What are the Different Types of Roofing Options for a Pergola?

If you are looking for a pergola roofing option to give your outdoor space a boost, then you are at the right place. Most homeowners have that idea about the multiple benefits of a pergola and how they provide a structural definition to your outdoor space. They are made of different kinds of material supported by four columns and covered by a slatted top. From the outdoor privacy area to the beautiful spot of enjoyment, you can avail multiple benefits with the addition of a pergola. It provides you with an elegant spot of enjoyment with many practical benefits.

More so, a pergola provides you with the element of privacy in your outdoor sitting area. Pergola is an amazing addition to your garden that gives inviting vibes to your guests. But, the fact is that no pergola is complete without a durable and long-lasting roof. The installation of a roof to your outdoor pergola is a wise decision as it provides additional protection from intense weather conditions. Our today's write-up will cover some of the amazing roof option ideas that will ultimately increase the look of your outdoor space. Read on for some beautiful and practical pergola ideas.

  1. Add an Adjustable Roof Design

If you don't want to cover the pergola beams completely, then this roofing option is best for you. A sitting area below the pergola is an ideal spot where you can enjoy and relax with your family. Sometimes the intense weather conditions in the outdoor space don't let us enjoy the weather. In hot regions like South Africa, you need to cover a pergola completely for the summer afternoons. When you add an adjustable design for the roof of a pergola, you can enjoy your garden area in different kinds of weather.

You can install this amazing option with the help of flexible panels attached to an adjustable handle. You have complete control over the handle, and you can adjust the panels according to the requirements of your outdoor conditions. There are different kinds of pergola beams available in the market, but for this roof type option, you need an adjustable material. The good news is that the composite pergola beams are now available in the market with flexible features. It is not an organic material, so you can adjust it according to the structure of your home. You can purchase the finest pergola beams in South Africa from here. 

  1. Cover Your Pergola with A Plastic Top

An amazing combination of wood fibers and plastic is an ideal option for your pergola. But, you can take many aesthetically appealing and practical benefits by adding a plastic top to your pergola. If you have a sitting area on the well-installed deck with the sofas on the sides, this roofing option will give you a spot with privacy and shade. It is a cost-effective solution for the practical benefits of a pergola. Do you want to enjoy your decking area in the beautifully rainy weather? We recommend you install this roof system idea with The Composite Company decking boards. The reason is our decking boards are capped in a sheath that is resistant to moisture. More so, this feature is not limited to decking boards. All of our products come with a sheath that acts as a barrier to moisture.

  1. Fixed Roof

If you think that you don't need the adjustable root for your pergola, then you can install a static roof to cover it completely. You can cover the roof of a pergola with some kind of material that will remain attached to it permanently. For the static roof, there are different kinds of options for your pergola. What about a complete shade of pergola on your deck with the waterproof canvas? The static roof addition requires the pergola beams material to be strong enough and durable. As you are permanently attaching the material to your pergola beams, you need it to go in the long run. The composite pergola beams increase the curb appeal of your home. Additionally, it also comes with a warranty of 25 years, and your roof will remain attached effectively for a long time.

  1. Add Climbing Plants and Vines Covered Roof

You can surround yourself with the beautiful shade of nature on the well-installed deck. A living pergola roof made from a collection of green plants will give a visual interest to the visitors. Additionally, it will keep the atmosphere airy and pleasant on your deck. The beautiful shade of the brown pergola beams with a combination of green will be the best for your outdoor space. There are different kinds of pergola beam options like softwood, hardwood, and vinyl. As there are all in the natural form, they are not a durable option for your pergola. They are more prone to damage by different damaging agents in your outdoor space. No doubt that most homeowners make the addition of a pergola for aesthetic purposes. A pergola on your outdoor deck provides you with a hanging spot where you can add different plants and lighting accessories for the beauty of your outdoor space. You can completely cover the roof of the pergola with different kinds of plants, like climbing roses, honeysuckle, and wisteria. In the summers, this roofing option idea can do the wonders for you. The beautiful green color on the top of the deck will give you cool and calm vibes in the intense afternoons of the summer. For the addition of plants and growing vines on your pergola, you need a synthetic material of pergola beams. Organic material is more prone to insects and pests damage in the green area. The composite material is the only option in the industry that gives the natural look of the wood in the synthetic form.

  1. Add A Rustic Look to your Pergola with Bamboo Canes

If you want the traditional look of wood for your garden, then these bamboo canes roofing is an amazing addition to your outdoor space. You can arrange the bamboo canes in the form of overhead frames on the top of your pergola. You can also add some hanging lights in between the bamboo canes for a beautiful view of the rustic look. What is the best pergola material for this kind of roofing option for your pergola? The answer is you need the real look of the wood in your outdoor space for the bamboo canes. The composite pergola beams will give a charming view of the bamboo canes, and the hanging lights in between the canes will take the beauty to the next level.

More so, the composite pergola beams give a costly look to your space and elevate its value. The fact about the composite pergola beams is they only look expensive but are very cost-effective in the long run. What is better than a cost-effective product with multiple benefits in the long run?

  1. Remote Control Roof

This roofing option is for larger deck designs with a big pergola on the top. If you want to take the advantage of your pergola throughout the year, then it's time to install a mechanized system for the roof. You need solid panels and beams on your deck for the addition of LED lights on the top of the roof. It will give you a cozy spot for relaxation and dining with a beautiful view of the swimming pool at the side. More so, the addition of rotating blades on the top of the pergola will give you the desired amount of shade and privacy.

Both of these features will be controlled by a handy remote control. This roofing design option is ideal for those who want to experience a lively outdoor experience throughout the year. You can control these features according to the requirements of your weather conditions.

Let us tell you that the addition of a pergola in the outdoor space is not enough to increase the beauty to the next level. You need to make a wise decision regarding the roofing design option for the practical benefits. Additionally, you need to care a lot for your pergola beams for the long-term benefits. Tips on how to maintain your new pergola will help you a lot with the aesthetically appealing benefits.


Final Thoughts

A wise decision about the roof of the pergola makes your outdoor experience more lively and entertaining. Additionally, you can take the multiple benefits of your pergola with shade and privacy. Here, at The Composite Company, we have pergola beams that are suitable for all kinds of roofing options and designs. Our high-quality manufacturing process enables the pergola beams to bear all the pressure of your accessories for the next 25 years. You can purchase the best and finest quality pergola beams for your outdoor space from here.

A wise decision in the pergola roofing options will ultimately take the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level. Don't forget to give your suggestions in the comment section below. Be sure to visit the site of leading suppliers of decking boards and pergola beams.

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