6 Incredibly Awesome Pergola Ideas for Revamping Your Composite Decks

You are enjoying a summer afternoon in your outdoor space. After some time, you got sweat and skin issues. Do you want to get rid of these problems? All you need is to revamp your composite deck. Pergolas are a solution to your problem. Pergolas provide you with the shades during the daytime. You can also increase the area of shade by adding other different features like curtains and roofs. Another amazing advantage of pergolas is that they protect your composite decks from every kind of weather.

Now you are thinking about how to revamp your pergolas? There is no need to worry. We got you. Here we are going to provide some of the great pergola ideas to revamp your composite decks. Just read the whole article and, you will be able to choose the design for your composite deck.


Why Essential to Have A Pergola for Your Composite Deck?

In the last few years, pergolas have become a necessity for your composite deck. Pergolas offer you the natural shade for your outdoor spaces. They make your outdoor sitting comfortable. You can enjoy a good time with your family and friends. Pergolas are structures that cover your outdoor spaces. They protect you and your family from the hot sun. 

If you are living in a hot region, your composite decks will get heated quickly. Dark color composite decks absorb heat and are more likely to make your seating uncomfortable. In this situation, a pergola is essential for your composite deck.


Top 6 Pergola Ideas for Revamping Composite Decks

A pergola makes your composite decks comfortable and relaxing for you. Here we are going to provide some of the ideas that you can apply to your composite decks for revamping.

  1. Pergolas with Hanging Curtains

You can completely block the sun by hanging curtains on the sides of your pergolas. Whenever you want heat, you can close them. It is a great idea for enjoying every kind of your weather according to your mood. If you are sitting in an outdoor space, you can have this facility by attaching curtains to your pergolas. One of its advantages is that you can enjoy your time with privacy.

Pergola with curtains will not only make your outdoor space look sophisticated but are also practical. There are amazing benefits that these curtains will provide you. Pergola with curtains will protect you from harsh sunlight. They will also protect your furniture from the rain. If you are sitting with your family, these curtains will give you privacy. Even if the curtains are not open, they will still make your outdoor space look beautiful. You can choose the fabric of your curtain according to your taste and requirements. Take your measurements according to the pergola and go with a design that suits you best. 

  1. Pergolas with Hanging Lights

Pergolas with hanging lights will make your outdoor space beautiful for different occasions like parties and family dinners. You can revamp your composite decks by adding strip lights to the sides of your pergolas. It will look too pretty especially, at the evening dinner. Your guests will never want to leave the beautiful outdoor space.

One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your composite decks is to add lights around your pergola. It will not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space but will also give some practical advantages. Pergola with hanging lights will create a beautiful atmosphere for an outdoor event. In cloudy weather, when you need extra light, these hanging lights will give you the benefit. When the sun is not around you, these lights will extend your area by brightening the environment. Soft and beautiful lighting will make the ambiance charming for the guests. Pergolas with hanging lights will add value to your composite decks.

  1. Pergolas with Ceiling Fan

If your residence is in a hot area, then this idea will make your life easy. You can renovate your composite decks with a ceiling fan to make your dining soothing for a hot day. A ceiling fan will make your space a favorite by giving it a touch of comfort.

A ceiling fan on your composite deck is also a way of keeping the pests and bugs away. The airflow will make your dining comfortable. You won't be getting irritated by different kinds of insects.

Relaxing outdoor is a good option to release stress. You can make your outdoor space usable by attaching a ceiling fan with a pergola. You can enjoy a cool breeze with a pleasant environment by having a pergola ceiling fan. You can also attach sun speed fans that work more efficiently with an optimized motor. The benefit of these types of fans is that they give a better air movement. The result is a better cooling environment with a pleasant atmosphere. Many people don't think of a ceiling fan as an outdoor necessity. However, these types of the appliance are essential for the comfortable environment on your composite decks.

  1. Pergolas with hanging plants

Do you want to create a healthy and beautiful environment on your composite deck? Having beautiful and colorful plants in your outdoor space will create a pleasant atmosphere. Hanging flower baskets is also a great option. They not only provide you with beauty but are also low in maintenance. You can uniquely renovate your composite decks by attaching a permanent hook for hanging flowers. You can choose your flower and plants according to the requirement of your weather. With a few things to keep in mind, you can make your composite decks beautiful by hanging plants around your pergolas.

Hanging the flowers of different colors around your pergola will make the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level. As the pergola will limit the sun exposure, try to choose the plants that are shade loving. 

  1. Pergola on poolside

You want to enjoy the view of the pool with a shady area. It is where a pergola is a great option for you. A pergola gives you the right amount of shade from the heat while swimming. When you renovate your composite deck with a pergola, it will create a great visual centerpiece. You can also create small dining set with chairs and tables around the pool. Just imagine the view of the beautiful pool with a cup of tea and snacks. Pergolas have become essential for swimmers. They can enjoy swimming in a shade that will protect them from heat.

  1. Pergola with swings

You can also make the exterior around your swing look beautiful. Pergolas with the swings will make your child comfortable by covering them. It will not only protect them from the weather but will also make your play area beautiful. Pergola will also support the swing and will make it strong.

If you already have a pergola on your composite decks then, attaching a swing will give you a lot of benefits. A swing can be attached to any pergola that is strong enough to bear the weight. If you are used to arranging large gatherings then, one swing might not be enough. You can create an outdoor entertainment setup by attaching several swings around your pergola.


What are the benefits of revamping your composite decks with pergolas?

  1. Pergolas give shade to your composite decks. You can enjoy the outdoor space for several hours without frustration. Pergolas protect your outdoor furniture with different weather. In this way, they not only make your sitting comfortable but are also economical.
  2. Pergolas also provide you with different arrangements for occasions. If you love to arrange large gatherings, pergola to your composite deck is great for you. It is capable of extending your outdoor space. You can easily host events in a well-mannered way.
  3. Pergolas are customizable according to your composite decks. You can create your pergola designs according to the requirements of your outdoor space. When you are renovating your composite decks with pergolas, make sure that it is according to your outdoor space. There are different kinds of styles, designs, and colors available in the market. You can choose that suits your composite deck.
  4. Pergolas also make your outdoor furniture safe. Pergolas on composite decks is a great way to protect your outdoor necessities. From extreme hot weather to cool winds, pergola makes your furniture stay safe.
  5. Despite its other benefits pergola, also makes your outdoor space decent and attractive. Many restaurants and refreshment areas are making outdoor space beautiful with pergolas. The unique arrangement of woods will give a beautiful touch to your outdoor space.


Final thoughts

Pergolas are the most recommended form to cover your composite decks. Pergolas not only add value to your outdoor space but also help you to stay safe from the weather. You can renovate your composite decks with different ideas. They also offer you different options for decorating your outdoor space.

So, what are you waiting for? Just revamp your composite deck with these ideas and enjoy a pleasant outdoor environment.

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