Top 10 things to consider before ordering timber supplies online 2022

Are you looking towards buying timber decking supplies for your outdoor exterior online? Whether you want to renovate the existing timber decking or want to install a new one, the purchasing of timber decking supplies requires specific knowledge. When it comes to online shopping, most of us are more concerned. The reason is maybe you get something different than what you want. It is a problem that has two solutions. Firstly, you should order from a reliable name. The Composite Company always makes sure to supply what it exactly claims. Additionally, you need to keep some specific points in mind when ordering timber decking supplies. Most of us order things without proper knowledge, and the result is the opposite product. Now, you may wonder that what are those specific points? Well, there is no need to worry. Read the whole article, and in the end, you will get enough knowledge to buy your timber decking supplies online.

  1. Timber Decking Design

If it is time to purchase timber decking supplies, then it's worth keeping the design in consideration. It is important to order the design that best suits your space requirement. You cannot afford to order something opposite as it will ruin your time and energy. The best-looking timber decking supplies will compliment your house or garden. Try to choose a design that incorporates a multi-level layout.  The design is something that is the first requirement of online purchase. If it is according to the theme of your space, it will take the elegance of your exterior to the next level.

  1. Timber Decking Varieties

There are many types of timber decking supplies varieties available in the market. Each has some specific advantages. Try to have timber decking that can resist all kinds of weather. It is essential to choose the required type as you cannot change the decking material after short intervals. The right will resist every outdoor weather and will last for a long time. Another key point to keep in mind is to make sure that the timber decking will not bleed. It should have the potential to stain surrounding paving and fixtures. The pressure-treated timber is considered the best in the protection against fungi and resistance. The Composite Company always make sure that the variety you order is according to your expectations. All the varieties of our decking material have many advantages. The features of our decking material always make us the best choice in South Africa.

  1. Timber Decking Grades

Before the selection, the timber decking supplies consider the grades. The timber has different grades indicated as one, two, and three grades.  The grading indicates the clearness of the timber. The clear timber has lesser knots. The clearness will decrease as you shift towards grade two or three. There are different recommendations of the wood grades for various projects. Grade one is more resistant to external agents that harm them. You can use grade one timber on the railing and other highly-visible areas. The timber decking supplies should be not only attractive but also structurally sound.  The Composite Company always aims to provide the best quality material that is structurally stable.

  1. Timber Decking Material

It's always wise to select the right timber for your project. The varieties of wood have two main categories. They are known as the hardwood and the softwood. Both have distinctive properties. When choosing the timber decking supplies, select a species that meets the requirements of your space and project. If the main concerns of your project are durability and strength, then hardwood is all you need. It is a heavier wood with more density than softwood. On the other hand, softwood is known for its aesthetic looks. It has beneficial thermal properties and is a little bit more cost-effective than hardwood.

  1. The Measurements of your space

When it comes to the installation of timber decking supplies, size matters a lot. You should first take accurate measurements before you order online. Take certain measurements into consideration, like height, width, and the thickness of the timber decking. The timber decking material that you buy online must fit into the space you want to cover. When it comes to the accuracy of the decking, measurements take the first place. Anything that is not appropriate will ruin your cost.

  1. Drying of the Timber

When it is about the quality of the timber, drying is the main point to keep in mind. The timber decking supplies are available in the market with two drying processes. If you want a decking material that you can use immediately after the drying process, then you should choose kiln-dried timber for your space. It has lower moisture content. Another feature of this type of timber is that it has minimal shrinking. Air-dried timber is the other option for decking material. It contains high moisture content and requires to continue drying. It is a common practice that most of us order online purchases without the proper knowledge. For an ideal choice, the recommendation is to view the samples on the online website of the supplier company. In this way, you can select the timber decking supplies according to your requirements and atmosphere. The right selection can make your choice a reality. The Composite Company always make sure that you will get what exactly you order. We don't compromise on quality. The aim is to serve our clients with quality and beauty.

  1. Check the Prices

Most of the traditional companies give you less, and you are paying them more. Always make sure that you pay for what you are getting. Check the prices of the decking product and make sure that it is affordable and budget-friendly for you. The prices of the timber decking supplies may vary from time to time. You always want a material that is attractive and friendly with your pocket too. The best online purchase is the one that meets all your needs and is cost-effective. Decide what kind of quality you need for your project, and then have a look at prices. For high-profile projects in South Africa, you only need to contact The Composite Company. We are the sustainable choice with many mutual benefits. The Composite Company has made its way on the top list of the decking suppliers in South Africa by introducing quality in a budget-friendly way.

  1. Check the Colour

Check the colour of timber decking supplies in a brighter environment so that you can select the appropriate one. The timber of the same kind may vary in appearance. If you want uniformity in your space, then make sure that the color tone matches the theme. Make sure that all the decking boards you order are of the same colour. The Composite Company has both light and dark shades for you. The colours of our decking boards will elevate the appearance of your project. Just select the colour from our site, and you will get the same.

  1. Reliability of the Company

Finally, you have decided on all the details of timber decking supplies. Now, it's time to make sure that name of the company is reliable. How trustworthy are they? One of the ways to evaluate that the timber decking supplier is trustworthy is by checking their customers. You need to know that you are getting what you ask for. Checking the reliability of a decking supplier company before placing an order can give you several benefits. It will save you time, money, and effort.

Finding a reliable name of a decking material supplier seems a difficult task. Well, The Composite Company is always ready to serve you with quality material. If you are looking for a trustworthy company in South Africa, then contact The Composite Company to place an order.

  1. Check for delivery services

In the last, make sure that your timber decking supplies should come on time. For a business project, you always want material at the right time. The Composite Company's quick services will make sure that you will have your decking material at the right time. When you place an order in our online store, you will receive the product in a very quick time.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to the online purchase of timber decking supplies, keep the above points in mind. For your project to be successful, you always need to rely on The Composite Company. The great timber qualities can help you to get the desired benefits. With the right decking material, you can increase the beauty of your space to the upper level. Before placing an order, take accurate measurements of your required space. The Composite Company provides you the stylish decking boards that are not only good-looking but also durable. So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for some stylish decking boards.

Do you find this article helpful in your online purchase? Do let give your precious opinions in the comment section below. Don't forget to visit our store for some amazing and functional decking materials for your project.

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