Top 9 Budget-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas in 2022

If you are the proud new owner of a swimming pool, then you need a deck around it! If getting one built will cost too much, then don't worry! There are plenty of DIY pool deck ideas that look as good as the pros make, and they won't cost you as much money.

Did you know that the cost can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand? It is worth investing the money in an inexpensive pool deck idea or budget because they will make your backyard look nice while being functional.

Decks make great outdoor living spaces.  They're pleasant to sit and relax on while enjoying the warm view of your pool.  The only problem is that building a pool deck could cost a pretty penny.

Swimming pools are a great way to get the family active and spend time together. But with kids, things can get messy. Dirt, sand, and grass tend to find their way into your pool. Dirty water leads to lower water quality, making your pool less enjoyable.

The Composite Company is an excellent place to buy composite decks because they have quality products and reasonable prices. They also have various decking types, such as composite planks, wood-composite planks, pergola kits, rain chains, and much more.

This is why investing in a good pool deck can be a worthwhile expense. While there are many options out there, here are 9 of the best picks when it comes to choosing the right deck idea for your pool.


Why Should Budget-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas Be Followed?

Pool safety is a concern, but you can still add a nice look to your backyard with the right pool deck ideas. You don't need to settle for an ugly concrete slab in your backyard because you have a pool. There are ways to make it look good without spending a lot of money. For those who are looking for budget-friendly ideas for their pool deck, there are some steps that you can take to ensure that it looks excellent and doesn't cost a lot of money to get done. Here are some tips for those who want to keep their pool deck looking good without having to spend a fortune.

  1. Consider Doing It Yourself:

To build your pool deck, there are several things that you can do on your own. To save money and ensure that you get precisely what you want, you may want to consider doing as much of the work yourself as possible. This won't be a problem for you when it comes to concrete work or landscaping.

  1. Hiring Professionals

To avoid being overcharged, it's best to hire a professional rather than attempting to do the work yourself. High-quality work shouldn't cost several thousand dollars. That would be a big help. Professionals who charge much less than this and still produce excellent results are available.


Top 9 Budget-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas

If you're looking for an easy upgrade to your backyard that won't break the bank, it's hard to beat a new pool deck. You can make one yourself with composite decking, but if you do it right, you'll still spend a lot of time and money on materials. Here are 9 ideas for decks big and small that won't bust your budget.

  1. Tiny Swimming Pool Complete with Deck

There's no room for a big deck if you don't have much space. This tiny pool floats in an above-ground tub with a small deck surrounding it. The wood slats aren't attached to the fence and the railing around the tub. The result is akin to a huge hot tub with water in it for swimming.

  1. Sizeable Composite Deck for an Above Ground Pool

You can get very creative with your pool decks. This one wraps around the pool in a semi-circle, so you don't see it from the house. It might look awkward from some angles, but from this one, it seems natural, like the pool was part of the deck all along.

  1. Pool Wrapped in Wood and Stone

A good pool deck design can be an excellent example of how creative you can be in the face of budget limitations and square footage. Around above ground pool deck is one such idea that needs little more than a circular above-ground pool.

This can be an inexpensive choice for a backyard deck since it does not require the laying of bricks or any other unique materials. The best way to create a circular deck around the pool is to use composite decking or wood. This gives a natural finish and blends in well with the surroundings.

On the other hand, Stone pavers can be used for a more designer look to your pool deck design. You can use one or the other of these suggestions to create a one-of-a-kind pool deck without spending a lot of money. If you do not know the difference between wood-composite planks and natural wood planks, click here to find out. 

  1. Simple Composite Deck for an Above Ground Pool

When you consider building a deck that surrounds your above-ground swimming pool, there are two main options to choose from: wood and composite materials. While both materials are durable and constructed to withstand the elements, they offer different benefits depending on your tastes.

Wood decks look more natural because the material comes in so many varieties and hues. However, composite materials offer a more seamless design resembling stone or tile.

Another benefit of composites is that they resist staining or rotting over time, as wood does when exposed to moisture or sunlight for extended periods. With a little bit of planning, you can create a deck around your pool that will last for years to come and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space.

  1. Corner Pool with Terraced Steps idea

Pool and water are two things that many people love. It's the same thing that you can feel and see in the picture below. This swimming pool design has terrace steps on its corner. This is awesome because it offers an excellent way to relax while enjoying the view of the pool as well. The sun will set as you want your time in your private corner pool with the idea of the terraced steps. Buying composite decks from The Composite Company is more straightforward than buying from other sources.


Terraced Pool Steps Design

This design is also perfect for entertaining guests because they can descend to the bottom of the pool when they need some rest and then get up to have another go at swimming. The stairs are built for this purpose so that there won't be any problem for you or your guests when using them. If you ever want a different kind of swimming pool design, this one is perfect for you and your family.

  1. Half Submerged Pool with Composite Deck

For the most part, oval above-ground pools are built with a standard deck on top of the pool wall. From a functional perspective, this kind of pool adds a lovely safety element for pets and children. Lowering the deck, on the other hand, can create a striking visual effect. And it's also a great way to keep leaves and other debris from blowing into your above-ground pool.

In this example, the pool is positioned more toward the rear of the yard, where it won't be seen from the house. Of course, that could still be a problem if it leaves the wall visible from the house. So it wouldn't be the best choice in every situation!

  1. Above Ground Pool with Safety Cover

When you're ready to build an above-ground pool, you'll have fun designing the deck. You can use any decking material that suits your taste and budget. You can also add a spa for a relaxing poolside experience. Some people like to install a wooden deck around the pool, particularly when children want to play there.

  1. Tethering or Latching Pool Gates:

 One of the best ways to protect your little ones from falling into the pool and drowning is to install self-latching gates on all doors leading to your backyard. You may also want to consider tethering or locking your gate if you have an above-ground pool.

The number one way for kids to get into trouble in the pool is by climbing over a pool fence. If you have an above-ground pool, using a safety cover will help keep the pool protected when not in use and ensure no one falls through when getting in or out of the pool.

Once you've installed a safety cover, you should consider adding netting to help prevent your child from falling into the water. Pool netting comes in many different sizes and styles and can be secured around your deck railings with Velcro straps or zip ties.


Bottom Line:

Designing a beautiful deck around your pool is a lot of fun. You can choose the pool deck's size, shape, and location, drawing inspiration from different designs. Budget is always an issue when it comes to home renovation projects.

You will need to consider that before getting started with the actual design. It's best to start small and with a low budget to allow for construction errors. If everything works out as planned, you can easily upgrade your existing deck later.

Are you tired of walking into a home improvement store and not knowing who you can trust? The Composite Company has a team of experts that are specially trained in the field of composite decking. No matter what questions you may have about composite decking, we are there to help you through the process and make sure your deck not only looks great but lasts for years to come.

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