Tips on How to Maintain Your New Pergola

A garden pergola is a semi-open structure that has retractable canopies or climbing vibes on the top and is used for shade and privacy. It's important to take care of the pergola if you want to take the multiple benefits for a long time. If we talk about the composition of a pergola, it can be from different kinds of materials like vinyl, hardwood, metal, and composite. The installation of a pergola in your outdoor space isn't enough to increase the aesthetically appealing look of your home. Now you may think what makes a pergola a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

The maintenance of a pergola not only supports its life but also increases its attractive look. If you don't take care of your pergola, it will lose its charm and appeal with time. If you want to keep your pergola in the same shape, then you need to take care of it in the best possible way. Our today's blog will explore some of the maintenance tips that will surely help you to keep your new pergola looking the same in appeal for a long time. Let's get into it.

  1. Regular Repair and Inspection

If your pergola is looking perfectly fine, you still need to keep inspecting it after short intervals. Most homeowners don't think they need to call a professional before they notice any signs of damage. But, it is not the right way to care for your pergola. You need to regularly inspect the corners of the pergola with the help of a flashing light. It will help you to eliminate all the possible causes of the damaging agents. If you will take the step of care at the start, it prevents your big loss.

Here at The Composite Company, we have a range of pergola beams that are resistant to moisture. There are different types of materials, but the composite pergola beams are the best as they are resistant to different damaging agents. More so, it requires less maintenance as compared to other kinds of materials. The absorption of the water in the pergola beams leads to the growth of molds and algae in the corners. But, the composite pergola beams are covered in a capped sheath that makes them resistant to moisture. You can purchase high-quality and elegant pergola beams at a reasonable price from here. 

  1. Clean Your Pergola with A High-Pressure Water Hose

As a pergola is an outdoor structure, it has constant exposure to dust particles, debris, and dust. The different outdoor conditions can make it look dirty. You will notice that your pergola looks too dirty and dusty after rainy sessions. Now, how to clean your pergola to make it look new after intense weather conditions. The best way to clean your pergola and get rid of all dust particles is to clean it with the help of a high-pressure water hose. It will remove all dust particles from the surface of the pergola with pressure.

Before the pressure hose cleaning, remove all the furniture from the deck. Start from the top of the pergola, and move the hose down until all the dust and debris are removed. The right pressure and maintenance are important because your pergola material is an investment in your property.

  1. Soap and Water Solution

When you have composite pergola beams in your outdoor space, believe us that you can easily clean them with a simple soap and water solution. All you need to maintain the beautiful look of your pergola is a mixture of mild soap and water. It will remove all the debris from the surface and dust particles from the corners. There are different requirements of the cleansing agents for the various types of pergolas. Some types of pergolas material require high-intensity cleaning agents for a clean look.

For the composite pergola beams, you need a mild soap as there is no need for scrubbing. We have the pergola beams that will go for 25 years without costly cleaning procedures. Simple cleansing and wiping down is enough to remove all the stains of dust and debris. For the traditional pergola materials, you need to scrub them with brushes for a neat and clean look. More so, the problem with the hardwood pergola beams is that they absorb the water content while cleaning. It will ultimately affect the structural integrity of the pergola beams, and your pergola will lose its shape.

  1. Maintain The Plants

Now, you may think about how the upkeep of plants will keep a pergola going in the long run. Well, when some homeowners love to install other accessories on the pergola to take the beauty of their outdoor space to the next level. The fact is that the hanging potted plants on the pergola require regular upkeep for the overall maintained look of your deck. You need to trim the plants and the bushes around the pergola on regular basis. The addition of the plants to the pergola beams is an excellent way to incorporate beauty. But, you need to take care of the hanging potted plants for the structural integrity of the pergolas.

If you don't care for the hanging plants and allow them to flourish freely, they can damage your pergola by adding extra weight. Additionally, it can also change the structure and the shape of the pergola. If you want to add a beautiful shade of green plants to your pergola, we recommend you select the composite material for your outside structure. The reason is the finest manufacturing process of the composite pergola beams enables them to stand the weight of all your accessories.

  1. Sealing and Staining

The traditional pergola materials change their color after their exposure to intense weather conditions. If you want to preserve the original color of the pergola beams made from traditional material, you need to seal them. It will extend the life of hardwood pergolas and make them go in the long run. The intense weather conditions can lead to cracks in the traditional hardwood. If you want to maintain the look of these traditional materials, then seal them first right after installation.

If you have composite pergola beams on your deck in the outdoor space, then this maintenance tip is not for you. The reason is they are already capped in a sheath that protects them from all the outdoor conditions. Additionally, this sheath keeps the same pergola beams color for 25 years. The capped sheath will give you the natural look of the pergola beams and make your life easy in terms of maintenance. The manufacturing process of The Composite Company seals the pergola beams in a capped sheath that extends its life span significantly.

  1. Treatment for Terminates

Your outdoor pergola is more prone to damage by insects, pests, and terminates. They can make holes and cracks in the corners of the pergola beams for their survival. If there are any signs of insect damage on the pergola, you need immediate treatment. The signs of the terminate damage may include corner discoloration, cracks, and holes in the corners of the pergola. If you will ignore these signs of damage, then in return you have to pay the bigger expenses for compensation. As hardwood is an organic material, it is prone to terminate damage.

Composite Pergola Beams - Almost No Maintenance

What is better than having the natural real look of the wood in the synthetic form? If you want to have an easy life in terms of the maintenance of pergola beams, you need to install composite material on your outdoor deck. There will be no sign of damage as composite material has nothing for insects and pests. 

The combination of plastic and wood fibers makes it withstand the pressure of all your outdoor accessories. The other pergola materials require regular upkeep and costly maintenance procedure for a beautiful look. But, for the composite pergola beams, a simple soap and water solution is all you need for a beautiful look. The elegant and classy colors of the composite material make it the choice of homeowners who loves to have the natural beauty of wood in outdoor space. 

Final Thoughts

A pergola gives a beautiful and elegant look on a deck when it is maintained in the best possible way with the best tips. An old, worn-out pergola in your outdoor space not only gives a negative appeal but also doesn't give welcoming vibes to your visitors. A well-maintained pergola with the above-mentioned tips will go in the long run and gives your outdoor space many practical benefits. The inspection at the right time will keep damages from exacerbating. Additionally, it will help your pergola to maintain its structural integrity. If you are looking for the finest quality pergola beams in South Africa, do visit the site of the top brand of decking and pergola beams suppliers.

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