Top 5 Best Decking Wood Options in South Africa

When installed correctly, decking wood not only adds beauty to your home but also increases the value of your residence. The deck in your garden is subjected to damaging agents including insects, pets, and footprints, so it needs to hold strength and durability. When building a deck, it is important to consider the details of all types of decking wood available in the market so that your deck can withstand the weight of your accessories and furniture.

Do you want to elevate the beauty of your home with your new deck? The answer depends on the type of decking wood you select for your commercial, residential, and industrial projects. The best decking wood type can cover all the uneven perfections of your outdoor space and provides exceptional strength with durability. The Composite Company has always introduced composite products that have exceptional durability and strength. Our today's article will cover the details of the top 5 decking wood alternatives available in South Africa. Be with us and keep reading.

1.   Tropical Hardwood as Decking Wood

Tropical hardwoods are generally used as the decking material due to their resemblance with natural timber. It is generally available in a dark brown shade and has an incredibly strong texture. Due to its hardness and exceptional strength, it is among the hardest decking wood to cut and install. The installation of tropical hardwoods requires an intensive labor cost with the price of special tools. More so, it requires a proper seal after its installation for the beautiful color. Without sealing, it changes its color to grey or silver.

One of the potential drawbacks of hardwood is that it absorbs moisture from the surroundings, and your deck will lose its shape. Its water absorption feature provides favorable conditions for the growth of molds and mildews. It is among the highest maintenance decking wood that requires annual painting. You have to clean and reseal it every year, which makes it a more costly material than composite decking in the long run. Its installation and costly maintenance procedures make it the least eco-friendly material. Most homeowners choose tropical hardwood due to its low initial price, but it requires you to pay again and again for the upkeep.

2.   Pressure - Treated Material as Decking Wood

Traditional companies treat the wood with different preservatives and chemicals for durability and strength. The chemicals used in the preservation provide structural support to the deck and enable it to maintain its shape. It must be sealed and cleaned after short intervals for an extended lifespan. The problem with the pressure-treated decking wood is that it is an unstable material, and the deck will wrap or split due to the lower-grade woods. Its preservation process makes it a harmful material for your visitors and little ones. The pressure-treated deck will expel some harmful chemicals and toxins in the surrounding that can be infectious and chronic to your loved ones.

If your decking wood is pressure-treated, you cannot make your outdoor deck a spot for dining. It is an infectious material, so it should not become in contact with food and water. When you are installing this type of decking wood, be sure to cover yourself fully for safety. When you are cutting the pressure-treated wood, make sure to wear gloves and use a mask. Its cutting and trimming will release some toxic chemicals that are dangerous to health. When you are done with its installation, wash your hands with disinfecting soap.

3.   Redwood as Decking Wood

Redwood gives a gorgeous natural color, but with time it changes its color to a lighter color. It requires yearly maintenance, which means that you have to invest yearly for the beautiful rich shade. It is a type of softwood decking wood, so you need to be careful in the cleaning procedures as it cannot bear the high pressure of a pressure washer. Its softwood nature requires regular repair for a beautiful appearance. Do you want to install an outdoor kitchen or dining area on your deck? If the answer is yes, then softwood is not a decking wood material for you.

The installation of any section of your interior on your deck requires fixing some furniture and accessories. The softwood decking wood is not able to bear the weight of your heavy furniture, and there will be cracks and splinters on your outdoor deck. The manufactured combination of recycled wood fibers and plastic is the only material in the market that can bear a load of all your outdoor furniture without cracks and dents. You can purchase the best decking wood from herein South Africa.

4.   Cedar as Decking Wood

Cedar has been in the decking industry for many generations. Cedar comes into the market with a higher price tag than redwood. It changes its color to grey over the years, so not an ideal option for homeowners who want to keep the cosmetic benefits the same for years. If you have pets in your home, cedar is a difficult material to tackle. Its soft nature does not make it an ideal option, as there will be cracks and splinters. More so, if you install heavy furniture on your deck, your deck will lose its structural integrity and bow down in a specific direction. 

When it comes to deterioration concerns, it is more likely to degrade over time. It is not an ideal option for the ground-level deck of your garden, as it will degrade more quickly near the ground. One of the potential drawbacks of cedar decking wood is that it has a tough time resisting cracks and dents. If you want a top-quality deck in your garden that can resist outdoor environmental conditions, then cedar is not the choice for you. Its soft nature is one of the negative points that stop its progress in the market.

5.   Composite as Decking Wood

Composite decking wood has grown tremendously in its application over the past few years. Its numerous and multiple advantages make it the top-rated decking wood in the decking market. The composite decking wood gives a tough time to its traditional competitors in the cosmetic advantages and practical benefits. In order to be worth the installation cost of your decking wood, your deck needs to be super durable with a warranty. The Composite Company has a unique combination of recycled wood fibers and plastic that will remain the same in elegance for 25 years. Your outdoor deck is a place of family gatherings, so it needs to be super durable and strong.

You can only expect long-lasting durability from the composite decking wood. The Composite Company has manufactured a range of decking boards with superior quality materials that make them super durable. As the composite decking doesn't rot or crack, it requires less upkeep and will look the same in beauty for years. It requires occasional cleaning with a simple soap and water solution for the removal of dust particles. Since the composite decking wood is a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic, not a single tree is harmed in its manufacturing process.


Trust Us for The Best Composite Decking Wood in South Africa

Are you ready to take the aesthetic appeal of your home to the next level of elegance? If the answer is yes, then congrats, you are at the right place. The Composite Company is the leading brand of composite decking wood and cladding supplier all across South Africa due to its durability and elegance. We offer a range of composite products from decking boards to pergola beams, all provide versatility and flexibility for all kinds of your projects.

We have composite decking boards that can be installed in different ways without the need for paint. A range of colors, from the dark brown shade of timber to the modern hues of grey are available here. You can confidently walk on our composite decking boards without any worry, as there will be no splinters or cracks. The outstanding benefits of composite decking wood are the reason behind its popularity. You will surely love the timber brown shade in your garden with capped composite decking board in a dark brown color.



The best outdoor decking wood can make your outdoor living experience more lively with beauty and practical benefits. There is a collection of decking wood options available in the market, but composite decking wood is on the top due to its long-term benefits. All types of softwood are not an ideal option for the installation of heavy furniture as they are more prone to splinters and cracks. One of the major drawbacks of hardwood is that it absorbs moisture, and the deck will not remain in shape. The composite decking provides all the pros to your outdoor space, from moisture resistance features to durability.

Feel free to contact the top brand of decking supplier in South Africa for the finest decking wood boards. We will love to serve you with the best. Don’t forget to give your comments in the comment section below.

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