Choose Composite Wall Cladding for Your Home Exterior

Are you considering ways to give a unique look to your home exterior? You can choose exterior cladding to increase the value of your residence. Exterior cladding enables you to bring your taste from the interior of the house to the exterior space. It can surely increase your home's curb appeal. Cladding is a kind of siding that covers your residence's exterior walls. Composite wall cladding in the home exterior provides superior protection to your home. Composite cladding in the exterior can give you two main benefits. Firstly, it will provide an aesthetic look to your home. Secondly, it is durable and provides premium protection with minimal maintenance.

There are many cladding materials available in the market. But the most reliable and durable is composite cladding. The composite cladding has taken the lead in the exterior cladding industry. If you choose the right name for your composite wall cladding, it can give numerous benefits. The Composite Company has a goal to provide the best to its customers at a reasonable price. How to choose composite cladding? What are the benefits of composite cladding? Why The Composite Company is the best? Be with us, and in the end, you will get to know the answers to all these questions. Keep reading.


Top 5 Designs for Composite Wall Cladding

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to design your home? The answer is the exterior of your residence. Your home reflects your taste. It should be uniquely designed. If you want to enhance the value of your space, then installing composite cladding is one of the best ways to do it. Here we are going to discuss exterior composite wall cladding ideas that can change the tone of your property.

  1. Multi-Tone Cladding

Do you want to make your residence more engaging to your eyes? Designing your exterior walls with light and dark shades can make them look more attractive. This idea is a very popular trend these days. You can experiment with this idea to make your exterior look beautiful and unique. Choose the light and dark shade that complement one another. The Composite Company has both shades available for you. Composite Wall Cladding with ice white color can make your space too attractive for the visitors.

  1. The Mixture of Modern and Classic Cladding

A mixture of classic and modern styles can elevate the appeal of your residence. Composite wall cladding mostly adds a modern look to your home. But if you want a mixture of both looks, you can mix and match according to your taste. For example, stones usually give the exterior a traditional look that goes out of style. You can balance this look with the composite siding. This design will be the most attractive to your guests. Just imagine you want to sell your residence. Having such a combination of modern and classic looks will increase the value of your house.

  1. Combination of Horizontal and Vertical Cladding

Same as the combination of colors and tone, you can mix and match different styles of cladding boards. This design has become very popular in the past few years. Why choose one style of cladding boards when you can use a combination of both. It will give the look of different sections in the exterior of your residence. When you will adjust different pieces of the cladding together, it will give a soothing effect to your eyes.

  1. Multiple Material Cladding

There is no hard and fast rule of using only one kind of material of composite wall cladding for your home exterior. You can give diversity to your space by selecting more than one material. If you are using composite cladding, it's the best. But, you can have one or two cladding boards of different materials in combination with composite cladding. If the cladding boards are well-placed, it will give diversity to the exterior space. A composite wall cladding with a combination of stones can transform a dull space into an attractive building.

  1. Horizontal Cladding

If you are a person who wants simplicity in the home's exterior, then this design is for you. You can build a modern style with few windows. There is no need to have too much decoration on the top. If you are looking for the right color for your exterior wall cladding, then there is no need to worry. We have got you right here. The Composite Companyhas light colors that will give your exterior a soft touch. Our medium light shades will give a different look to your outdoor space.


Applications of Composite Wall Cladding

Composite Wall Cladding can be applied to many ideas in your space, including gardens, apartments, or fence screens. Your home's exterior is hard to maintain. The color of the cladding boards should be resistant to weather conditions. Our cladding board colors will remain the same after years. Here are a few amazing applications of composite wall cladding.

  1. Provides an extension to your home

Increasing your home space provides you with two major benefits. Firstly, it increases the value of your home. Additionally, it provides you with some extra space. What about having an ideal quality time with your family in some extra space of cladding walls? Everyone will love it. An ideal choice of cladding boards that are well-matched with the natural environment can give a soothing effect.

  1. It covers the imperfections of your exterior

Are you having uneven and faded exterior walls in your space? It will give a bad impression on your guests. You can paint your walls, but composite cladding is a better alternative in many aspects. You can cover the ugly walls of your garden. Composite cladding walls will conceal all the imperfections in your space. You will see the difference between before and after the installation of the cladding boards.


Advantages of Composite Wall Cladding

For centuries wood has been a cladding material. As wood is an organic material, it is not resistant to weather and moisture damage. The composite cladding has become popular in the past few years due to its many benefits. The following is a list of advantages that you can avail of by installing composite wall cladding.

  1. Split resistant

The material of the composite cladding is resistant to cracks. It is the reason that there will be no sharp edges to harm you. It will go in the long run without cracks on the surface.

  1. Easy to maintain

Just imagine that your little one has dropped some liquid stain on the surface of your exterior cladding wall. The Composite Company's cladding boards are resistant to moisture. They will not absorb the liquid. You can easily clean them with a simple soap and water solution. You can also clean the dust and debris on it with the help of a cloth. All these positive points of the composite cladding make it the best option.

  1. Waterproof

Composite cladding is resistant to mildew and water. The color and the material of the cladding boards will remain the same after the rainy season. Water and mildew can attack other kinds of cladding material. That's why they are more prone to damage. The Composite Company's cladding boards are resistant to water and will remain the same in quality after years.

  1. Insulation

Composite cladding provides better insulation than other kinds of cladding material. They effectively facilitate sound and thermal insulation. Insulation is critical for every kind of building. Avail yourself of this advantage by installing The Composite Company's cladding boards.

  1. Fire resistant

Wood can easily catch fire, but this is not the case with composite cladding. They are safe to install. Your outdoor exterior is safe from every aspect. Composite cladding is made up of a class B fire rating. It will provide you with more security than traditional cladding material.

  1. Insect-resistant

Anything that is outside your home is more prone to insect damage. Keep in mind that the outside cladding material should be resistant to the damage of insects. Composite cladding material has nothing for insects. Composite cladding is made from such a material that it keeps the insect away from it.


Bottom line

The composite cladding has become the most popular cladding material these days. The reason is that the exterior composite cladding is more attractive and provides premium protection to your home. It is durable and long-lasting. The walls of your home will look the same after years. If installed properly it can provide a unique style to your exterior. You can enjoy multiple benefits by choosing the right name for your exterior cladding. The Composite Company provides the best cladding boards for your exterior walls. The features of our cladding material make us the best choice in the region of South Africa.

Did this help you in choosing composite wall cladding for your home exterior? Do let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our site for the best composite cladding boards in South Africa.

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