Pergola Designs - What You Should Know

If you want to differentiate your home from the rest of the neighbors, then a pergola is a perfect addition to your outdoor area. When it comes to the unique features of a pergola, it is among the most cost-effective way to change the look of your residence. It provides you with a perfect entertainment spot where you can sit and enjoy yourself with your guests. If you are looking into the exciting possibility of installing a pergola into your home, then there are a few questions you should ask yourself. There is a range of pergola designs available in the online market.

The fact is that there is not one way of installing this attractive structure in your outdoor space. You will love to know that there is a range of designs and innovative ideas to choose from. Our today's write-up will cover some of the amazing basics that every homeowner should know before implementing a specific design. Take some time to think regarding different aspects of pergola so that you can enjoy multiple years with elegance and practical benefits. So, without any further delay, let's get into it.

  1. The Purpose of Your Pergola

What is the first thing that you should consider before selecting the design of a semi-open structure? A wise decision regarding the purpose of a pergola can make it worth installing. Do you want to install a pergola for a dining spot for your guests, or do you want to enjoy summer afternoons with your loved ones? Before planning the layout of your pergola, you need to think about the purpose seriously. If the design of the pergola is not according to the requirements of your outdoor space, you cannot get the multiple benefits in the long run.  

If you love the natural green color of the outdoor space, then a pergola spot will be your favorite space for all day-to-day activities. You can hang the potted plants on the beams that will uplift the beauty of your deck to the next level. If you want a semi-covered shade for family gatherings and outdoor dining, then you need to take certain things into account before adding a pergola. Additionally, you can also make changes to your pergola according to the weather of your location. What about adding hanging curtains on your pergola beams in the intense hot season to cover them completely?

You can enjoy the beautiful cloudy weather of your outdoor space with a semi-covered structure, but you need to keep the sun's location in mind before selecting any design. Whatever design you want to select for your outdoor space, let us tell you that we have composite pergola beams that are suitable for all dimensions. The Composite Company wants to serve you with the best and most functional range of products. The composite pergola beams are flexible and versatile, so you can modify them according to the design of your outdoor space. The elegant and finest range of pergola beams in South Africa is available here.

  1. The Measurements of Your Pergola

The location where you want to install your pergola will determine its size and dimension. A large pergola in the small backyard will go out of the way and also makes your space congested. A large and expensive property will give you the freedom to build a large pergola that will serve you as an outdoor lounge. You need to take accurate measurements of your outdoor deck for the right installation of a pergola. Measure the length and width of your deck, cut the pergola beams according to the measurements, and your beautiful outdoor pergola with a deck is ready to enjoy.

An accurately installed pergola can become the social center of your residence, where you can host large family gatherings. You can install a sofa and couches with a coffee table in the center, and your guests will love to chat and enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. If you have a large deck, then a long design pergola provides you with a wide dining area where you can enjoy the dining feast with your guests. Thus, we can conclude that a perfectly installed pergola can give a spot for different practical purposes. But, the right measurements of outdoor space and deck matter a lot.

  1. The Location of Your Pergola

Where do you want to install your pergola for aesthetically appealing and practical benefits? The location of a pergola determines its design and style according to the needs of the space. Just suppose that you want to make an outdoor kitchen for grilling and cooking. You need to design it in such a way that all your kitchen accessories will remain safe from all the weather conditions. The Composite Company is pleased to announce that we have pergola beams that are resistant to heat and will keep the environment of your outdoor kitchen pleasant. A basic guide on pergola design options and considerations when buying pergolas in South Africa can help you a lot in the right selection of design.

Most homeowners want to install a pergola to connect two structures for a walkway. The location of the pergola has a big role in deciding the length and shape of the design. You will love the results of our composite pergola beams in brown color.

  1. The Material of Your Pergola

Pergolas are available in a range of options including redwood, hardwood, softwood, and composite. Traditional hardwood seems the most cost-effective to most homeowners, it also gives the beautiful look of wood to your space. No doubt that hardwood and cedar are both good-looking and radiant. But, they have some drawbacks that make them a less effective option in the long run. They don't have resistance against rot and insects, and you will find holes and cracks in your pergola beams after some years of installation. The composite pergola beams have a lower price point and are considered the most stylish material in modern architecture.

If you want the most cost-effective, stylish, and best-value solution for your outdoor deck, composite pergola beams can do the job for you. You need to consider a lot of factors before the selection of material. It may include temperature, humidity, budget, space of deck, and surrounding conditions. What is the most cost-effective material for your pergola beams in the long run? We have the composite material that provides a stylish and practical way to build a pergola cost-effectively. When you choose composite pergola beams, you can take multiple benefits with this single material.

  1. The Permit of Your Pergola

When you install the attached pergola on your property, you have to ask for a permit for its attachment. But, it is not the case with detached pergola. As the detached pergola is a temporary structure, you can fix it whenever you want. When you want technological features on your pergola beams including electricity, you have to ask the higher authorities for its connection. When it comes to the design of a pergola, you are free from any kind of permit. You just have to ask for the installation of the basic structure of the pergola.


Design A Beautiful Pergola with The Composite Company

Are you ready to design a beautiful pergola with the leading brand of decking and pergola beams suppliers of South Africa? Well, we have generated our composite pergola beams in a series of standard steps that make them worth installing. We aim to provide a lively outdoor experience to our customers through the high-quality manufacturing process. Our pergola beams are resistant to rots, insects, and pests, making them an ideal option for your outdoor deck. The elegant pergola beams of The Composite Company are suitable for all kinds of locations and projects.

What is the best thing about our composite pergola beams that make them the choice of most homeowners? All the products on our site are the most cost-effective solution to make your home beautiful and elegant. Our goal is to serve you with the finest pergola beams at a budget-friendly price without compromising on quality. So, if you are looking for the most classy, budget-friendly, and elegant pergola beams for your outdoor deck, then The Composite Company is ready to serve you with the best. We aim to give you the beauty of wood in the synthetic form with almost no maintenance.


Final Thoughts

A pergola is a roofing grid that can be a semi-open or fully covered structure providing you with a perfect space for multiple practical benefits. There are many materials of pergola beams available with a range of design options. The composite pergola beams are on the top of the list due to their elegance, flexibility, and design. You can install it according to the dimensions and measurements of your outdoor deck. The high-quality manufacturing process of The Composite Company provides you with the finest pergola beams that can totally uplift the look of your residence.

The leading brand of decking boards and pergola beams will love to serve you. Feel free to contact us.


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