How are Fascia Boards Installed and What are their Characteristics?

Are you looking towards the way that gives your deck a seamless look? Well, deck fascia boards are now available in the decking industry to provide a smooth cover around your deck. Deck fascia boards are placed around the sides of your deck for a smooth finish. It is also known by the term rim joist cover, which covers the deck frame and gives it many protective benefits. The basic purpose of the fascia boards is for the aesthetic look. It acts as a concealer for the joists of your deck. Additionally, it covers uneven surfaces and gives your deck a smooth and polished look.

There are many types of decking fascia boards available in the market. All have their pros and cons, but the right decking fascia board material can give many benefits to your outdoor space. How to install the deck fascia boards? What are the benefits of fascia boards? What is the right material for the fascia boards? How The Composite Company offers the best decking fascia boards across South Africa? Stay with us, and in the end, you will get to know all about deck fascia boards. Keep reading.


Installation of the Deck Fascia Boards - A Step by Step Guide

The right installation of the deck fascia boards makes your fascia boards fit in the place and gives you many benefits in the long run. Well, for installing the deck fascia boards you need to know about the few steps in detail.

  1. Choose the Material

You should select the same material for your fascia boards that you are selecting for your decking. The reason is that you already know about the properties of the decking material, so it will help you to know the material. There are plenty of options that are available like composite decking fascia and wood fascia.  But with the composite fascia material, you will get a range of options in the color scheme. For a complementary color scheme, we recommend you have the same color theme for your deck, fascia boards, deck railing, and other accessories. Do you want to know about the elegant and classy fascia board colors and features? Have a look at the high-quality and budget-friendly fascia boards by The Composite Company.

  1. Measure The Parameters of your Deck

You need to accurately calculate the parameters of your already installed deck for the accurate installation of fascia boards. The two most important parameters are the length and width of your deck. The different types of the deck like attached, detached deck, and wrap-around decks have different measuring parameters.

  1. Mark and Cut Your Fascia Boards

Put the piece of the fascia boards around the sides of your deck, and cut according to the length and width of your deck. Mark the place and again check the measurements before fastening. It is important to keep a suitable installation gap at the base for adequate airflow. The suitable ventilation gap between your deck and fascia boards keeps the overall airflow good in your deck. Your deck is the place for family gatherings, family time, and friends' dinner, so it should be airy and flowy. A suitable gap between the deck and fascia boards allows the proper ventilation in the overall atmosphere of your deck.

  1. Fix the First Piece

The tip is to attach the first piece to the sides of the deck. If it is in alignment with your deck, then attach the remaining pieces and make sure that they are in the right place. Attach the top of the deck to the top of the fascia boards to hide all the uneven surfaces and the groove decking edges. It is important to note that the space between the ends of the fascia board and deck should be 0.2% for the expansion. Many decking materials absorb moisture and expand with liquid absorption. The composite decking material is not prone to moisture, so don't expand. The Composite Company decking boards are covered with a shield that resists the moisture content. An expended deck can change the shape of your deck and decrease its aesthetic appeal. So, the recommendation is to choose composite decking so there will be no expansion between your deck and fascia boards.

  1. Smooth the Joints

Put the pieces of the fascia boards together and fasten them with high-quality glue. The result is a smooth and finished deck with aesthetic appeal.


Characteristics of Fascia Boards That Make Them Worth Installing

Let's get into the deep depth of the fascia boards for proper knowledge regarding their features and benefits.

  1. Fascia Boards Provides Smooth Finish

The uneven surfaces around the deck give a very negative appeal to the overall look of your residence. Just suppose that you have installed a deck with the cost and effort, but its uneven surfaces make it look dull. A major characteristic of the fascia boards is that it acts as a concealer for the sides of your deck. It will cover all the imperfections and will cover the joints of the deck. Are you noticing that there are many cracks on your deck? Well, all you need is to attach the fascia boards to the sides of your deck. Many decking materials can't bear the pressure of heavy accessories and lead to a cracked deck. It is not the case with composite decking, but if you have other materials, then you can go with fascia boards.

  1. Fascia Boards Are Resistant to Moisture

The basic purpose of the fascia boards is to protect the deck from external harmful agents. The material of the fascia boards should be resistant to moisture to prevent the expansion and growth of the molds. The composite fascia boards make your deck smooth. Additionally, it also prevents the accumulation of moisture between the decking and fascia boards. The right material fascia boards act as the barrier between the deck and the moisture. Here, at The Composite Company, we aim to provide the best decking boards through high-quality manufacturing processes.

  1. Fascia Boards Are Aesthetically Appealing

Now, you may think that is what makes the fascia board an ideal choice for your outdoor exterior. The fascia covers all the hidden and visual imperfections of your deck, making them an ideal option for your outdoor space. The classy and the best decking fascia boards with the perfectly installed deck can make your outdoor space worth living. The fascia boards can transform your dull-looking deck into an elegant place for family gatherings. All you have to do is to select the right material for your decking, match the fascia boards with the color scheme of your deck, and you will have a beautiful place to relax and sit.

  1. Fascia Boards Are Protective

Do you want to know another characteristic of the fascia boards? The fascia boards are resistant to different weather conditions like rain and wind. The attachment of the fascia boards around the sides of your deck provides structural integrity to the deck. It will hold the shape of your deck and will also protect them from moisture content. Are you conscious of the structural integrity of the deck? You need to attach the fascia boards for a maintained look that will act as a protective shield for your deck.

  1. Fascia Boards Are Mold Resistant

Fascia boards not only have protective characteristics but are also resistant to different damaging agents. Your outdoor space has more damaging agents due to the open environment. Anything that is installed in your outdoor space should be resistant to external factors. Fascia boards are resistant to moisture, so they have mold-resistant properties. Fascia boardsprevent the accumulation of water between the decking boards that inhibit the growth of mold. They can be very easily installed, and your deck will be safe from all kinds of damaging agents. Have a look at the amazing feature of the capped composite fascia board in brown color.


Install Fascia Boards with The Composite Company

The Composite Company is the leading brand of decking and fascia board suppliers across South Africa. Our high-quality fascia boards make your outdoor space worth enjoying for family gatherings. Our fascia boards are best in elegance, functionality, and look. All you have to do is to select the right decking material from here, match it with the color scheme of the fascia boards, and your outdoor space is ready to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Fascia boards are the material that runs along the side of your deck. It has many features that make them worth installing. For the best results, it is important that the material of the fascia boards and the decking should be the same. The right attachment of the fascia boards requires that your fascia board measurement should be in accordance with the deck. It will conceal all the rough edges of your deck and will provide many functional benefits to the deck.

The Composite Company aims to serve you with the best and most classy fascia boards. Feel free to contact us for the best fascia boards across South Africa.

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