Wooden Decking Prices: From the Flooring to the Building Materials

Are you wondering about the wooden decking prices and how much you will have to spend for the installation of the wooden deck? Decking in your outdoor space provides a perfect spot to relax and enjoy. Additionally, it also increases the value of your residence. When it comes to wooden decking prices, most homeowners get confused about the cost. Well, decking prices have different ranges depending on several factors. In our today's article, we are going to talk about wooden decking prices. How do different types of wood affect wooden decking prices? What are the factors that have an impact on the overall cost of the decking? How synthetic wood provides a great alternative? Read the whole article, and in the end, you will get to know all about the wooden decking prices. Stay tuned.


What are Different Wooden Decking Prices?

Well, it's time to build a deck. The different kinds of woods range differently in price. You have to pay according to the type of wood you are selecting as a material for your decking. Let's talk about the price of pressure-treated lumber. If you are looking for a cost-effective material only at the initial price, then the pressure-treated lumber might be your choice. If you are selecting pressure-treated lumber as a decking material, you are expected to pay around $2.25 to $3 per square foot. Well, keep in mind that it requires yearly washing, sanding, and sealing for its maintained look. You have to spend on its maintenance procedures, and it will affect the wooden decking prices in the long run.

Do you want to know about the hardwood decking prices? Hardwood is a material that requires a heavy cost for its installation. From the heavy labor cost to the hard installation process, it is the material that requires a lot of costs. It will cost you around $18 per square foot. But you have to pay again and again for its durability and maintenance. Additionally, hardwood is an organic material, so there are increased chances that it will be more prone to damage by pests.


Factors That Affect Wooden Decking Prices

When we talk about the wood decking prices, it's not only the price of decking boards. Several factors affect the overall price of the deck installation including the cost, location, and design.

  1. Prices of Decking Boards

When it comes to wooden decking prices, the cost of the decking boards matters a lot. The different companies have different ranges available on their websites. Some try to sell their low-quality decking boards at a high price. The right decision regarding the brand name gives you many long-term benefits. Standard size decking boards that are available in the market cost you less as compared to larger size decking boards. The good news is that synthetic wood is available in the market now with the name of composite decking. Instead of paying the heavy wooden decking prices, you can choose the synthetic wood that gives your outdoor space a natural look.

The Composite Company offers you the look of natural wood with synthetic wood at a very reasonable price. When we claim that we offer the beauty of wood without much maintenance, we mean it. It is like you are paying for the natural look of the wood without much maintenance. The good news is that you can enjoy the beauty of the wood in your outdoor space without paying heavy wooden decking prices. Have a look at the beautiful and classy decking boards that can elevate the beauty of your outdoor space here. Our happy customers have always reviewed us as a top brand that provides the best alternative to traditional materials.

  1. Size of the Deck

Well, the size of the area also impacts the total wooden decking prices. The more you want to cover, the more will be the requirement of the decking boards. The size of the deck ultimately affects the overall cost. The bigger the deck the more you have to pay for it.

  1. Cost of Furniture and Accessories

Are you looking for a way to make your deck more aesthetically appealing? Well, you have to add some accessories and furniture to make your time more pleasant on deck. The modern deck comes with an abundance of accessories that have an impact on the overall cost of the wooden decking prices. The installation of the new features on your deck makes your deck a perfect spot for family gatherings. What about adding some hanging lights on your deck for the perfect dinner dining with your friends. You can also add some outdoor kitchen features to enjoy cooking with your family. Moreover, you have the option of pergolas that will provide you with shade for your afternoon tea party. The more you add beauty features to your deck, the more you have to pay. But, the result is something that you will love. The wooden decking prices are not all about the decking boards. It depends on the furniture and other accessories that you are adding for its beauty.

The railing also has an impact on the wooden decking prices. The cost of the railing depends on the material of the railing. Deck railings can be made from different kinds of materials available in the market including composite, vinyl, or wood. The railing costs range somewhere between $400 to $1000. The price of the deck railing also depends on factors including the material, the amount of the material required, and the quantity.

  1. Design and Type of Deck

Decks that are of complex designs include multiple levels of installation processes. Moreover, for the complex decks, you have to install multiple railings. The wrap-around decks cost you around 50 to 100 percent more than the simple design deck. There are different kinds of deck designs like an attached deck, detached deck, and multi-tier deck. All have their own requirements for the installation process, and it will impact the overall wooden decking prices. Here are some deck design ideas that can transform your dull outdoor space into an elegant spot of enjoyment.

  1. Foundation of Deck

If you are considering adding other features, like a hot tub on your deck then you have to build a strong foundation. Your foundation should be strong enough to stand the pressure of your accessories and features. You have to provide strong structural support, and it will impact the total wooden decking prices. The decks that are raised require the addition of beams and footing for support and security. But, it is not the case with the small decks. For the small deck foundation, you only need concrete blocks, and you are good to enjoy.

  1. Labor Cost

 The labor cost depends on the size of the deck, material, and location. Traditional wood is a decking material that requires a heavy labor cost because it requires a lot of effort in the installation process. Do you want to know about a synthetic material that gives the natural beauty of wood to your outdoor space? The Composite Company offers its customers the great beauty of wood with easy-to-install decking boards. You can easily install our decking boards with basic knowledge. Our decking boards are easy to cut, so there is no need to pay for the heavy labor cost. 


The Beauty of Natural Wood- The Composite Company

The Composite Company, the top brand of decking suppliers, is pleased to announce that we have introduced synthetic decking boards with natural beauty. We made our decking boards with wood fibers. We serve our clients with elegant and classy decking boards with the natural look of wood. Now, you may think that what is the price of our synthetic decking boards with the natural beauty of the wood? Well, we offer our decking boards to our customers at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

From the elegant look to the functional advantages, we have decking boards that can do the best for your outdoor space. You can have our decking boards only at R885 with the natural beauty of wood. You only have to pay once and enjoy the beauty of wood for the next 25 years.


Final Words

When it comes to the wooden decking prices, the hardwood is only cost-effective in the initial cost. Moreover, several factors have an impact on the total cost of the deck. You have to keep the above-mentioned points in mind before calculating the total cost of decking. The composite decking gives the beauty of the wood with minimal maintenance. You will love to have the natural beauty of wood in your outdoor space with a low-maintenance material. Our happy customers are our pride, and we offer them the natural beauty of wood at a budget-friendly cost.

The Composite Company is the leading brand of decking suppliers across South Africa. We provide you with synthetic decking boards with the beauty of wood. Be sure to visit our site for the best decking boards across South Africa.

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