A Guide to Buying Pergolas and Sheds in South Africa

The pergolas and the sheds are becoming more popular in the outdoor space for the past few years. Most homeowners mix pergolas with other similar structures like pavilions and arbors. But, the fact is it is not the same and has some distinctive properties. Pergolas are a focal point on your beautiful deck and take the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level.Pergolas are the way to give you privacy and shade on your deck with a beautiful view of the sky. In hot regions like South Africa, an open outdoor space with shade is all you need for your summer afternoons.  It is like building a center point in your outdoor space for entertainment and enjoyment. Despite its aesthetically appealing advantages, it also has functional advantages. Are you aware of the functional and aesthetic benefits of the pergolas and want to install them for the multiple benefits?

Well, our today's guide is all about buying the perfect pergolas and shed for your outdoor space in South Africa. What are the points to keep in mind before buying the perfect pergolas? How The Composite Company is offering you the best pergolas at a reasonable price? Stay tuned.


A Step by Step Guide to Buying Pergolas in South Africa

The beautifully constructed pergolas with a unique design take the aesthetic of your garden or outdoor space to the next step. To avail all the benefits of the pergolas, it is important to keep the following consideration in the mind. Here, we have summed up a few steps that are going to help you a lot in buying pergolas and shed.

  1. Select the Material for Pergolas

The first step is to select the right material that suits best your surroundings. Many factors impact which material will suit you the best like your budget, how much time you have for maintenance, and the structure you want to build.


Vinyl Pergolas

The vinyl pergolas are a way to provide a classy look to your outdoor space. The vinyl pergolas are the way to keep your entertainment spot elegant. But, there are a few drawbacks of vinyl pergolas that we want you to know. The vinyl pergolas become prone to cracks and brittle after a few years of construction. Another drawback is that it requires power washing after periodic periods for a maintained look.


Wood Pergolas

If you want a natural rustic look of the wood in your outdoor space, then you can go with wood pergolas. Pressure-treated wood seems the cheapest option for most homeowners who want a budget-friendly material in their outdoor space. The problem with the wood pergolas is that they turn to grey shade after some years of installation. Additionally, as wood is an organic material, it is more prone to damage by insects and pests. If your material for the pergolas is wood, then there are more chances of holes and cracks by the pests. Moreover, all kinds of woods like cedar and redwood require costly procedures for a neat and clean look.


Composite Pergolas

Do you want to know about a pergola material that is best in every possible way? From the functional benefits to the aesthetic look of the wood composite pergola is all that you are looking for. Composite pergolas provide your outdoor space with the natural beauty of the wood in the synthetic form. As the composite pergolas are not an organic material, so it will be a safe option for your outdoor space. Moreover, the color of the composite pergola will remain the same in beauty after the years of installation. The Composite Company has the pergola beam for you with a beautiful design and an elegant look.

We proudly announce that we are the leading brand of decking suppliers across South Africa. Additionally, we serve our clients with composite pergolas beams that provide privacy and beauty at the same time. Are you in search of the best pergolas and shed in South Africa that is high in quality? Well, you can visit the site of The Composite Company for the best and most high-quality pergolas.

  1. Select the Design of your Pergolas

Before buying the pergolas, it is important to choose the design according to the requirements of your outdoor space. There are many designs and the size of pergolas, but rectangular pergolas are the most popular. You have a wide range of size options for the construction of pergolas like 10x45 or 10x14. It also depends on the size of the deck and which pergola will suit you the best. You can make the design of your pergola more attractive as an entertainment spot with other accessories like roofs, shades, and sheds. Moreover, there are other options like hanging lights and planters for the beauty of the design of the pergolas. Before selecting the design and buying pergolas, make sure that what kind of accessories you want to install.

If you find beauty in the natural look, there is no need to go with fancy designs. You can build a simple pergola on your deck, and the natural beauty of the wood with the composite material will speak for itself. You can add accessories according to the design of your pergola and can make your outdoor space customize.

  1. Choose The Right Name for Your Project

The successful installation of any project depends on the name of the company that you are selecting. You can avail the multiple benefits of the pergolas by choosing the right name for the addition of the pergolas. Many companies try to sell their product with sugary claims. If you are in South Africa, and looking for the best pergolas, then there is no better option than The Composite Company. We offer our pergolas with a warranty of 25 years. Before buying the pergolas for your outdoor space, make sure that you are selecting a reliable brand that offers high- quality products at reasonable prices.

  1. Mix and Match the Color of the Deck and Pergolas

For a complementary feel in your outdoor space, your pergola scheme must be in accordance with the deck color. Before purchasing pergolas, make sure that it will complement your deck or not. If your deck is in rustic wood shade color, then a cool shade of grey will not give it a feel. The Composite Company has the range a range of decking colors for you, from dark shades of brown to cool colors of grey.


Reasons You Need to Buy Pergolas in South Africa

There are many reasons for the addition of pergolas to your outdoor space from hanging the accessories to a defined point for your outdoor space.

  1. For Focal Point in Outdoor Space

The real magic happens when the pergolas provide a focal point on your deck for all your accessories. From covering you from the direct heat of the sun to providing privacy, pergolas are a perfect addition to your outdoor deck. You have a variety of design options to build a beautiful outdoor focal point. You are only limited by your imagination. Additionally, it provides support to all your hanging accessories, from ceiling fans to the hanging lights. The Composite Company has the pergolas that can withstand all the weight of your accessories with perfection.

  1. For Extending your Outdoor Space

Your already installed deck provides you with a perfect spot for all your events and family time. You may be not able to enjoy yourself on the deck due to the intense heat of the summer. Well, all you need is the installation of the pergolas to protect you from different weather conditions. A pergola and shed extend your outdoor living space, and you can spend more time on your deck despite the different weather conditions. The right material with a beautiful design can make the addition of the pergolas worth installing.

  1. For Privacy

The basic purpose of pergolas and sheds is to cover you and your family from the surroundings. If you want to have an extra layer of privacy, then you need to add some pergolas so that you will have a private focal point on your outdoor deck. They have a very architectural design that provides you privacy and a beautiful center point at the same time.


Final Words

Pergolas are a great way to give some privacy to your outdoor space. The selection of the right material and the right name for your project can give many benefits to you. Many pergolas and shed materials in the industry make the homeowners confused. The fact is that composite pergolas are best in every aspect that gives all the benefits to your outdoor space. If you are looking for the best pergolas in South Africa, then The Composite Company is the right name for your project. We have the best pergolas and decking boards that can transform your dull outdoor space into a unique spot for enjoying and relaxing.

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