What to Consider When Installing a New Fascia Board on Your Home’s Roof?

If you are facing problems with your existing roof system, it's time to renovate your roof with a fascia board. Most homeowners consider the installation of fascia boards just for aesthetic purposes. But do you know that it is an integral part of the roofing system and is essential for the protection of your home? Although fascia boards are a perfect way to conceal the imperfection of a deck, they are an integral part of a roofing system. The fact is that a multi-functional fascia board is an essential part of a deck as well as a roof.

But what makes the installation of a fascia board essential for the roofing system? We can define it as a band of any material that runs along the length of the entire roofing system. It is located below the roof line and acts as a concealer for the entire roof. Additionally, it protects your home's roof from weather elements and prevents the absorption of water. What are the pro tips to keep in mind before installing fascia boards on your home's roof? Luckily, our today's blog is all about the right installation of fascia boards as we are about to tell you some fantastic tips. So, without any further delay, let's get into it.

Material of Fascia boards Matters A Lot

There was a time when wooden fascia boards were the only material on the market, but this isn't the case in the present. With the advancement in technology, now a multitude of materials can be used for your roofing system. Before selecting and investing in any material, it is essential to know the pros and cons of each. Here we have summed up the details of the most popular fascia board types.

Wooden Fascia Boards

When it comes to the most traditional option for a fascia board, wood is at the top of the list. The wood fascia board is still the most popular choice, and most homeowners think it is the most cost-effective solution. But let us tell you that it is not the reality. The wooden fascia boards are the only budget-friendly option at the initial price. What is the first and foremost functional advantage of a fascia board? If you have read our blog on The Fascia Board Guide, then you must have an idea that its primary purpose is protection. The most important function of a fascia board is to protect your roofing system from moisture. What is the point behind the installation of a material that can absorb water? The wooden fascia boards are the most susceptible material to damage by moisture, insects, and all outdoor damaging agents.

Aluminum Fascia Boards

Aluminum fascia boards are becoming popular choices as they give the look of natural wood to some extent. Additionally, the aluminum fascia board has some cons that we want you to know. They are more prone to dents and scratches and affect the overall structural integrity of the roofing system. When you install them with steel nails, they change their color due to rust. The composite fascia board is the only material in the market that doesn't change color after years and stays in shape.

Composite Fascia Boards

When it comes to the most cost-effective material at a reasonable price, composite fascia board is at the top. It is a composition of recycled wood fibers and plastic encapsulated in a capped polymer sheath. Do you know that capped polymer sheath is the reason behind the multitude of benefits of composite fascia boards? With time, composite fascia boards are climbing the stairs of popularity due to their fantastic benefits. The Composite Company has a unique collection of fascia boards available in a beautiful range of colors. A beautiful shade of timber on the roof of your home will surely be going to steal the limelight.

What is the most fascinating aspect of composite fascia board that makes it attractive? They are highly durable as there is no need for refinishing after short intervals. More so, they are the most flexible option in the synthetic form, as you can cut them according to the dimensions of your roofing system. They give the same appearance as wooden fascia boards but in the manufactured form. Additionally, the composite fascia boards require you to pay the initial price only. The beautiful look, natural shade of timber, and classy appearance are some top features of composite fascia boards by The Composite Company.

Dimensions of Roofing System

Just like the rest of your residence, your home's roof also faces intense weather conditions from time to time. A single incorrectly sized fascia board can provide the space for the accumulation of water in the different corners of the roof. For the accurate installation of composite fascia boards, you need to measure your roofing system with the help of a measuring tape. Attach one end of measuring tape to the first rafter and then gradually take it to the last end. Now you have taken the measurements of roofing, it's time to mark the fascia boards according to the length and width.

What about the idea of using a carpenter's square to ensure that you are cutting accurately? The dimension of each roof varies according to the construction. The composite fascia board provides you with flexibility, so it is the best option for all types of roofs. Well, we have told you about the flexible feature, but do you know that you have a wide range of options with composite fascia boards? The flexibility of the composite fascia board allows you to install it according to your taste and choice. Whether you want to install it horizontally or attach it vertically, you will love the final results.

Consider Outdoor Environmental Conditions

Despite the beautiful shades of composite fascia board, they are a fantastic way to keep your home safe from all weather conditions. When installing a new fascia board on your home's roof, select the best material according to your outdoor conditions. If you are in South Africa, then you must have an idea about the intensity of hot summers. Let us tell you about a fantastic characteristic of composite fascia board it provides heat insulation benefits to your home. It will act as a barrier between the intense heat of the sun and the roof and ultimately regulate the internal temperature.

The rainy seasons also demand a material that is resistant to water. The roofing system is directly exposed to environmental conditions, so they need to be durable. All the natural fascia board material absorbs water in the rainy seasons and loses its shape. The ''Real Beauty of Wood in the Synthetic form'' means composite fascia board comes with a protective sheath that resists the absorption of water. The most attractive aspect is it gives the real beauty of wood in the manufactured form.

Choose the Top Brand of Fascia Board

How can you take the multitude of benefits by installing fascia boards? The answer is quite simple, the right fascia boardsupplier, the long-term benefits. No doubt, there is a range of fascia board suppliers in the online market. Each advertises its product in the best possible way, but the customer reviews of The Composite Company are proof that we always aim to serve the best. Our high-quality manufacturing process processes the composite products in a series of super-quality steps. We offer you the most cost-effective solution to cover the imperfections of your exterior.

There is a beautiful range of colors available on our site, so you will surely find the best match for your home. A lot of factors contribute to transforming a building into a home, and protection comes at the top. We aim to keep your home safe by providing a solution for your home at a most reasonable price. Are you ready to increase the aesthetic sense of your home without investing much? If yes, then we love to have you as our happy customer. Invest in our composite fascia boards for once, and you will love the results for the next 25 years.

Final Thoughts

Insect infestation and animal damage are major problems in outdoor spaces. The first and foremost practical advantage of composite fascia board is to protect from weather elements and damaging agents. No doubt that a wise decision in the selection of material provides you with long-term benefits. The best aspect of a composite fascia board is it keeps your life easy in terms of maintenance. We can define the characteristics of composite fascia board as ''Beauty of wood without maintenance''. Once you have selected the best material, cut your fascia boards, and your roof will stay safe for the next 25 years. The top-quality fascia boards in South Africa are available here.

If you are in search of a top brand of composite fascia board supplier in South Africa, The Composite Company will love to serve you. It's time to protect your roofing system with the leading supplier of decking boards, cladding boards, and fascia boards.


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