Pergolas: The Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor Space

Homeowners who have discovered the benefits of relaxing on the deck in their outdoor space then look for the next best addition they can add to their deck. Outdoor enthusiasts always want to make improvements on their decking area both in terms of beauty and comfort. Pergolas are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. A beautiful deck with an elegant pergolas design can make your residence worthy. This permanent outdoor addition to your outdoor space provides more benefits than an umbrella. If you want to make your decking area elegant and eye-catchy, then do consider a pergola for your deck. A pergola is a semi-open structure that covers the area of your deck. 

Pergolas provide many structural and functional benefits to your outdoor living space. Whether it's for support purposes or beauty reasons, a pergola can do the job for your outdoor space. How pergolas can do the best for your outdoor living area? What are the top trends of pergolas on a deck? How our Pergola & Decorative Beam Profile will suit your beautiful pergolas ideas?  Give a read to the whole article, and in the end, you will get to know all about pergolas. Just be with us.


Reasons to Consider Pergolas for Your Outdoor Space

Let's have a look at some of the reasons for the addition of pergolas.

  1. Pergolas Provide you with some Extra Living Space

Do you want to add an extension to your residence but are not able to do that because of lack of space? Well, the pergolas are a solution to your problem. When you add the pergolas to your deck in your outdoor space, it will change the overall look of your residence. Not only do the pergolas provide extra space, but they also keep the airflow good in extended space. It is a perfect addition to your deck for the cool autumn nights and summer days. What is better than having an extra space with good airflow in the summers?

Everyone loves to have some extra space for their family gatherings. If you already installed the deck, then it's time to add pergolas for an extended space beyond the walls of your house. You can enjoy the multiple benefits of the extended space. All of this is possible if your decking boards can withstand the pressure of large family gatherings. The Composite Company decking boards are strong enough to hold the weight of your furniture.

Are you finding ways to cover your decking area around the swimming pool? Well, pergolas around the swimming pool will cover all your swimming area. Additionally, you can arrange chairs and tables around the swimming pool and keep an eye on your little swimmers. Pergolas are a great addition to the area around the swimming pool as they will protect from wind, sun, and rain. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, the pergola will provide you with a calming outdoor space to relax. The shade of the pergola makes swimming easy in extreme heat and will also provide you with a space to sit and relax.

  1. Pergolas Provide Protection from Extreme Weather

Do you find it hard to spend some time in your outdoor space due to the intense heat of summer? Here we are going to provide you with the solution to this problem. A pergola can protect you and your deck from extreme weather condition. In hot regions like South Africa, it has become a necessity to cover your deck for ideal quality time with your family in an outdoor living space. Pergolas not only extend your living space but also increase the amount of time in your outdoor living area. If its addition is in the right way, it will provide you with enough shade to enjoy in the summer afternoons. Do you want to make the warm afternoons of summer enjoyable too? Well, you can get multiple benefits on your decking area by adding pergolas.

  1. Pergolas Provide Support for the Outdoor Accessories

Do you want to install ceiling fans in your outdoor space for a cooling effect? In summers due to intense heat, it is hard to spend time in outdoor space without cooling fans. Pergolas provide you with shade. Additionally, they are supporting systems for outdoor accessories like ceiling fans and strip lights. You can bring innovation to your deck with the pergolas. You can take the advantage of pergolas according to your choice. If you want to give your deck a green touch of beauty, you can hang potted plants on pergolas. Additionally, the strip lights provide you with a beautiful view to enjoy dinner with friends. You can garnish the roof of your pergola with vibrant green colors. It will be a treat for the eyes of your guest and friends. The Composite Company decking boards look great with all your hanging accessories.

  1. Pergolas Provide You Privacy with Family

You may have the idea that pergolas are a source of shade. But do you have an idea that they are also added for privacy? As pergolas cover your decking area, it provides a private space to enjoy with your family. If your surroundings are noisy, you need to cover your decking area for a relaxing time. If you feel that your neighbors are too little close, you need pergolas. A pergola on a deck is a perfect addition for privacy in your outdoor space. A pergola can turn your outdoor living space into your own private oasis.

You can spend more outdoor time by installing canopy-style pergolas on your deck. These kinds of pergolas are designed with overhead covering. You can choose which kind of fabric you want on your pergolas. It will act as an extra layer of protection to your deck in your outdoor living space. It will completely cover you from the sunlight and other weather conditions. You can pull back the fabrics or completely remove them according to the requirement of your weather conditions.


3 Ideas for the Addition of Pergolas to your Outdoor Space

Are you noticing that something is missing in your outdoor living space? Well, you need to add pergolas for functional and beauty reasons. Here are some stunning ideas for the addition of pergolas on your deck. They can magically change the overall look of your residence. Add the pergolas to your outdoor space and you will love the results. Here, we have listed some of the ideas for the addition of pergolas to your outdoor living space.

  1. A Glowy Party Setting

Are you a lover of eating outside on your deck in the outdoor space? Then all you need is the addition of a pergola on your decking area. A pergola provides you with the outdoor dining area in a unique way. This kind of pergola addition idea will not only provide you with a beautiful dining area, but also you can hang the accessories on your pergola. You can hang the outdoor lanterns and potted plants to increase the beauty of your deck. Try this idea of pergola addition with our Pergola & Decorative Beam Profile in light grey or brown colour. You will love the results. 

  1. A Covered Outdoor Kitchen

It's always a pleasure to cook and grill in an outdoor kitchen. You can enjoy the task more when you are close to nature. A pergola is a great addition to any cooking station that is on a deck. It provides you with a covered space to cook and relax. It gives an additional space to cook and enjoy with your friends and family. You can arrange a sitting area near your kitchen where you can spend time with your family while cooking.

  1. A Simple and Elegant Seating Nook

It's not necessary to decorate your deck with fancy accessories. You can make it simple if you don't like fancy arrangements. A pergola will provide you shade, and you can sit on the deck with your loved ones. You can arrange the sofas and chairs with matching cushions. Create your theme according to your taste. You can mix and match the different colors of decking boards, pergolas, and furniture. The Composite Company decking boards are the best in every aspect. Our decking boards don't absorb heat, so you can easily walk on them. 


Final thoughts

Pergolas seem to be a simple structure, but it adds worth to outdoor living space. Pergolas add a great definition to your decking areas. It provides you with some extra space to enjoy your big family gatherings. Additionally, it also gives other practical advantages to your outdoor living area. It gives a visually appealing look to your residence. You can also install some accessories like strip lighting to make your pergolas more beautiful at night. The installation of the best decking boards with a beautiful pergola idea can do the best for your outdoor space.

Now, what are you waiting for? Contact us for the Best Pergola & Decorative Beam Profiles in South Africa and install them with pergolas.


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