6 Convincing Reasons to Choose Castellation Wall Cladding in South Africa

Do you want to give your interior and exterior a multi-dimensional appearance that looks visually appealing? All you need is castellation wall cladding. Castellation wall cladding has become one of the famous architectural trends. It is an ideal choice for both elegant residential designs and commercial projects due to its many benefits. Now, you may think that what is castellation cladding? Castellation cladding is similar to the top of the castle walls that have many rectangular different parapets and indentations. It can provide a visually appealing look to any of your projects. It gives the natural appearance of timber. It is becoming a popular alternative for exterior walls, external facades, and interior design. 

The Composite Company's castellation cladding boards are fully covered with a capping layer that protects the boards from all kinds of damaging agents. Our cladding boards are low maintenance, and there is no need to paint, stain, or oil. Here we are going to share reasons to choose castellation cladding for your interior and exterior walls. Read the whole article, and in the end, you will get to know all the benefits of castellation wall cladding. Just be with us.


Castellation Cladding Provides Protection

The castellation cladding not only gives an architectural appearance but is also maintenance-free. It is fully capped and will protect the walls from harmful radiation. It is UV resistant which makes it maintenance-free. Its fully capped features give many benefits to the walls to your interior and exterior. There is no need for extra treatment for the moisture. The fully capped material is hygroscopic, which means that it is resistant to moisture. Your walls will remain the same in color and appearance after years. The Composite Company makes cladding boards that are resistant to different weather conditions.

Castellation wall cladding is a great way to save your building from adverse weather conditions. It is like layering one kind of material on the top of another to give it extra protection like skin. In hot regions like South Africa, you should need something for the protection of your exterior and exterior walls. It will prevent the walls from all kinds of damaging agents that could harm the building. The castellation cladding protects the walls of the interior and exterior from being damaged by water. When you invest in something, you always want it to be protective. The castellation cladding will act as a skin for your walls.

One of its main benefits is the protection and safety of the walls of the residence. The castellation cladding will make sure that the mechanical structure of the building will remain safe and sound. It can provide more benefits in the regions that go to extremely high temperatures like South Africa. As it is resistant to water, you can simply wash it with water, and it will look neat and clean. After a simple wash with water, it will look new. Once you have invested in the right company, you will have many benefits. The Composite Company gives the best cladding boards at a reasonable price.


Castellation Cladding Gives New Life to Your Walls

What about changing the dull and ugly wall of your residence? Just imagine that you have decorated your home, but your walls are dull. Your efforts will go all in vain. The castellation cladding can transform the dull walls of your space into completely different looks. It is capable of giving your building a new life. It can enhance the structure life of the building. In this way, it can increase the value of the residence in the long run. Are you ready to give a completely appealing look to your residence? Install castellation cladding for giving your space a new look.

All of us want the building to be fashion style and at the same time durable.  The castellation wall cladding can do both jobs for you. It will not only give a modern appearance to your building. Additionally, it is long-lasting and will go in the long run. The castellation cladding is used over the walls to show a particular type of design. It's all about your taste. You can install it in different ways. They are easy to install. You don't have to put in a lot of effort. Just give the design according to your taste. It will work best for the interior and exterior walls of your space.


It Helps in Generating a Lot of Savings

You may think about how castellation cladding can save your cost. There are many ways by which castellation cladding. Castellation cladding is super durable, so there is no need to invest in its maintenance. Beyond the appealing look, it can also generate savings on electricity. When it addresses the thermal and insulation problems, it can save your cost of electricity. Another way in which it saves the cost is its durability. There is no need to paint or oil.


Castellation Cladding Provides Insulation

Do you want to prevent excess heat absorption? The extra layer of protection will reduce the excess heat absorption. In hot regions like South Africa, you need to prevent excess heat absorption. It will make the internal environment calm and soothing for you. It also prevents external irritating noises from entering your building. In this way, the interior of your house will be a peaceful space to live. Just imagine that your house is on the road. There will be too much traffic noise. The castellation cladding prevents the exterior noise from entering your home. It provides different kinds of insulation benefits to your residence.


Variety of the Choices Available in Castellation Cladding

There is a range of the available to choose the material for your castellation wall cladding. You can choose according to the preference of your building and environment. Do look for certain requirements before choosing the material. Which kind of weather do you have? What are the environmental conditions? The right material will give you many benefits in the long run. The options include ceramic, brick, stones, and composite cladding. All have different pros and cons, but composite cladding can do the best for you. It not only elevates the overall look but also protects the walls. The castellation wall cladding is making its way in the cladding industry due to its many benefits.


Castellation Cladding in Residential and Commercial Applications

Castellation wall cladding is suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Due to its benefits, people are utilizing it in their business projects too. The process of its installation is very simple and easy. You may wonder how to install the castellation wall cladding. Well, there is no need to worry. Here we are going to share a few simple, easy steps for you.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to take the exact measurements of your walls for the correct castellation wall cladding. Measure the width and length of each wall. There is also a need for other measurements, like the measurement of the space around the windows and doors.

Step 2:

Install the Polywood sheathing before cladding the outside wall of your project and residence

Step: 3

If you want to complete your project quickly and want energy efficiency, then wrap the building with the paper of your choice. Secure with the staples. It will also provide weather protection to your home.


The next step is to build a starter row for your castellation wall cladding. Start it from the middle of the wall. It is the most important step as you are laying the foundation of your work. Keep the level of all the rows the same for the successful completion of the task. 

Step 5:

Now, overlap the other rows. Keep in mind that each row should overlap the bottom row. It will give the perfect smooth finish. Additionally, it also protects against water seeping. The right installation process can change the overall look of your residence. The extra protection will protect the home from external hazards. It enhances the longevity of the look of the walls.

The Composite Company's cladding boards are very easy to install. All our cladding boards are made from superior quality material. We have a range of dark and light color shades available for you. You can choose according to the theme of your residence. The best color scheme, along with the right installation, can do the best job for you. You can try our Composite Wall Cladding in ice white color to make your residence look appealing.


Final Thoughts

With the multiple benefits of castellation wall cladding, you would desire to have them for your walls. Apart from elevating the appearance of your space and making it more attractive, it also helps you to save your cost. You only have to pay for its initial cost and will receive the benefits in the long run. Its insulation properties protect the interior of the home from excess heat. It makes your home interior a calm place to live. Protect your home with the best cladding boards in South Africa.

Don't forget to check out some amazing composite cladding material on our site. Feel free to contact us for high-quality material in South Africa.

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