Top 10 Benefits 0f Plastic Decking In South Africa

High-performance plastic decks combine beauty and durability without precedent. The Composite Company is currently producing only high-performance plastic decks materials that provide a range of advantages above its timber and PVC counters to demonstrate the quality and value of the new generation of wood alternatives. Some of the reasons you should consider utilizing plastic materials for your next outdoor living project are the professionals at the composite company.


Importance of Plastic Decking

Plastic decking has taken significant steps with the appearance and feel of the material in the last decade. We realize that the natural wood look of specific clients is achieved. With the launch of the new genuine signature line of Ultra Decking, these worries are eliminated rapidly.

Whether consumers like it, they adore it, there is no doubt. The color and texture of the new natural line compete with some of the finest exotic forests that maintain the charm and look for years.

The principal reasons consumers move to plastic decking are little or no maintenance, anti-slip resistance, and a long product life that is green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Why composite has grown so popular is simple to observe. Its extended service life demonstrates the quality and the technological advances that plastic decking has made since its initial appearance in the mid-1990s. A plastic decking provides more than 25 years of life span compared to a wood lifetime of 8 to 12 years.

Its long life shows that plastic decking has taken on a qualitative and technological leap since its initial appearance in the late 1990s. A plastic decking of high quality has a life well beyond 25, compared to the lifespan for wood from 8 to 12 years.

With the advent of capped (co-extrusion) decking, plastic decking options have undergone yet another metamorphosis. The caped composite cover works as a shield around the center of the body or the core of the wave, and when we say the security is the shield protection improves the service life and protects the cover against mold, mildew spills, stains, and fading.


Top Benefits of Plastic Decking

The top benefits of plastic decking in South Africa are the following.

  • Plastic Decking is Highly Durable

High performance or "capped" wood alternatives resist fading, scratching, or mold, unlike wood or even a lot of PVC choices — not red, warp, crack, or splinter.

The Composite Company is committed to creating decks that can survive the time test because of the highly organized production process and their capacity to withstand severe weather conditions.

The plastic decking of The Composite Company has been developed for optimum durability and does not crack, fade, divide or twist like conventional wood deck planks. By combining the strength of plastic with the appearance of wood, the plastic boards of The Composite Company are more robust and denser than wood. They can stand up to the weather during retention of both appearance and structure.

  • Extremely Minimal Upkeep

Washing, staining, and screening wood decks are essential - a process that may take a few days and might need heavy equipment such as a power washer. High-performance plastics retain their beauty with little retention for decades so that for years to come, you spend more time enjoying rather than maintaining your deck.

You don't have to bother about sanding, staining, or painting – clean an essential soap and water twice a year. Because spills, splashes, and other malfunctions are unavoidable, selecting a plastic that ensures no-fade color – that your cover will stay the same for decades as it was the day it was put – is very significant.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything The Composite Company does. Plastic decking high-performance offers the appearance and feel of genuine timber without deforestation on the environment. In our plastic decking, we utilize up to 90 percent of recycled material.

The FSC 100% certified wood and high-density polymers utilized make The Composite Company the most sustainable decking on the market. Owners of the house chose The Composite Company over conventional wood.

The Composite Company has diverted millions of tonnes of trash from sites and reused 90% more of our internal waste. The high-performing The Composite Company plastic deck offers the appearance and feel of genuine wood, but without the environmental effect of deforestation.

It is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wood for deck planks. Conserving the natural resources and the reuse of plastic trash, selecting a green plastic option to wood minimizes the environmental effect of any decking project.

  • Strong Safeguards

Extended composite warranties ensure a lasting appearance and provide extra peace of mind. Indeed, The Composite Company decking is supported by a 15- 25 year Limited Warranty, which in the industry is unprecedented—this ensures enduring beauty.

For homeowners, an essential issue is a cost when designing an outdoor living area. Initially, board for board`, plastic decking, and railing cost more than wood decking and railing. You get what you paid for, like many things in life. The return you get overtime is nevertheless attractive for reduced maintenance expenses and more free time.

  • Design

Like wood decking, plastic decking enables you to create a deck that meets all your needs. Plastic decking materials come in a range of colors and forms that may be thought of in just about any exterior design.

You can duplicate anything you can produce with traditional wood by utilizing improved textures and subtle modern hues. The board designs and tones may be paired with a varied array of classic and contemporary shades, contrasting them to emphasize the deck borders for an attractive, modern finish.

  • The Aesthetics

The Composite Company's deck boards are constructed with a natural wood grain pattern that enhances every outdoor space with the natural beauty of the wooden deck in a more robust and more practical aesthetic shape.

The decking stainless steel concealed fixing system maintains your completed deck uncluttered and gives your finished deck a clean, consistent appearance that doesn't compromise performance.

The Composite Company offers a reversible deck design, with the beautiful grain of wood on one or both sides and textured ridges on the other, providing all the charm of conventional lumber.

  • Performance

If not regularly maintained, traditional wood decks may degrade rapidly, particularly throughout the seasons in South Africa, chilly winters, scorching summers, and wet springs. Luckily, plastic deckings not only withstand well against a variety of climates, but you can be confident that your deck has a long life without the wood hazards.

  • Security

Plastic decking is usually much safer than a wooden deck when appropriately built and lowers the chance of accidents, particularly with the elderly, ill, children, and animals.

The plastic boards of The Composite Company do not have exposed installation devices, resulting in a smooth and seamless finish. There is no possibility that unsecured screws rise above the board that may pose a severe threat to trim feet, great feet, and paws. Splinters may be an unpleasant surprise, particularly around wood cover holes, and are an almost inevitable characteristic.

The wood becomes moist when it rains and may grow as water is absorbed. The continuous climatic change causes the wood decking planks to crack, chord, and split when the sun shines.

Even with regular care and the coating with a UV-protected material, this is inevitable with wood. Some instances of fractured limbs have been recorded due to the slippery nature of the wooden decks.

  • Plastic Decking is Cost Efficient

As far as installation expenses are concerned, most people are shocked to find that plastic deckings are cheaper to construct in the long run. Though they may be a little more costly to buy, the plastic decking of The Composite Company costs less to maintain and maintain.

Initially, if you choose softwood lumber treated with pressure, you would spend a lot more on maintenance costs, stain, repairs and have to rebuild the deck in approximately ten years.

Reducing upkeep in your life is another benefit of plastic coverage and an increase in the worth of your house. Not only does this imply that plastic decking is cheaper throughout its lifetime, but when you decide to sell your home, you may also enjoy the benefits.

  • Eco-Friendly

Keeping plastic from sites outside the oceans and seas of the globe must become a priority for our ecological health. Plastic recycling is a strong start in the correct way to live lightly on the Earth, and it is just the first step. But the plastic must go someplace. And it may be utilized in several ways.

Plastic can only be down-cycled in conventional recycling. In other words, a bottle of plastic water is not made into another bottle of plastic water. Typically, water bottles are converted into plastic bags, the last stage in recycled plastic life.

This is until the plastic decking of The Composite Company creates a new function for plastics in greening at home. The plastic decking of The Composite Company is produced via a combination of wood and plastic.


The plastic cover has been more popular over the last few years – this is an essential no-fuss choice in more ways than one, which still a favorite is for South African builders. The Composite Company offers you the finest plastic decks.

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