want to give a classic look to your walls without much maintenance, then our collection of castellation wall cladding is available here for you. The installation of a unique design in your residence will increase the value of your home. 

Do you know what is the most fascinating aspect of castellation wall cladding? It not only covers the imperfections of your home but also completely gives your home a unique look. The beautiful pattern of our cladding boards is an ideal solution for all the problems of the dull wall. We engineered our cladding boards with wood fibers, and HDPE is an eco-friendly way. The combination of synthetic materials makes it a great alternative to traditional wall cladding materials.


Long-Term Benefits to Your Outdoor Wall by The Composite Company

Our core mission is to make your outdoor space worth living. We offer a range of cladding boards for your walls that give multiple pros that can fit into multiple dimensions. Trust professionals with your wall cladding needs, and you can make any of your projects successful. We don't want to increase our sales percentage, but our core goal is to provide your home with the products for aesthetic and functional benefits. We not only provide supplies but also some long-term benefits to your different projects.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Is Resistant to Sunlight

In South Africa, we aim to keep your surroundings pleasant with our heat-resistant decking and cladding boards. On our site, all our cladding and decking boards have thermal insulation properties and are resistant to sunlight. Not only our decking boards are suitable for hot weather conditions, but our cladding boards also come with the same features. The walls of your exterior will resist the sunlight with our cladding boards. It will regulate your internal temperature and will ultimately decrease your energy bills.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Serves Decorative Purposes

Your outdoor walls have a great impact on the overall look of the home. Despite the practical benefits, composite wall cladding is also known for decorative purposes. If you want to add an innovative idea to the walls of your exterior, then flexible and versatile cladding boards are all you need. A plus point of composite wall cladding boards is that it is flexible. So you can modify them according to your innovation. You can cut the cladding boards according to the design you want on your wall and fit them easily.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Is Resistant to Cracking

The core purpose of cladding is the protection of outdoor walls. The good thing about composite wall cladding is that it can withstand all external conditions without any damage. The cracks on your outdoor walls leave a negative impression on your visitors and guests. The other cladding materials are not resistant to cracks and stains. The Composite Company has wall cladding boards that are resistant to cracks and other damaging agents. Our finest manufacturing processes enable the cladding and decking boards to survive for 25 years without any damage.

  1. Composite Wall Cladding Provides Sound Insulation

Despite thermal insulation, composite wall cladding is also known for its sound insulation. If you want a peaceful indoor environment, then select composite cladding for your walls. Sometimes, the noise pollution from the outdoor can be very irritating, and you lose your attention from the complex mental tasks. This feature of composite wall cladding is least known by homeowners. It prevents the transfer of noise from your outdoor into your indoors. It makes your indoor environment calming and pleasing.


Final Thoughts

The color option for traditional cladding materials is limited. Here, at The Composite Company, we have cladding boards in different designs and textures that can completely change the look of any commercial, residential, and commercial project. Composite wall cladding is among the top trends of the time to cover the stains and imperfections of your home. All shades of grey and brown composite wall cladding boards by The Composite Company are available here. Our composite wall cladding boards are resistant to moisture and prevent the growth of molds and algae in the corners of the walls. 

Feel free to contact the best composite wall cladding suppliers in South Africa. We will love to serve you.

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