Wood Types to Consider When Choosing a Decking Material

If you are looking for a superior quality decking material for your project that suits your requirements, then you are at the right place. There was a time when selecting decking materials was a simple process as traditional hardwood was the only material available in the market. With the advancement in technology and improvement in the decking industry, now there is a range of decking materials. Most homeowners love to have the traditional look of wood in their outdoor space, but now there are great alternatives available in the market. The manufacturing of wood alternatives in the synthetic form has some alluring benefits, including durability and low maintenance.

There is nothing more pleasing than a brand new deck in your garden or backyard. A deck is a perfect addition that keeps on giving you multiple benefits. You can utilize the beautiful area of the deck with the addition of a pergola for relaxing, enjoying, and entertaining. The Composite Company can help you to build your dream deck with a fine range of high-quality decking boards that can uplift the beauty of any project. Searching about all the possible options of decking material and their pros and cons will help you to explore the best choice. In this article, we'll go into the details of different decking materials that will help you to decide on the best wood type for your project. Keep reading. 

Pressure-Treated Wood as Decking Material

Pressure-treated wood was among the most popular choices as a decking material for many years. It is treated with chemicals and preservatives for durability and sustainability. There are different kinds of pressure-treated woods including pine and spruce, that give the classic look of wood to your outdoor space. What is the most prominent drawback of pressure-treated wood that prevents its progress in the decking industry? It comes on the market with different infectious chemicals that can be very hazardous to human health.

It can cause the transmission of infectious chemicals in its installation process. Additionally, once the construction is complete, you have to spend a lot of time cleaning after short intervals. It requires regular power washing for the removal of dust and debris from the outdoor deck. More so, you have to seal and paint it annually for its nice look. What is the most popular decking material in the market that requires no sealing and painting annually? The composite decking keeps your life easy in terms of maintenance as it is already covered in a polymer-capped sheath.

Tropical Hardwoods as Decking Material

If you are in hot regions like South Africa, you must avoid hardwood as a decking material. It absorbs heat and intense rays from the sun and gets hot like a grilling frying pan. The hardwood gives the natural shade of brown to your outdoor space, but it is very expensive, heavy, and hard to work. You have to hire a professional team for the decking board cutting and installation of a deck. It is so hard to work that you cannot even hammer a nail without drilling a hole.

No matter what type of Harwood you decide to install in your outdoor space, regular cleaning is a must. The tropical hardwoods require special cleaning detergents for the removal of stains and debris. If you are using a new cleaning solution on your hardwood deck, then we recommend testing it on a small patch. The hardwood absorbs the moisture and chemical of the detergents and makes the deck lose its shape and color. You have to clean the hardwood two to three times annually by using a pressure washer.

Softwood as Decking Material

Softwood as decking material is also a good option, but it requires annual maintenance for a beautiful look. Additionally, if you want to install heavy accessories on your deck, then softwood cannot do the job for your deck. Just suppose that you want to install an outdoor kitchen on your deck. The installation of grilling bars and appliances requires your deck material to be strong and durable. Softwood is not a durable option for your outdoor furniture and will lead to sharp edges and corners on your deck. Your outdoor deck is a place for large family gatherings, so it should be safe for your visitors and loved ones.

Red Cedar as Decking Material

Red cedar gives a classic look of wood to your outdoor exterior with its beautiful color tone. It has a beautiful texture that can almost fit every home design. The drawback of cedar is its availability. It is a decking material that is least available to most homeowners due to its rare growth. Additionally, you also have to pay the cost of its transportation, which will ultimately increase your total budget. Red cedar also requires annual sealing and cleaning for its beautiful classic look.

Composite as Decking Material

The composite decking material comes with a real wood look with different grain patterns and natural-looking colors. It is a combination of plastic and recycled wood fibers that makes it resistant to wrapping, and there is no need for painting. More so, the capped sheath makes it resistant to UV rays on the deck, and your outdoor area will remain cool in the intense afternoons of summer. Your backyard deck or swimming pool deck is a place where you will enjoy, dine, and sit with your family and friends.

It should be cool and cozy for all kinds of weather conditions. The traditional hardwoods absorb the heat and are not an ideal option for hot regions. The best thing about the composite decking material is that it is not stiff as the Harwood, and you can modify it according to the needs of your deck. The installation process becomes easier when you have the same texture on both sides of the decking boards. The Composite Company offers composite decking boards with double-sided coverage and a smooth finish. All the range of our composite products, from the decking boards to the cladding boards, will give the natural wood grain pattern to your outdoor space.

What makes the composite decking less stiff as compared to other traditional decking materials? It is manufactured with grooves on the underside of boards, making them lightweight and flexible. The composite decking material has been gaining a lot of traction in the past few years due to its multiple benefits. The reason is it is available in a variety of colors and designs, so you can match it according to the aesthetics of your home. The composite decking material not only looks great but also gives more long-term benefits to your garden.


Trust The Composite Company for the Best Decking Material in South Africa

When selecting decking material for the garden, porches, or backyard, the design of the deck cannot be ignored. Your location and outdoor conditions should also influence the selection of decking material. The composite as a decking material comes in the synthetic form that is rot-proof and bug-proof. It comes with a beautiful capped sheath that makes it resistant to all kinds of damaging agents. More so, it is a suitable and flexible material for all kinds of industrial and residential projects.

The list of the benefits of composite decking is long, as it is the best material that provides you will all the cosmetic and functional benefits. It gives a classy and expensive look to your outdoor space in an artificial form. The Composite Company is the leading brand of best decking material that provides you with capped polymer decking boards in a range of colors. The best thing about composite decking is that it keeps your life easy in terms of maintenance and cleaning. A unique collection of superior composite decking boards in South Africa is available here.

We can define the benefits of a deck as ''the best decking material-many long-term benefits''. Are you confused about the selection of the best decking material for your project? Well, a complete guide on how to choose the best deck wood for your project can help you a lot in the best decision for your home. All the range of our composite products requires minimal maintenance for the beautiful ongoing look. When we claim the ''beauty of wood without maintenance'' we mean it. The customer reviews on our site is a proof that we always serve them with the best without compromising on quality.


Final Thoughts

The best decision in the selection of decking material gives you long-term practical benefits. The beautiful outdoor deck with the right material makes your space worth living and enjoying. Before the selection of decking material, make sure to access the conditions of your outdoor location. The Composite Company is pleased to announce that we have a fine range of composite decking boards that are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and classy. More so, the range of colors from the beautiful look of natural wood to the modern hues of grey, are available here.

Feel free to contact the top brand of decking material in South Africa. We will love to serve you with the best.

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