The Top 5 Myths about Composite Decking

Building a deck is often confusing for most homeowners due to the many misconceptions. Finding suitable material according to the requirement of the surroundings is a challenging task. There is a variety of options available in the market, but you have to choose the best according to the requirements of your space. Composite decking is taking the lead in the decking industry for the past few years. You may think that why composite decking is the choice of most homeowners? Well, composite decking offers many advantages to homeowners that other decking materials don't provide. Despite its popularity, it still faces some misconceptions. Our today's article is all about the myths about composite decking. It's time to break the top 5 myths about composite decking. What is the reality of the composite decking? How The Composite Company decking boards are best in every aspect? Be with us till the end, and you will get to know all the facts about composite decking. Keep reading.

Myth 1: Composite Decking is Too Expensive

It is the most misunderstood fact about composite decking that it is expensive. At the time, when the composite decking was first introduced, its price was approximately three times more than that of wood. Now, this misconception has confused many homeowners who want budget-friendly decking in their homes. At the same time, they want a material that will uplift the beauty of their residence. Are you too confused about the price of the composite decking? Let us tell you some facts about composite decking. The most budget-friendly material is the one that is friendly to your pocket in the long run. Composite decking gives many benefits to your pocket.

Do you want a decking that doesn't require costly maintenance procedures for its maintenance? All you need is the composite decking. Composite decking is only expensive at the initial cost. But if we talk about the long-term cost benefits of composite decking, it is the best of all other decking materials. There is no doubt that the initial cost of the composite decking is a bit pricy as compared to other decking materials. But, the investment in composite deckinggives multiple benefits to your wallet. Once you have installed the composite decking, there is no need for annual cleanings procedures, like painting, sanding, and sealing.

The composite decking will justify the initial cost in the long run. The aesthetic look with the minimal upkeep will make your investment worth it. Are you looking for the best composite decking boards at a reasonable price? Well, The Composite Company is always ready to serve you with elegant and budget-friendly decking boards. Let us tell you another fact about The Composite Company decking boards. Our high-quality manufacturing process enables the decking boards to go in the long run of 25 years. All of our decking boards come with a warranty of 25 years. So, there is no need to change the decking boards for the many next years to come.

Myth 2: Composite Decking Needs a Lot of Maintenance

It is a misconception, but again it is not the truth about the composite decking. This is a point where the composite decking takes the lead from all other decking materials on the market. Just suppose that you have installed the deck and you have to clean it again and again for maintenance. Instead of enjoying the hours of leisure on your deck, you are spending time in its cleaning. But, it is not the case with the composite decking. Once you have installed the composite decking, your life will be at ease in terms of its maintenance. There will be a couple of hours you can stay and enjoy on your deck. Most homeowners who have experienced timber decking have an idea that how time-consuming its maintenance is. Natural decking material like timber requires a lot of maintenance for structural integrity. Additionally, there is a need for regular maintenance procedures like painting for the perfect color.

Moreover, other kinds of decking material absorb water in the cleaning procedures. The absorption of the water damages the structural integrity of the deck. The damaged deck structure creates an uneven surface. On the other hand, composite decking requires minimum maintenance. What is better than having a deck that will be neat and clean with a simple soap and water solution? The Composite Company decking board's durable coating will keep the decking board’s color and texture the same. The goal of The Composite Company is to keep your life at ease with elegant and high-quality decking boards. All of our decking materials can upgrade the look of your outdoor space with unique designs.

Myth 3: Composite Decking is Hard to Install

When it comes to the installation of the composite decking, it's the misconception that it is hard to install. Well, more accurately we can say that composite decking was hard to install. The advancing technology has made the installation of decking boards easy to install. The manufacturing processes have made the decking boards flexible for installation purposes. A person with basic knowledge of the deck installation can install it easily. You don't have to put a lot of effort into its installation like other traditional decking materials.

Additionally, composite decking doesn't require heavy labor costs for its installation. Other traditional decking materials like timber require a lot of cost in their installation with the charges of the decking boards. All the decking boards of The Composite Company decking boards are easy to cut and install. You can give custom cuts to our decking boards. You can build amazing deck designs with our decking boards that can transform the look of your outdoor space. Check out the amazing features of our capped composite decking board in dark grey color. 

Myth 4: All Composite Decking Boards are Eco-friendly

When it comes to eco-friendly composite decking' it depends on the manufacturing company. Most traditional companies use organic polymers for the manufacturing of decking boards. If you want to keep the environment safe from any harmful impact, do the proper research before hiring any company for your commercial and residential projects. How we can harm the environment which provides us with multiple benefits? The Composite Company has the goal to save the environment with eco-friendly decking boards. We proudly announce that our decking is made from recycled material. We didn't harm a single tree for the manufacturing process of our decking boards.

Myth 5: The Composite Decking will Fade, Scratch, and Stain

Most homeowners have the misconception that the composite decking has the same problems as other decking materials. The fact is that it is just a myth, and there is no reality in it. Other kinds of decking material’s look and color will fade with time. Additionally, there will be sharp edges that can harm you and your family. Just suppose that you have installed a decking material according to the theme of your residence. After some time, the color of the decking material will fade. Do you want it to happen? The answer is obviously no.

Other decking materials change their colors after some years of sun exposure. In hot regions like South Africa, we aim to give our clients the decking boards that will look the same in beauty after the years. The early decking materials were more prone to stains and scratches. Our modern technology has covered composite decking boards that make them more resistant to scratches and stains. We engineered our decking boards to resist the hot weather conditions for 25 years. Composite decking has rapidly taken the lead in the market due to the many benefits that it provides. 

Let us discuss another fact about composite decking. The composite decking can resist the weight of your accessories and furniture. The heavy furniture of your outdoor space doesn't cause scratches on our decking boards. So, whatever you want to install on your outdoor deck, you can install it without any worry. Our decking boards do not absorb moisture, so there will be no liquid stains on our decking boards. If there are little ones in your home, install The Composite Company decking boards, and enjoy your time on a stainless deck. Have a look at the best and classy composite decking boards here.

Final Thoughts

Composite decking features are not well-received by most homeowners. They have the same concept about composite decking as they have about traditional decking materials. The fact is that these are just myths, and the reality is the opposite of that. Composite decking offers many functional and aesthetic advantages and has a favorable reputation in the market. The Composite Company decking boards have many features that distinguish them from traditional decking boards. They will be the same in structural integrity and appearance after the years of installation. Are you ready to build a new deck with The Composite Company? We will love to serve you.

Did you find this article helpful in knowing the facts about composite decking? We will love to know your opinions in the comment section below. Don't forget to visit our site for the best composite decking boards in South Africa.

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