Different Types of Pergolas You Can Consider Installing at Your Home or Office Space

What used to be known as a deck roof is now known by the term pergolas. It is a kind of semi-covered structure for the roof of your deck. The pergolas climbed the stairs of popularity on the deck in the past few years. The reason is its amazing features that are attractive to many homeowners. It will act like a shelter for different kinds of weather conditions like rain, sun, and wind. You will have some extra space on your outdoor deck with a beautiful view of the sky. The most attractive feature of the pergola is that it consists of beams and pillars, and you can easily attach or detach them whenever you want.

The requirements of your outdoor space will determine what kind of pergola will suit you the best. What are the different kinds of pergolas for your outdoor space and office? How The Composite Company has a high-quality and elegant structure for your outdoor space? Stay with us.

  1. Open-Roof Pergolas

Do you want to keep the environment airy on your outdoor deck? Well, all you need is the open-roof pergola for your outdoor space to keep the environment pleasant. This kind of pergola design is among the most popular trend these days. It is the semi-covered pergola design for your outdoor deck and will keep the air circulation good for your outdoor dining and family gatherings. Moreover, this kind of pergola type is not only limited to your residence. You can construct it in your commercial areas too. You can attend your office meeting on your deck with the open-roof pergola on the top.

For the pleasant atmosphere of your deck, all your decking materials must be resistant to heat. The intense heat of the summers can make your deck too hot, and you cannot enjoy the multiple benefits of the decking. Your fascia boards, decking boards, and pergolas must be resistant to heat for the refreshing atmosphere of your deck. The Composite Company manufactures the decking boards with a multi-layer covering that protects them from all the damaging agents of your outdoor space. Moreover, all of our decking boards are resistant to heat and stay cool in the intense heat of the summers.

  1. Cover-Up Pergolas

The location of the outdoor deck will determine which kind of pergola will suit you the best. If your deck receives direct sunlight, then a cover-up pergola is the requirement of your deck. In the cover-up type, pillars are closely aligned and give you more shade. Let us tell you about another amazing benefit of this type of pergola. It will keep your deck neat and clean. As it is a more covered type of pergolas, it will prevent debris and dirt accumulation on your deck. You can easily clean your deck with a little effort. In addition to the heat resistant feature, we have decking boards that are moisture resistant too. Choose the high-quality and budget-friendly decking boards across South Africa from here.

  1. Greenhouse Pergolas

Do you want the perfect touch of green on your wooden color deck to make your outdoor area look natural? You can install greenhouse pergolas with the composite material in your space of office or home. Now, you may think that why the composite material? Well, for the green look you have to install some potted plants as well as some green bushes. The composite pergolas beam is the only material that is resistant to damage by pests and bugs. Pergolas are the way to build a focal point in your outdoor space for entertainment as well as for aesthetic purposes.

The Composite Company has the decking boards and pergola beams for you that don't have anything for the outdoor creatures. As the composite material is a synthetic material, it is resistant to different kinds of damaging agents. The wood and other decking materials lose their color and turn grey after some years of installation. Moreover, as wood is an organic material, it is more prone to damage by outdoor living creatures. So, for this kind of pergola, the composite decking and the composite pergola are the best in every possible way. 

  1. Thatched Pergolas

In this type of pergola, you can cover a specific area of the deck with the thatched roof. For example, you want your dining area on the deck to be completely covered so that your table will remain neat and clean from all kinds of dust and debris. You can attach the thatch with the help of the wires on your pergola. It will fully cover the specific area of your deck, and your dining area will look more prominent. It is a unique type of focal area that will attract visitors

Pergolas are a way to create a point of attractiveness on your deck. But, with this type, you can specify the area more. The type is not only limited to the dining area. You can also specify the area as your meeting table for your office. The thatch attached to the pergola can serve you with the meeting room in the beautiful outdoor atmosphere.

  1. Poolside Pergolas

Swimming is the ultimate joy of the summers, and the partially covered swimming pool is all you need for your summer afternoons. Adding a pergola to your swimming pool provides you with some shade for the intense days of the summer. Pergolas are a way to provide you with some functional benefits like privacy and shade. The poolside pergolas cover your swimming pool. Additionally, they also made it possible for you to sit in the area around the swimming pool.

Do you have any idea what kind of pergola material is best for the poolside pergola? The composite material is not only resistant to heat but also to UV rays. The poolside pergolas can be the best option for all kinds of residential projects, but the requirement is the selection of the right material. The composite pergola beams by The Composite Company are resistant to heat and UV rays. The heat reflective feature of our decking boards and pergola keeps the atmosphere airy. Also, it protects the color of your deck, and your outdoor space looks the same for the next 25 years. The manufacturing processes of our decking boards block all the UV rays. It is the reason that our pergolas collection and decking boards are among the top decking supplies across South Africa.

  1. Outdoor Office Pergolas

Online jobs and working from home are the most common activities these days. So, what about building a small and beautiful outdoor office with the help of pergolas? You will enjoy the cool breeze of the air in the intense afternoon of the summer. The beautiful potted plants on the sides of the pergolas will give you some extra privacy and shade while working in your small outdoor office. The beautiful vibes of nature will keep you fresh while working. Moreover, these types of pergolas can be modified according to your taste and requirements.


Composite Pergolas by The Composite Company

The composite pergolas are a mixture of synthetic wood fibers. It is the best pergola material that requires little maintenance and goes in the long run. Moreover, the composite material for the pergolas is not only budget-friendly but also environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective material for the pergolas as well as for the deck. You are only required to pay the initial cost of the material, and you can easily install it on your own. Moreover, it doesn't require any kind of heavy maintenance procedure.

What are the features of the decking boards and pergolas by The Composite Company that make them the choice of most homeowners across South Africa? All of our products come in a range of colors, so there is a wide variety for you on our site. Our happy customers always ranked us as the best decking and pergolas suppliers across South Africa because we serve them best at reasonable prices. All our decking boards and pergolas collection are environmentally friendly and have no harmful impact on your surroundings. What is better than an elegant and cost-effective deck and pergola in your outdoor space of the office and home?


Final Thoughts

Pergolas are the perfect way to boost the beauty of all kinds of commercial and residential projects. Different types of pergolas material are available in the market, but composite pergolas are the best. From the heat-resistant features to the elegant look, composite pergolas have all the benefits. The type of pergolas that you want to install on your deck depends on the shade that you want for your deck. Pergolas are the semi-covered type of roof, but you can add more shade by adding plants or curtains. Choose the best pergolas from here, match them with your deck, and your outdoor space is ready to enjoy.

The Composite Company's goal is to provide the best composite pergola beams across South Africa. Be sure to leave your comment in the comment section below.

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