Top 7 Alternative to Wood Deck in South Africa

Do you want to build a decking area and wonder which material can do best for your space? There is no need to stick with wood as there is a wide range of long-lasting and smart options available in the market. When it comes to the installation of material in your space, there are many things you should keep in mind. The first thing that takes the lead is your budget. However, there are other things that you should consider, including the space you want to cover. The right decking material according to the requirements of your space can give you many benefits. The Composite Company aims to give you the best at a reasonable price. There are many decking materials available in the market. Many decking materials have replaced the wood in the past few years. Today's article is all about alternatives to wood. Which material is best for you? How many options do you have for your space? Just be with us, and in the end, you will get to know all about decking materials. Keep reading to find out which material is highly recommended for you. 

  • Porcelain and Stone

Firstly, let's talk about something that looks great but is not friendly to your pocket. There are many options available to choose from the stones, including bluestone, slate, natural limestone paving, etc. If we talk about the aesthetic look, it looks pleasing and soothing. But it is too costly both in terms of product purchase and installation. Natural stones require a lot of heavy labor work. They are hard to install. The stones are not easy to cut. If you are installing stones on your own, you should have to make a lot of effort. 

Stones look great and will retain the look after years. A major con is that stones create an uneven surface. If you have little ones in your home, then it's not suitable for you. Weed can grow easily between the stones. Stones are not the right decking material for humid conditions. 

  •  Poured Concrete

Are you looking for a super cost-effective option for decking material? The poured concrete is right for you. You can mix the cement and form a deck according to the requirements of your space. You can give the shape to the deck according to the space you want to cover. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that mix it in the correct ratio. Poured concrete is prone to cracking. If the mixture is not in the correct ratio, there are increased chances of damage. If you think of plumbing soon, then don't consider this option. One of the major pros of poured concrete is that it's too budget-friendly.

A negative point of concrete is that it needs regular cleaning after intervals. You will have to clean it after a short period. Poured concrete also deteriorates after some years. All of us want a material that will last long in terms of beauty. You cannot invest again and again in decking material. Poured concrete is not likely to last long. You will notice that the colour will fade after some years.

  • Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are also a cheaper alternative to wood. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. The final look is very similar to bricks or natural stones. Concrete pavers are resistant to cracks. You can easily adjust them directly into the sand. This material is also available in the form of permeable pavers. It allows the rainwater to filter through them. The water will drain out at the side. In this way, the material will be less prone to damage. 

There are many drawbacks to using concrete as a decking material. The color of concrete slabs will fade. The surface is more prone to damage. You can only create a limited number of patterns with concrete slabs. It will also give you an uneven surface to walk on. There are increased chances of weed growth between the concrete slabs. Other alternatives to wood provide much better advantages. They will save the cost and will provide you much better experience over time.

  • Tiles

Tiles can be a stylish option for homeowners who want to have a unique look. Tiles are available in a range of materials, including terracotta and ceramic. They can be installed with a unique look. You can install them according to your color choice. One downside of tiles is that it requires regular maintenance. You will have to clean it shortly for a better look. The sun exposure can change the color of the tiles. The gap between the tiles can collect the dirt. That is why it is essential to clean them shortly. Tiles are also more prone to damage as they cannot bear something heavy. Just imagine that you have placed something heavy on tiles. It will lead to cracks on the surface, and on the other hand, it will be difficult for you to find the exact match.

  • PVC Decking

One of the most attractive points of plastic decking that attracts consumers is that it is cost-effective. But keep in mind that the term cost-effective goes in a long way. You are also considering the initial cost of the product. Plastic decking provides no moisture for weed growth. It is not only cheap but also easy to install. On the other hand, plastic decking is highly prone to fading, splitting, and warping. It is not slip-resistant. If there is moisture, you can easily slip on it. You will have to invest again and again for its maintenance. There are other alternatives like composite decking that comes with a warranty of 25 years. The Composite Company always makes sure to provide long-lasting decking boards. You can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor exterior for years.

  • Polished concrete

One obvious advantage of polished concrete is that it is tough and able to withstand high pressure. If installed properly, it can give you many benefits in the long run. The strength and the hardness of the concrete can also be negative points. The polished concrete doesn't provide a comfortable surface to walk on. The surface is too uncomfortable to stand on for hours. It can be difficult for you when you are dealing with guests. Another downside of polished concrete is that it is quite loud. You will have to adjust it with the help of rugs.

  • Composite decking

If we talk about the best alternative to wood, then composite decking takes the lead. It is made up of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It is the combination that gives many benefits to its consumers. The composite decking is available in the range of costs. You can select according to your budget. The composite decking has no such downside. There is no such weed growth between the composite decking boards. It doesn't require hard labor for its installation. All the benefits of composite decking make it the best option for decking.

Why Is Composite Decking Best?

  • The combination of plastic and wood makes it a superior material. The composite decking boards are low maintenance. There is no need to invest in its The manufacturing process of The Composite Company allows the decking boards to go in the long run. Once you have invested in The Composite Company, you will see the benefits.
  • The composite decking boards can resist all types of weather. It is lightweight and is a much safer decking option than wood.
  • It is resistant to splitting, cracking, and molds. The decking boards will last long without much maintenance. Composite decking not only looks good but is also reliable. The Composite Company has both light and dark shades for you. Our capped composite decking board in brown color can elevate the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level.
  • Another major positive aspect of composite decking is that it is eco-friendly. A recyclable material always suits best to the environment. There is no need to reinstall it as the composite decking will go in the long run. The manufacturing process of composite decking is waste-free. In this way, it is friendly to our environment.

Bottom line

There are top alternatives to wood that are perfect for an aesthetic look. If you are building a new deck, look for the benefits of the material. There are many options available other than wood. Composite decking has gained much popularity in the past few years due to its many advantages. It has unmatchable properties like extra durability and strength. In every kind of environment, composite decking provides a good look to your outdoor exterior. The composite decking is paintable. If you want to change the colour after some time, you can easily do it. It is also suitable for pool decking and has a warranty of 25 years.

Do you find this article helpful in finding the alternatives to wood? Feel free to contact us for the best composite decking boards in South Africa.

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