The Painful Process of Choosing a Pergola Design

Take the beauty of your garden to the next height with the amazing trendy addition of beauty known as a pergola. Are you ready to take advantage of shade and privacy in your garden with a charming rectangular structure? A pergola is a rectangular shape structure supported by pillars and pergola beams on the top. We can define a pergola area as a semi-open structure that provides you with an outdoor living room with shade and privacy. A Pergola is an architectural addition that gives welcoming vibes to your visitors, allowing them to enjoy some quality time with gentle breezes of fresh air.

A pergola will contribute best to your home if it is according to the architecture of your residence. A range of designs available in the online market confuses most homeowners in the selection of the best idea for their home. Are you confused about the selection of the best pergola design for your outdoor space? If the answer is yes, then congrats, you are at the right site. We will simplify the painful process of the selection of pergola design according to the dimensions and architecture of your home. Be with us and keep reading.

Simplify Pergola Design Options with The Composite Company in South Africa

The pergola is the perfect way to add a visual treat to your residence and garden. Apart from increasing visual appeal, a pergola also adds value to your property. You can avail of multiple benefits of pergola on your deck with the best design and superior material. Here, we have gathered some of the main aspects that will help you to choose the best design according to the dimensions of your home. Let's break down the chemistry behind the perfect installation of a pergola with its beautiful design.

1.  Material Consideration Is Must

There is a range of materials in the market that can be used for a pergola, composite is at the top of the list. The best thing about composite pergola beams is that they are best for all kinds of designs and ideas. Do you want to hang the potted plants around the parameters of pergola beams for the colorful look of your deck? The finest manufacturing process of The Composite Company has manufactured the pergola beams with exceptional strength and durability. Our composite pergola beams can bear the weight of potted plants while maintaining structural integrity.

What about brightening your next summer evenings with hanging lights? This idea of pergola design will give you an ultimate spot where you can dine with your friends. The wooden pergola beams will absorb the heat from your hanging bulbs or light and ultimately increases the overall temperature of your deck. On the other hand, composite pergola beams come on the market with a capped polymer sheath that makes them heat resistant. One of the potential pros of composite pergola beams is that they keep your atmosphere pleasant by resisting heat.

The beautiful plants on the pergola beams are the best way to create a spot of elegance for your visitors. If you are confused about what type of trees are best for your outdoor structure, then a simple guide on which trees should you plant under a pergola can help you a lot. The captivating beauty of the colorful plants with the beautiful shade of deck and pergola beams can uplift the beauty of your home. The plants require moisture conditions for their survival and growth, so your pergola beams should be moisture resistant for the maintenance of shape.

2.  Purpose of Pergola Can Simplify the Process

The first and foremost step is to select the best design according to the needs of the deck. What is the purpose behind the installation of the pergola? Is the installation of a pergola a bare necessity, or do you want to increase the luxurious appearance of your home? When the purpose of the pergola is different, the design options will vary. When the purpose of the pergola is clear, the entire picture gets easier. Do you want a full shade on your deck, or do you want to enjoy the cool breezes with a semi-covered shade?

There are different purposes behind the installation of a pergola, like highlighting an avenue, providing shade to your deck, or increasing your outdoor living space for dining. Some homeowners love to attach the pergola to their exterior, while others only want a freestanding structure for their outdoor space. Whatever type you want to install on your deck, keep in mind that it should be according to the architecture of your home. The best pergola design, according to the dimension of your deck gives aesthetic and authentic appeal to your home.

If you want top-quality pergola beams in South Africa, don't forget to visit our site. All the range of our composite pergola beams comes with the easy installation feature, so are the best all kinds of designs. The tough texture of hardwood pergola beams requires you to pay the intensive cost. On the hand, softwood pergola beams are fragile, and you cannot hang your outdoor accessories on them. Additionally, softwoods are treated with different chemicals and preservatives that can be hazardous to the surrounding conditions. The high-quality pergola beams are available here that are suitable for all kinds of your projects.

3.  Shape and Size Matters a Lot

A basic pergola design is enough to add privacy and shade to your backyard or garden. But, if you want a fancy pergola on your deck, then it's important to consider the shape and size of your deck and exterior. A pergola can be of different shapes, including circular, square, and rectangular. The rectangular and square pergolas are a common addition in residences and offices. If you are confused about the shape of the pergola, then we will recommend you consider the style of the deck.

When considering the shape and design of the pergola, there are several factors to consider. First of all, your aesthetic taste is the most important that will determine the shape of your pergola. The size of your outdoor space, the location of privacy, and the size of the deck will also determine the design of your pergola. If your deck design is circular, then a round pergola can cover it in the best way. You will love to have our composite pergola beam in brown color on your circular deck.

4.  Consider Your Budget

From the material of pergola beams to the design, each step of installation requires you to pay. When it comes to traditional hardwood pergola beams, they require you to pay more for installation and fixing. The pressure-treated pergola beams require you to hire a professional team for the annual cleaning. If you want long-term benefits by investing in the initial price, then you need to select composite pergola beams. The composite pergola beams are the most cost-effective material from installation to maintenance. You only have to mix a simple soap and water solution for its neat and clean look.

5.  Must Consider Roofing and Lightening

Apart from the design, you need to think about other accessories for the practical benefits of your deck. The installation of lightning features on your pergola is an amazing practical addition as it will brighten your deck area for family dinners. If you want to spend time on your deck at night, then lighting is a must for the aesthetically appealing ambiance. It is a suitable addition for all types of pergola designs as it will create an aesthetically rich environment.

No design of the pergola is complete without a fully covered and attractive roof. The installation of a roof on your pergola is a wise decision as it creates an extra layer of protection and shade. You can enjoy a lively outdoor experience all the time, regardless of weather conditions. If you want to accommodate your deck throughout the year, a pergola roof is a must to have. You can also cover the pergola beams with some kind of fabric for the complete shade on your deck area. The Composite Company offers you the most strong and most durable pergola beams suitable for all kinds of roof systems.


Final Thoughts

The best pergola design is the superior way to increase the elegance of your residence. Many online pergola designs have confused most homeowners in choosing the best design. If you want to take all the advantages of your outdoor pergola for 25 years, then you should choose composite pergola beams. It is the best material on the market that is available in a range of options, from dark brown shades to cool grey colors. It can withstand all the weather conditions of your garden and are suitable for all designs. More so, it is the most budget-friendly material offering a long-term warranty at a low initial price.

The Composite Company will love to serve you with top-quality composite pergola beams at a reasonable price. Contact us today for the best pergola beams in South Africa.

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