Top 5 Tips for Building Your Own Pergola

What about installing a semi-open structure in your outdoor space for shade and privacy? Pergola over a deck is among the popular trends of the time. Pergola provides you with a semi-covered shade on your deck, so you can enjoy and relax in the intense afternoons of the summer. You can build it on your own with just a little effort instead of paying a heavy cost. Building a pergola in your outdoor space is one of the least expensive ways to improve the elegance of your outdoor space. These semi-covered shades are a perfect addition to the deck due to their practical and aesthetically appealing benefits. Pergola in the outdoor space creates a focal point and provides you with an intimate area where you can sit and relax. Now, you may think that how to build a pergola without investing much. What to consider before buying a pergola? Well, we have the complete guide for you. Here we have gathered 5 top tips that will help you a lot in the installation of the pergola. Keep reading.

  1. Choose Your Style

When it comes to the design of a pergola, it can be of two types. You have to select whether you want an attached pergola or a freestanding pergola. Moreover, you can specify it according to your taste, like it can be very complementary in design, or you can give it a more traditional look. You can customize your pergola design by hanging other kinds of accessories for functional and aesthetic benefits. For the installation of other accessories, it is important that your pergolamaterial can withstand the weight.

We have the decking boards and the pergola beams that are strong and durable. Our high-quality manufacturing process covers the pergola beam with a shield that protects it and makes it strong. If we talk about a DIY pergola, it is easier to build. It is ready in the pre-cut form which makes its installation easy. Moreover, you can also view the different kinds of designs and styles that are available online. Choose the one that suits your requirements both in appearance and structure. The design of a pergola determines the complexity of the installation process. For example, a contemporary pergola is hard to build and requires specialized tools and you have to follow a proper step-by-step procedure.

  1. Ask for Permit

It is important to obey all the regulations of your current area. Before starting the installation process, you have to ask for the permit whether you can install it or not. A free-standing pergola doesn't require a proper permit as it is attached temporarily. But, if you want to attach a pergola to your residence, you have to ask the higher authorities for permission.If you are installing other features on your pergolas like fans and lights, you are required to ask the authority strictly.  Before starting your installation process, make sure that you have a permit or not.

  1. Select Pergola Material

Pergola is now available in the market in a range of materials. The market is full of different pergolas materials including, hardwood, softwood, cedar, and pressure-treated wood. The fact is that these all traditional materials have some drawbacks and are not cost-effective in the long run. Do you want to know about the best pergola material that gives you many long-term benefits at a low price? The good news is that composite pergolas are now available in the market in a range of colors. You only have to pay once if you are selecting composite pergolas for your outdoor space.

You need to consider a lot of factors before selecting the pergola material. It may include your environmental considerations, temperature, and outdoor space requirements. The traditional hardwood is not good as it loses its color and change to a greyish shade. If you are looking for high-value pergola beams, be sure to visit our site. All of our composite pergola beams are eco-friendly and budget-friendly at the same time. Moreover, we have the best pergola beams in the region for the elegant look of your commercial and residential projects.

  1. Cut Pergolas before Assembling

You can attach the pergola beams smoothly if they are already in the pre-cut form. If you cut all the pergola before attaching them, it will save your time and make the installation process easy. For the smooth finish of the pergola, you need to make sure that all the cuts are according to the accurate measurements. If you put the accurate shape of pergolabeams together, it will make your pergola look great. Different kinds of pergolas depend on the shape of the deck. If you have selected the design of the pergola, then it's time to cut the pergola beams according to the measurements.

The composite pergolas are easy to cut, and you can modify them according to your needs. A composite pergola is in the synthetic form of wood and gives the real finish of the wood to your outdoor space. Moreover, composite pergolas are encapsulated in the protective shield that protects them from all the damaging agents of your outdoor space. Do you want to buy the most budget-friendly and high-quality pergola beams in South Africa? The Composite Company has the pergola beams that uplift the beauty of your residence for 25 years.

  1. Buy A Pergola Kit

Do you have an idea how beautiful and stylish pergolas are built that we view online? The right selection of design, the right material, and a pergola tools kit. If your budget has some capacity, we recommend you purchase a pergola kit from a local market or online. No doubt that building your own pergola is very easy but with the proper tools, you can build it more accurately.

If you hire someone for the installation of the pergola, they will charge you more. It will include labor costs as well as the cost of the tools. Moreover, the pergola kit has a complete step of instructions for you. You can easily put the beams and rafters together with the help of step by step guide. Instead of spending your whole day in the installation process, you can easily do this in just a few hours. All you have to do is select the right pergola beam from here, consider a pergola kit, and you can build your pergola on your own. A beautiful pergola in your outdoor space provides you with a beautiful focal point for all your gatherings.


Additional Tips-Build Your Perfect Pergola

  • Provide the support to the column for a more stable look of the pergola
  • You can also consider adding some shade options to your pergola. Pergola is a semi-covered structure, so it will not cover you completely. You can add some curtains or fabric of other kinds to cover you completely in the intense afternoons of summer
  • Select the design that suits the best to your surroundings. A large pergola in a small space will give an odd feel. Choose the pergola design according to the structure of your deck.
  • We recommend you select the composite material for your pergola as it is long-lasting and durable. It is available in a range of colors so you can select it according to the color of your deck. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly material that leaves no harmful impact on your surroundings.
  • The theme of your deck and pergola must be the same for a better curb appeal of your residence. If you have a deck of dark shade of wood, then select the pergola in the dark brown shade for a complementary look to your outdoor space.


Build Perfect Pergola-The Composite Company

The Composite Company is on the top of the list among the decking and pergola suppliers. The reason is that we never compromised on the quality. All of our products including cladding boards, decking boards, and pergola beams, are available in the range of options at a very reasonable price. We aim to serve our clients with aesthetically appealing products with a warranty of 25 years. What is better than having classy, unique, and high-quality pergola beams on your deck for 25 years?



A pergola in your outdoor space enhances the joy of your outdoor living experience. Its functional and aesthetically appealing benefits make it the choice of most homeowners. You can easily build your pergola on your own without much effort. You only have to keep the above considerations in mind, and you will love the results. The best material for pergola increases the value of your residence. Additionally, it provides you with a focal spot where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your loved ones. Build your pergola now, and enjoy your family gatherings in the beautiful outdoor space. 

Pergola is a way to transform your dull outdoor space into a beautiful focal point. The Composite Company has high-quality pergola beams at a reasonable price. Be sure to visit the site of leading decking and pergolas suppliers across South Africa.

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