Where to Buy Composite Decking in South Africa? Here is All You Need to Know

The world has been progressing fast. new things are getting introduced on an almost daily basis. Introduction to interior designing and the new decking options are some of the latest options that have been introduced into the market, especially composite wood decking. South Africa being the center of attention for many countries and attractions need to be prepared for everything especially earthquakes and random natural hazards.

Composite wood decking is one of the most common decking options one can be using these days. There are so many benefits and details to it that almost no one can deny it. There are various places you can buy composite decking from the places in South Africa. Let us first get a proper understanding of what is composite decking is.

What Is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is one of the most common synthesized things made in the industry these days. It is a human-made product with a combination of wood fibers, a small number of bonding agents, and plastics of various sorts. It is converted into a kind of mix which is later heated to make long lengths of boards that are later cooled.

The traditional wooding decks need lots of maintenance and working on them. Certain cracks open up in the wood fibers that are later covered in various ways. Unlike wood fibers, composite decking does not require any maintenance at all. This makes it one of the latest and the most important things making composite decking one of the best options one can utilize in South Africa.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking because of its real great properties both chemically and physically is utilized in almost every other aspect of our daily life no matter how you look into it. There are various benefits that composite decking offers. Let’s look at some of the benefits composite decking offers you.

  1. Composite decking because of being formed with joining agents does not require additional support or adhesive which ensures that they do not require maintenance.
  2. A specific amount of plastic content is used inside a composite decking making it resistant to any kinds of bugs or insects from stacking inside the gaps.
  3. There is always an additional layer of plastic capping on the top that makes it easy to protect the decking from stains and rusting effects.
  4. The composite decking boards have a really low amount of water absorption capability and tend to make it easy for people to use them near their swimming pools and other wet places.

With so many advantages and benefits to having composite decking in your home, you all might be surprised. All these features inside a single composite decking get the things hyped up for good

Types of Composite Decking

There are various kinds of composite decking that one can use. The list is quite huge with so many options to choose from that one cannot even decide on a single one for themselves. with each model and feature comes a new design and options to choose from. Here are listen to the top best type of composite decking you can use for your home.


Capped and Uncapped Composite Decking

The capped and uncapped composite decking is the most common one used by people out there. An uncapped composite has not to be covered with a plastic sheet. On the contrary, a capped decking is because it has a plastic sheet on it. Both of them have their benefits and various uses them.

An uncapped composite decking has a real solid body of fibers on the top that makes it durable and best to be used in all seasons especially winters. At the same time, the capped composite decking is the one that has a plastic sheet on it. This is to keep the decking protected from any kind of moisture. This is one of the reasons that capped composite wood decking can be placed near the swimming pool or any other areas open to water facilities.

Grooved and Ungrooved Composite Decking

This type of decking came into the industry a few years. Back. A grooved decking is one with a hallow-shaped pattern stretching along the lengths of the board. Sometimes instead of hallows trenches are present. An ungrooved decking has a completely smooth surface without any kinds of trenches or shapes made in them.

Groove composite decking is useful because it can be installed easily without having any fasteners appearing on the surface of the decking. The nails and screws get hidden away in the trenches and lets you have a clear clean surface. For fixing an ungrooved composite there is a need of using nails and screws to be fitted. Utilizing the nails and screws gets quite a hectic job as they still appear on the surface. This makes it look a bit retarded however it is still safer and easy to use than most of the other composite decks.

Solid and Hollow Composite Decking

The hollow composite decking is the one that has holes in them. The holes are made with complete care and ease so that there is no sort of fiber distortions after the holes have been created. The solid decking is the one that is built using a complete sheet of fiber and no alteration is made in it.

Hollow decking is really easy to place and store as there are quite some options on utilizing the holes in the fiber sheet. At the same time, the solid decking does not have any kind of holding standards for itself. The solid decking is a bit more expensive than hollow decking and can get even more out of the range if you decide on getting a real smooth surface.

Where to Buy Composite Decking in South Africa?

As far as we have gained information about composite decking you might be wondering where you can buy the best composite decking for yourself. There are several options but in reality, the very best and top-notch thing is to buy your composite decking from the composite company. The Composite Company has been in the business for years with its name sitting on the top of the industry for quite a long time. With products that are highly favourable to your requirements, The Composite Company has been making sure that you always get the best of the best services.

Why Choose The Composite Company for Your Decking?

Now, this is one of the main questions that must have popped up in your mind, why would I choose The Composite Company? Well, there is not just a single reason but a whole lot of explanation to this point. There are several reasons why you should choose us.

1. We Offer Online Sale and Purchase

It is quite a hectic job if you are deciding on going to various shops and get an idea about the type of composite decking and what you need. the composite company offers you free consultations the way you want and provides you the opportunity to buy from its online stores keeping you safe from all the hassle.

2. Round the Clock Service

Sometimes it’s really hard to get hold of people when you are getting some serious business done with them. This can get you in some sort of issue. The Composite Company denies this completely and is always ready to serve its customers to the best. We are available 24/7 round the clock and can do and everything from complaints to the repairs you want.

3. Affordable Prices and Sales

The most important thing while buying something is the prices. If the prices are too high with the product being really low, then it’s almost no good. With that comes the idea of The Composite Company. We are providing the best of the best products in the market at the most affordable prices, so rest assured that you are getting your money invested in the best hands.

How Are We the Best Suppliers in South Africa?

We at The Composite Company are using great materials in the manufacturing of our products. We aim to provide our customers with the best of the best products, so they don’t have to face any kind of issues. The Composite Company has acquired skills in the market with its name being held for a real long time. The company has a high success rate and a great track record of having the best sales and products.

The Composite Company has been aiming to expand in various regions of the globe. With its fantastic demand and efforts in the region of South Africa, we have been planning and paving our path for betterment in the future. The Composite Company has always been putting its best efforts to deal with each and everything regarding its composite wood products.


The Composite Company located in Gauteng, South Africa has no doubt charmed everyone with its efforts and gained quite recognition in the industry. it is known as one of the topmost leading brands in composite decking. So, what are you waiting for? Just ring us up and we shall get your decking done in no time.

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