Pergola Design Options and Considerations when Buying Pergolas in South Africa

Pergolas incorporate beautiful ambiance and practical benefits to your garden and backyard. They are the outdoor structures that provide privacy, shade, and sitting area on the exterior of your home. A wisely selected pergolas design provides you with a defined area to sit, relax, and dine. Pergolas' designs are multi-dimensional, providing you with a lot of customization options. There is a range of pergolas design options to match your requirements. Pergolas on deck is a perfect spot for dining, a cozy spot for the writers, and a relaxing spot after a hectic day.

If you are looking for some pergolas design option, you are at the right place. Here we have summed up some unique pergolas design options. What to consider for the installation of pergolas? You are going to find the answers to all these questions. Let's get started.


Unique Pergola Design Options - Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

There are a lot of designs you can install in your outdoor spaces. It depends on what kind of look you want in your surroundings. Some homeowners love the classic look of the pergolas with some shade to relax, while others look for fancy designs in their garden as an entertainment spot. All these are possible according to your taste, but you need to consider the purpose of pergolas. Here we have gathered up some unique pergolas design options that you will love to know.

  1. Garden Swings

The hanging swings on the pergolas in your outdoor space is among the most popular trend of the time. You can swing on your pergola instead of adding furniture to your deck. It will provide an ultimate spot of joy for you and your little ones. You can add cushions to your hanging swings for relaxation and enjoyment. The hanging swings require the pergolas material to be solid enough to bear the weight. The composite pergolas beams are durable and can withstand the weight of your swings. What makes the composite pergolas beam strong and durable? The Composite Company coat the pergolas beam with a capped sheath that makes it durable and strong enough to bear all kinds of weight. 

  1. Add Side Curtains

You can incorporate ethereal charm to your outdoor pergolas by hanging the beautiful curtains on the sides. If you want it only for aesthetic purposes, then curtains on one or two sides are enough. But, if you want curtains for privacy and safety then, the recommendation is to cover all the sides of the pergolas with a thick fabric. It will cover you completely from all the weather conditions and will keep your accessories and furniture safe from environmental conditions. In South Africa, it can be a very useful idea due to the intense heat of the summers.

  1. Build A Private Corner

A beautifully installed deck with pergola beams on one side is a great way to specify your sitting area. You can create a perfect point with the pergola beams on one side, and the other sides will remain open. This pergolas design option can take the beauty of your deck to the next level. You can add cushions and pillows on the pergolas beam side for relaxing. Moreover, it will be an inviting area for your guests where they can enjoy a cup of tea. For this unique design, you need to cut the pergola beams according to the sides of the deck. Your pergolas material should be flexible enough so that you can alter them according to the length and width of your deck. The Composite Company has pergola beams that are very easy to cut and install.

  1. Canvas Shade

Do you want some shade in some hours of afternoons? We want a complete cover on the intensely hot days of summer. At night we want a semi-open structure for refreshing dining. The canvas shade is the perfect option for you. You can spread the canvas whenever you want. You can open them during the day hours when the sun is at its peak. This pergolas design option is the ultimate blend of functional and appealing benefits.

  1. Walkways Pergolas

Create beautiful ways toward your deck with the walkways pergolas. A deck structure can be more defined with a walkways pergola. It will be more welcoming for your guests and help them to proceed toward your focal point on deck. This elegant and sleek pergola design option is a perfect idea for large gatherings where you can specify the ways toward your dining area. Let's tell you another pro of these types of the pergola. You have installed the pergola deck and with the leftover pergola beams, you can create a beautiful pathway.  

  1. Outside Kitchen Cover

An outdoor kitchen on your deck is great a great place for enjoying, cooking, and grilling in the beautiful weather. But, how to protect the appliances and accessories of your kitchen from the outdoor weather conditions? Well, there is no need to worry. A covered pergola is a great way to protect your utensils, appliances, and outdoor furniture from the weather conditions. You can add the fabric of your choice to your pergola to cover it completely. Moreover, you can also add some accessories for your comfort on your outdoor deck. A ceiling fan is a good option for the cool atmosphere of your deck.

Pergolas' design options require a durable and strong material. Make sure that the material you are selecting for your deck and pergola should be resistant to scratches. For example, softwood is a fragile material and is not able to withstand the weight of your outdoor appliances. A deck and pergola material is not something that you can change again and again. So, the recommendation is to install a high-quality material so you can relax and enjoy for the many coming years. The Composite Company offers decking boards and pergolas beams with a warranty of 25 years. Install our product once, and you can relax for 25 years.

  1. Simple Relaxing Area

Sometimes all you want is a relaxing spot where you can release all the stress of the day. If you are not a lover of fancy pergolas, then you can build a simple pergola with elegance. Pergola provides you with shade and you can relax on your sofa with a beautiful outdoor view. You can also add some accessories for your comforts like cushions and a headrest. So, have a cup of tea, go to your outdoor space, and relax on your deck.


Important Considerations - Perfect Pergolas in South Africa

No doubt, pergolas are a great way to add architectural interest to your outdoor garden. But, it needs some consideration for perfect installation.

  1. Material

If you want long-lasting and durable pergolas, then it's important to select the right material. Many homeowners choose the vinyl and wood pergola because they seem budget-friendly options at the initial price. Their initial cost is low, but they require a lot of maintenance procedures and are not resistant to cracks. Moreover, you need to paint them again as they lose their color and change to another shade. The composite pergola beams are not only available in the range of options, but the color will also remain the same. Be sure to visit the site for the best pergola beams in South Africa.

  1. Measurements

The right installation requires accurate measurements of the deck. You need to take the proper measurements of your deck for a smooth finish. Take horizontal and vertical dimensions into account. It will make your installation process easy and smooth without any mistakes. Top 5 tips for building the pergolas will help you a lot in your installation process.

  1. Location

 Take the outside location requirements into account before selecting the material for your pergolas. In South Africa, you need to select a heat-resistant material for your pergolas. Due to the intense environmental conditions, a heat reflective material can do the best for you. The Composite Company has a range of decking boards and pergola beams that are resistant to heat. Our products don't absorb heat so you can walk on your deck easily in the intense days of summer. Moreover, our heat-resistant pergolas beam keeps the deck atmosphere cool and pleasant. So, we have functional advantages, elegance, and unique design for you. What are you waiting for? Purchase the high-quality decking boards and pergolas beam from here.


Final Thoughts

Pergolas add structural stability to your deck, and many factors influence your decision. The unique pergola design option mentioned in this blog is a perfect way to take the beauty of your deck to the next step. All are unique and elegant, but the best is the one that suits the requirements of your outdoor space. All these pergolas design options are not only aesthetically appealing. They have some practical benefits that you will love to have. The Composite Company has stylish, elegant, and graceful decking boards and pergola beams for you.

The Composite Company has pergolas beams that are a unique blend of wood fibers and plastic. Purchase the best pergolas beams from here. Feel free to contact us.

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