The Ultimate Guide to Pool Decks and How Decking Around Pools Can Change the Look of Your Home

From the functional benefits to the heat reflectivity feature, decking around the pool is a great idea for you this summer. A beautiful pool deck design not only increases the aesthetic look of your residence but also gives many functional advantages. An aesthetically appealing pool deck design keeps your swimming pool water neat and clean too. It acts as a barrier and keeps your pool clean from dirt and debris. Moreover, a beautifully built in-ground pool deck provides you with a perfect spot to enjoy and relax with your family and friends around your swimming pool.

A backyard deck provides you with more space to relax and enjoy with your family around your pool. What about having a sitting arrangement on your backyard deck around the swimming pool and enjoying dining at night with friends? You can bring all the equipment for the dinner to your backyard deck, like grills and patio furniture for your outdoor dining. You can enjoy all these benefits of the in-ground pool deck by selecting the right decking material for your project. Our today's guide is all about pool decking. How pool decking can uptake the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level? Why The Composite Company is best for your project? How much does it cost to install a deck around your pool? Keep reading.

Pool Decking Materials_ Renovation, Small Projects, New Construction - Which Decking Material is the best?

Do you want your pool deck to be durable and long-lasting? For a long-lasting and aesthetically appealing pool deck, you need to select the right material for your decking. There are many deck materials available in the market like hardwood decking, timber decking, and composite decking for your project. Let's have a look at the pros and cons of each.

  1. Timber Decking

The timber decking around your swimming requires a lot of maintenance. For the prevention of peeling and blistering, you are required to care for your deck a lot.

  1. Hardwood

If we talk about the hardwood decking around your pool, it is a good option for your outdoor deck. But you have to maintain it a lot. Do you want to build a beautiful design around your pool? Let us tell you that hardwood deckingrequires a lot of effort in its installation process. So it will increase the cost to install the deck.

  1. Composite Decking

Your pool deck is a spot for the enjoyment of the children, so it should be safe for the safety of your little ones. Composite decking is the top leading decking material in the industry. Its moisture-resistant feature makes it an ideal decking option for your outdoor pool deck. No other decking material in the industry is 100% slip-resistant except composite decking. Here at The Composite Company, we offer the best decking boards for your deck project that you will love to have. Our decking boards will elevate the look of your outdoor pool deck for 25 years without much maintenance. Moreover, composite decking provides you with a smooth finish. So you can walk on your swimming pool deck with ease. Our decking boards are resistant to heat, so your pool deck will stay cool in the intense heat of the summer. The cost to install the deck with composite decking boards in South Africa is between R 1700 to R2500 per meter squared. It is a rough estimation and the total cost to install the deck depends on several factors.


Pool Decks 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Select the Best Decking Material

The selection of the right decking material requires you to keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Choose the material that is safe for your family when it is wet. The deck around the pool is a place for fun activities with the water. Keep in mind that it will remain wet most of the time. The Composite decking material is the best when it comes to the pool deck
  • The beautiful synthetic wood deck designs around your pool require that the material should be flexible so you can cut and install it perfectly. The high-quality manufacturing process of The Composite Company makes your installation process easy. Our decking boards are a mixture of wood fibers and HDPE, which makes them easy to cut and install
  • Choose the material that provides you with a smooth surface to walk. Your pool deck is the place for dining and relaxation, so it should be safe and easy to walk on. The composite decking material offers you a smooth surface around your swimming pool
  • The water-resistant feature of the composite decking material prevents the growth of algae and mold around your swimming pool.


Deck Installation Around Swimming Pool - Bring The Beauty to The Next Level

No doubt, that pool decking greatly increases your curb appeal. You care about the beauty of your residence. It is the reason that you are installing a deck around your pool. Here, we have summed up some of the amazing benefits of pool decking.

  1. Pool Decking Make Your Swimming Pool Looks Expensive

You may think that how much does it cost to build a pool deck? Well, with the right decking material you can make your pool look expensive without investing much. The composite decking seems costly to the visitors and guests. But, the fact is that you are taking the aesthetic look of your pool to the next level without investing much.

  1. Pool Decking Prevents Accidents

The safety of your loved ones is your first concern. Right? As the composite pool decking doesn't absorb the moisture from the water, so it is slip-resistance. Its slip resistance features prevent the falls of your guests and loved ones. The other traditional decking materials in the market don't have slip-resistance features, so before installing them think about the safety of your loved ones.

  1. Pool Decking Increases the Curb Appeal

What material is best for building a pool decking? When it comes to aesthetic appeal, the composite decking boards by The Composite Company defeat its competitors in elegance. We have the decking boards that provide you with a real feel of the wood around your swimming pool in the synthetic form. You will love to have the beauty of the real wood around your swimming pool with our classy decking boards. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, our decking boards are budget-friendly and cost-effective. The satisfaction of our customers and their positive feedback about our decking boards have enlisted us as the leading brand of decking suppliers across South Africa.


What is the Cost of an Average Size Deck Around Your Swimming pool?

What is the first thing that we think about when we want to install the material in your residence? The answer is the cost of the material. The average price of installing a pool deck varies depending on several factors. Moreover, the prices of the decking boards in the first factor that affects the total average price of installing a pool deck, as different names have different prices.

The amazing benefits of the composite decking around the pool may make you think that how much does it cost to build a pool deck? Approximately, you need a cost of R1700 to R2500 per square meter for the composite decking supplied and fitted. The Composite Company has the most cost-effective option of decking boards for you. Like traditional decking suppliers, we don't aim to increase the profit percentage. Our happy customers are proof that we always aim to provide you with high-quality decking boards at the most reasonable price. The best capped composite decking boards can make the space around your swimming pool a worthy place to enjoy.


Increase Beauty of Swimming Pool - The Composite Company

Do you want to know about the top brand of decking suppliers across South Africa? The Composite Company is at the top of the list with aesthetically appealing decking boards. All you have to do is to select a design according to the theme of your outdoor space and build a deck around your swimming pool. You will find a difference in the beauty of your swimming pool after the installation of our decking boards. The elegant and classy decking boards for your swimming pool are available here.


Final Thoughts

The decking around the pool not only increases the beauty of your swimming pool but also gives you safety advantages. What about installing the synthetic wood around your swimming pool in form of composite decking. The average price of installing a pool deck varies depending on several factors. The Composite Company makes your swimming pool elegant and classy with appealing decking boards. Moreover, the moisture-resistant feature of the composite decking prevents the growth of molds and algae around your swimming pool. What are you waiting for? Build a deck around the pool and enjoy aesthetic and functional benefits with the beauty of synthetic wood by The Composite Company.

What is better than having the beauty of synthetic wood around your pool with a warranty of 25 years? Have look at the decking boards of the top decking supplier in South Africa.

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