What Are Fascia Boards and Why We Need Them?

There are a lot of things you need to convert a building into a house. Once you have moved into your house, you will think of every possible way of protecting it. Do you want to protect it from all the possible damaging agents and give it a smooth finish? It is important to have all the knowledge about the protective measures for your home's exterior. This might include things like decking and fascia boards. What is the way by which you can keep your deck and home healthy?  Fascia boards are an important part of the decking structure, but not everyone has an idea about them. Well, today's article is all about fascia boards. Why it is important to need them? How they can benefit you? Why The Composite Company fascia boards are the best? Stay tuned and keep reading.

What are Fascia Boards?

The word fascia has its origin in Latin which means '' a strip of material''. The fascia boards that are used in the architecture of the building are more or less similar to the fascia around your muscles. It is like a horizontal board that acts as a protective shield. Many homeowners don't have any idea about the fascia boards. Fascia boards refer to the band of any material that covers the borders of the deck below the surface line. It also helps to keep insects and pests stay away from your deck.

Fascia boards are installed mostly for aesthetic reasons. The purpose of installing them is to cover the joints and give a smooth polished finish. They are an essential part of your deck. Our goal is to protect your home in such a nice way that it will look good too. The Composite Company has made the fascia boards in the steps of high-quality manufacturing processes. Our fascia boards will keep your house exterior safe for the next 25 years. The warranty feature of our fascia boards makes us the best choice across South Africa.

Purposes of Fascia Boards

There are many benefits that you can give your residence by fascia boards. Here we are going to discuss a few of them.

  • Fascia boards are the best means to secure your deck. It is like adding a layer of stabilization to your home's exterior
  • Fascia boards also help to give a curb appeal to the overall look of your residence. If it is well-designed, it will cover all the rough edges of your deck. It will cover all the negative points of your decking area like the rough end of the decking boards and will give a smooth finish.
  • Fascia boards will act as a barrier to the water. Moisture in the decking area can lead to favorable conditions for damaging agents. 
  • They will act as the closing boards to the underside of your deck. Its main purpose is to provide stabilization and the structural support to the all the components of your home's exterior
  • Additionally, they are also installed for the aesthetic look of your house. As they cover all the imperfections of your decking area, they provide aesthetic appeal too.

Fascia boards provide multiple benefits to the exterior of your residence. Here are the top 4 that you will love to know.

  1. Fascia Boards help Protect your Residence Architecture

When it comes to the fascia board's advantages, they provide an architectural appeal to the look of your residence. Additionally, they also protect your home from damaging agents. According to experts, fascia boards help to keep water and pests out of your home. They provide many structural benefits to your home. Just imagine that you have invested a heavy amount in the architecture of your home. By the end of the day, it gets damaged by the outside damaging agents. Obviously, you don't want it. You need nerd fascia boards to keep your home safe. Check out the amazing features of the classic composite fascia board in light grey color by The Composite Company.

  1. Fascia Boards provide an Aesthetically Pleasing Home Exterior

Are you tired of your dull decking area that doesn't look aesthetically appealing? Well, you need to upgrade the exterior of your home with fascia boards. A good and well-maintained decking area with fascia boards elevates the beauty of your residence to the next level. You will notice a major difference before and after the up-gradation of the fascia boards. The fascia boards will cover all the roughened edges of your deck and give them a smooth finish. At The Composite Company, we have a wide range of colors of fascia boards. The best is the one that suits the overall theme of your residence. You can also utilize the fascia boards in other ways to create a pleasant atmosphere on your deck. On a deck, you can arrange the fascia boards in the shape of benches. It will provide you with an extra sitting space.

  1. Fascia Boards are Easy to Maintain

Fascia boards are considered easy to install and easy to maintain aspects of the property. You can trust the fascia boards as they are reliable and will go in the long run. Once they are installed, you can feel free in terms of their maintenance. The Composite Company fascia boards are very easy to maintain. All of our fascia boards don't absorb moisture. So, you can easily clean them with a simple soap and water solution. What is better than having the low- maintenance and aesthetically appealing product at the same time?

  1. Fascia Boards Prepare your Exterior for the Extreme Weather Conditions

It is essential to take all the measurements for the protection of your residence. The homeowners who take precautionary measures to protect their homes from extreme weather conditions feel relaxed in the peak season. Fascia boards are specifically designed to act as a concealer for the deck of your exterior. It will act as a protective layer to your home and keeps the moisture away from your decking area. Adding the first line of defense to your home exterior against extreme weather conditions like wind and rain will protect your property.


Signs that you need new Fascia Boards

Some warning signs indicate that you need to replace the fascia boards or you need to install them. Let's have a look at them.

  1. Cracks and Holes

Are you noticing that your fascia boards are cracking or bowing? Then it's time to take quick action for the protection of your decking area. You will notice cracks and lines in the traditional company fascia boards after some years. But it is not the case with The Composite Company's fascia boards. Our fascia boards are not only visually appealing but also provide crack-free protection.  

  1. Damage from Plants and Animals

Insects can also damage your fascia boards, especially if they are made from wood. The signs of animal damage will be claw marks, insect holes, or chewed-up sides of fascia boards. There are more chances of damage from insects if your fascia boards are from wood. Keep in mind that the purpose of these fascia boards is to provide a smooth finish to your deck. If the insects or other creatures have caused damage to one or more boards, they have done almost half of their job. Tree or plant damage can also make your fascia boards damaged during storms or other conditions. Look for the warning signs and replace them as soon as possible. The Composite Company fascia boards can resist high pressure and weights. Additionally, they have nothing for insects and animals. In this way, they will provide you benefits in both these aspects.

  1. Damage from Rots, Mold, Fungus, or Algae

If there are rots, mold, fungus, or algae on your fascia boards, it's time to replace them. The growth of these undesirable elements is an indication that the water is growing somewhere where it should not be. As soon as you replace them, it will prevent the full deck replacement. Our fascia boards are resistant to every kind of insect and pests. Additionally, there will be no decaying signs after the installation of fascia boards after years. Have a look at the best fascia boards in South Africa.

Final thoughts

Fascia boards play an important part in the overall stability of your home's exterior. They provide protection and structural security to your residence. Additionally, they will keep all the damaging agents away from your beautiful deck. They will act as a barrier and will keep the moisture away from your deck. When there is no moisture, it will prevent the decaying and rotting process. Fascia boards increase the overall look of your residence and give you a curb appeal. It will keep your residence safe from structural damage. The Composite Company fascia boards are best in every aspect. Now, what are you waiting for? Purchase fascia boards and enjoy their multiple benefits.

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