Top 9 Amazing Deck Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Do you want to transform your rough-looking outdoor space into a beautiful place to relax and enjoy? A deck is a great way to spend time with your family by staying close to nature. A beautifully installed deck design provides you with many functional advantages. Additionally, it enhances the aesthetic look of your outdoor space and increases the overall look of your residence. Are you looking for unique deck designs for your outdoor deck? Here is the complete guide to deck designs for you, whether you want to renovate your deck or want to install a new one. Make use of every inch of your deck with these unique decorative ideas, and you will love the results. What are the top best deck design ideas? How can these deck designs look great with The Composite Company decking boards? Be with us, and in the end, you will get to know all about the deck designs. Let's get started.

  1. Build an Outdoor Bar

Well, want to enjoy a bar station in your outdoor space with refreshing drinks? You can build a bar station around the outer edges of the enclosed deck to make your summers refreshing and pleasing. This deck design idea is very easy to apply. All you have to do is to match the decking boards with the existing structure of your deck and build the bar with the decking boards. Keep in mind that your decking boards should be flexible enough to cut them according to the dimension of your existing deck. Are you looking for the best flexible and easy-to-cut decking boards in the region of South Africa? The Composite Company has all that you want. We have the best composite decking boards for you, from elegant designs to a range of colors. Our composite decking boards can give a kick of beauty to any of your deck designs. Have a look at the best composite decking boards here.

  1. Addition of a Beautiful Pergola

An open-air deck provides many benefits to homeowners on the hot days of summer. The addition of the pergola on your already installed deck provides you with an appealing aesthetic look. Additionally, it also gives many functional advantages to homeowners. What is better than having a beautiful outdoor space with the shade of a pergola and the beauty of nature around you? On the hot days of the summer, nothing is more appealing than having a shady space to sit and enjoy refreshing drinks. This deck design idea will provide you privacy along with the airflow. For the installation of this deck design, all you need is the supporting columns, and you will love to have this deck design. It will transform the overall look of your outdoor space. You can also install other features on the pergolas, like hanging lights, to make them more attractive.

  1. Add some Green

Here we are going to talk about a deck design that will be a treat to the eyes of the visitors. Green in your surroundings always gives a soothing and cooling effect. It is the color of nature and can transform any dull outdoor space into a beautiful area. It is the simplest deck design idea to grab the attention of visitors with a beautiful outdoor space. All you have to do is to install some homegrown, hanging plants and flowers of interest around the edges of your deck. You will have an ideal green spot to have a cup of tea with your family and friends.

  1. Decorate the Floor

You can also make a unique deck design by decorating the floor of your deck. The surface of the outdoor living space also plays the same role in the overall looks as the surroundings. The floor of the deck designed uniquely also gives a unique punch of elegance to the surroundings. Create motifs from the cardboard and attach them to the floor of your deck. The motifs can be of any kind depending on your taste and the overall look of your surroundings. You can attach them to your deck with the glossy oil deck paint. We proudly announce that our decking boards are perfect for any kind of deck design.

  1. Install a Grill Master

Do you want a barbecue spot for enjoyment with your friends and family in your outdoor living space? Well, we have a deck design that can do the job for you. Think out of the box to take all the functional advantages from your deck. You can change the look of your deck from the passive sitting spot into a beautiful gathering hub with a grill master. Choose all the furniture according to the theme of your decking boards and surroundings. Install the cozy chairs, a beautiful bench, and a coffee table with the sitting area around. You also have to install the accessories for a barbecue night. You have to stock the rest of the space with a sink and grill for convenience, and it's done, all set for a barbecue night.

  1. Hang Swing Seats

Let's have a cozy and beautiful outdoor space on a deck with hanging swings. Why settle for the usual chairs when you can enjoy hanging swings in a beautiful environment? With the addition of the pergolas on your top, you can hang comfortable chairs and sofas on your deck. This deck design idea can make your little ones happy. Moreover, you will love to have refreshing drinks with the flow of swings. You can also install a coffee table with the surrounding hanging chairs and sofas. A perfect outdoor hub for the summer afternoons and the breezy nights is ready to enjoy. The Composite Company decking boards can resist all the weight of your furniture and accessories. So, whatever deck design you want to have on our decking boards, it's a perfect selection for all your deck designs. 

  1. Garden and Deck

Extend your outdoor living space with the beautiful garden by approaching the garden with a deck. Now, you may think about how it is possible. Here we are going to give you innovative ideas by which you can bring the flora and bloom of your garden into your living space. You can extend your living space to the garden with the decking boards. It will provide you with a pathway to reach your green area with ease and comfort. You can also install the decking boards on and off in your outdoor space. Install the decking boards in the area that you want to cover and leave some spaces uncovered. The flowers and plants will grow in the uncovered spaces, and after some time, there will be a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy.

  1. Water Edges

Let's think out of the box and make your outdoor living space a worthy place to live. A little bit of innovation with the classy and elegant decking boards can make your outdoor living space a beautiful hub to enjoy. Highlight the water feature in the bottom of your outdoor living space with the uneven decking boards around the sides. This deck designcan give your outdoor space a classy look with a watery touch. We are proud to tell you that all of our decking boards are water-resistant. You can have this deck design with our elegant decking boards. The water feature will not affect the beauty of our decking boards. Your deck will remain the same with this deck design idea. All you have to do is to select the best decking boards from here, install a water feature, and you will love your outdoor space.

  1. Multi-Level Deck

Let's have some stunning deck designs with innovative ideas. Instead of having the same level deck, you can go with the different levels on the same deck. You can feature several areas for different purposes. You can also install a mini fountain with the garden on the edges and the upper deck area for dining purposes. Install the chairs and tables in the upper area for sitting. It will give an elegant look and also gives many functional advantages to you at the same time. The Composite Company decking boards are best for any of the deck designs. Check the amazing features of capped composite decking board in dark grey color.


Final Thoughts

No matter what kind of deck you have in your home, a deck design idea can transform your outdoor space. The Composite Company has a wide range of decking boards that can suit best your outdoor space. All of our decking boards can transform a dull space into a beautifully designed space. A perfectly installed deck with a unique deck design increases the overall value of your residence. Moreover, a deck design gives you many benefits in terms of functional advantages and aesthetic beauty. Make your deck a beautiful space to enjoy and relax with The Composite Company decking boards. We will love to serve you.

Now, what are you waiting for? Install any of the above-mentioned deck design ideas and transform your outdoor space. Feel free to contact the best suppliers of decking boards across South Africa.

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