Why The Composite Company is the Best Composite Decking Supplier in South Africa?

Are you in search of an efficient alternative to wood for decking purposes? We all are well aware of the fact that natural wood absorbs moisture instantaneously. It results in the deformation of your decking and makes it look unattractive. Today, we are here with an amazing solution to your problem. We introduce you to the "Composite decking" As composite deckings are man-made and consist of wood fiber, plastic, and some bonding agents. They provide strong resistance towards rotting, damping, and insects. It is the reason behind its distinctive durability. Thus, when you are done installing it in your house, you no longer have to worry about it for a long period. Today's article will reveal the facts behind The Composite Company being the best composite decking supplier in South Africa. We will also discuss its benefits and why you have to replace your old decks with composite decking as soon as possible.   Just read on.


Why Composite Decking is the Best Option to Choose Over Wood Decking in South Africa?

There are numerous benefits of replacing composite decks with wood decks. We have mentioned all the salient benefits below.

  1. Composite Decking is Highly Safe Comparatively!

Composite is slip-resistant and splinter-free, unlike conventional decking. In addition, because of its unique connections, the deck itself does not need nails or screws — it is thus entirely bar-friendly and highly recommended over wood decking.

  1. When it is About Maintenance Composite Decking is Less Time Taking

Composite decking consists of a mixture of wood or fiber cellulose and plastic, so it requires no regular cleaning. The same applies to a range of modern wood railings, including composite, vinyl, glass, and metal. You don't have to paint, stain or seal it. Instead, it is fast and simple to clean.

Consumers must choose if the appearance and feel of natural wood are worth the effort in periodic stain, color, and replacement of decaying parts. If you want to spend your time doing a lot of things at once, you have to choose composites.

  1. Composite Decks Are Extremely Durable

Sometimes conventional deck may appear more attractive to you. But remember, they are easy to pick the severe weather effects. The deck may fade and distort, subject to severe rain and scorching heat. On the other hand, the composite needs minimal care. Its high mold, split, and red resistance is ideally adapted to environmental effects as it is highly durable.

Additionally, it will not fracture or dissolve because of sun exposure owing to its UV resilience. The average coverage lasts from 15 to 20 years, while composite lasts for 30 years. And, to make a deck worth the investment, it must be long-lasting.

Moreover, if big family gatherings occur, it must be very effective to handle the weight of people, furniture, and family pets. This all is ideally possible with a composite deck as it is built from the best materials for extraordinary strength and wear and tear resistance over the years.

  1. Composite Decking gives a Premium Quality Touch to Your House and Thus Recommended

The composite deck has a smooth surface without nails and screws to create a sophisticated and contemporary impression. It is not only aesthetically appealing but may also fit the appearance of conventional wood or exotic wood. It comes in a variety of colors to provide several styles and accent your living room. You should notice that although the majority of the composite coatings are generally color stable, however, some initial color illumination will occur during the first 3 months of weathering. In contrast, wooden decks may be stained or painted in a fair quantity of finishes. Additionally, some touching and new clothing will probably be needed over time. On the other hand, composite decks are made in a broad range of colors and finishes that maintain their colors awesomely.

  1. And Don’t Forget They Are Eco Friendly!

And, you know what? No trees are destroyed when composite decks are made! Because most of the composite decks are constructed of recycled or scrap materials. That’s why there is no environmental effect practically. Contrarily wood decks are made from a significant quantity of wood.

  1. You Enjoy Less Maintenance Costs!

The initial cost of wood is usually lower than that of composite. But when you include the expense of maintaining a wooden deck – such as washing and sealing every few years — a wood-plastic composite deck seems. It may also provide a house with excellent value, making it the ideal investment.

Why The Composite Company is The Best Decking Supplier in South Africa?

Our extensive product line at The Composite Company provides you with versatile design freedom to create an appearance tailored to your top preferences. Our composite deck materials are the finest ones available in South Africa.

The top 6 salient features of our product that differentiate us from our competitors are as below:

  1. The composite deck is constructed entirely of recycled materials, with up to 87% recycled. Additionally, it is also FSC certified.
  2. There is no need for staining or painting for composite decking.
  3. Low Maintenance: Only the most basic cleaning is required to keep it looking clean and good.
  4. The composite deck is dimensionally stable. It means it will not warp or decay.
  5. Our composite deck is UV Certified to ISO 4892-2, ensuring that it can withstand even the most extreme conditions.
  6. Suitable for barefoot use! Sub Surface is simple to repair!

Why are we the best suppliers of composite decks in South Africa

The Composite Company is one of the top composite decking businesses in its sector in South Africa. It has several unique characteristics that enable it to flourish in the market with good business. These qualities not only preserve the market share in current areas but also assist the company in penetrating new markets. The Composite Company is the best company to choose for composite decking because of the following reasons:

  1. Superb performance in new markets: The Composite Company has acquired skills to entertain the market and is thus highly successful in the business of decks. The growth has enabled the company to develop new income streams and spread the economic cycle risk on its operational needs in the best possible way.
  2. Successful track record of new product development: The company is highly focused on product innovation.
  3. Strong capital returns: The Composite Company successfully carries out new projects and generates good returns on capital investment by establishing new income streams.
  4. Strong Free Cash Flow: Composite has high free cash flows, which give the business the resources required to grow into new initiatives.
  5. Best Customer Service: The company's specialized customer relationship management service enables high customer satisfaction among current customers and substantial brand equity among prospective consumers.
  6. Strong Distribution Network: The Composite Company has developed a dependable distribution network that can reach most of its potential market over the years.
  7. Trustworthy suppliers - a strong base of reliable raw material suppliers allows the business to overcome any block in the supply chain.

Why Choose the Composite Company When Choosing Composite Decks

There must be some reasons behind the success of The Composite Decking Company. We have been the best-selling composite deck company in South Africa. What makes us different from others?  Read our distinctive facilities below:

  1. Availability of Online Stores

When individuals have greater workloads and household responsibilities, it becomes more difficult for them to go to the physical shops to collect their favorite items and purchase them with a simple touch of their fingertips! Ease of use, time efficiency, and ease of payment are just a few of the many important reasons why The Composite Company has taken over the retail sector in today's age of technology. The most significant part is that we have our online store, which allows our clients to purchase their favorite goods from the comfort of their own homes.

  1. We are 24/7 at Your Service!

Our store, The Composite Company, enables consumers to purchase from the comfort of their own homes or offices. It does not need the use of a weekend or a half-day to indulge in some much-needed retail therapy! E-commerce enables our store to operate around the clock and provide their consumers with relevant product information, warranty information, product reviews, and product descriptions, allowing them to make the best possible decision.

You will not have to be concerned about whether or not your chosen product is available. We have up-to-date inventory accessible for purchase on a regular basis. One of the most convenient aspects of our business for our clients is that they can visit our website at any time of day and buy whatever they want instantly with no hassle. Comparing it to traditional shops with clearly defined opening and closing hours is perhaps the most significant advantage for all consumers.

  1. With Us You Will be Enjoying Affordable Prices

While making any purchase, you may want to be sure that you are getting the most profitable and budget-friendly deal online. The competition on the internet is fierce, and many individuals are searching for methods to provide the most incredible bargains to outdo their opponents.

It is simple to find the most incredible bargains with us when comparing many vendors and to choose the best. When you decide to buy online via our website, you will always find the most excellent prices. Our clients in South Africa value us a lot for the reasonable price that we are offering.

  1. More Diversity Is Always a Good Thing

When it is about buying different designs with a variety of colors, we are versatile. With us, there are no limitations to the types of products you may purchase while shopping online. There are hundreds of items available, each manufactured of a different material, from which you may choose the finest.

When you opt to conduct your shopping online, you will have an easier time finding excellent bargains. We offer a wide variety of composite decking for your house as we are the largest composite decks manufacturer and supplier in South Africa.

  1. Customer Satisfaction is Our First Priority

Customer satisfaction is generally seen as a significant difference in a competitive marketplace where companies continuously fight for customers. Therefore, it is often used as a final purchase trigger point in many situations.

Our primary focus is to enhance the whole experience that our customers have with us. As a result, we have 100s of loyal clients.


Final Thoughts

According to the above-given facts, you are now deeply aware of the benefits of installing composite deckings instead of wood deckings. Composite Decks are durable, require less maintenance, and gives a premium look to your house. It’s a marvelous choice to be considered for the furnishing of your house. If you are wondering about composite decks, we highly recommend you to buy them from our shop as we provide our customers with 24/7 availability, special discounts, and distinctive quality. Your satisfaction and preference are our #1 priority.

We have mentioned the maximum information that you’d require about composite decks and our store in our article. If you still have any queries regarding our store, feel free to Contact us for a quote!

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