The Rise of Eco-Friendly Decking Suppliers: What You Need to Know

As awareness for environmental issues increases, many industries are shifting towards eco-friendly practices, and the decking industry is no exception. In recent years, there has been a rise in eco-friendly decking suppliers that offer sustainable and environmentally conscious decking materials. If you are considering a decking project for your home or business, it's important to know about the rise of eco-friendly decking suppliers and what you need to know before making a purchase.


What is Eco-Friendly Decking?

Eco-friendly decking refers to decking materials that are made from sustainable or recycled materials. These materials are often more environmentally friendly than traditional wood decking, which is often made from non-renewable resources and can have a negative impact on the environment. Eco-friendly decking suppliers offer a variety of options, including composite decking made from recycled plastic and wood fibers, as well as decking made from sustainably harvested wood species.


Benefits of Eco-Friendly Decking

  1. Environmentally Conscious - By choosing eco-friendly decking, you can reduce the impact of your project on the environment. Recycled materials and sustainably sourced wood are renewable resources that can help to reduce waste and conserve natural resources.

  2. Durability - Eco-friendly decking materials are often more durable and long-lasting than traditional wood decking. Composite decking, for example, is resistant to rot, insects, and fading, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

  3. Low Maintenance - Many eco-friendly decking materials are low maintenance, requiring minimal cleaning and upkeep. Unlike traditional wood decking, which can require regular staining and sealing to maintain its appearance, eco-friendly decking materials often require only occasional cleaning.

  4. Design Flexibility - Eco-friendly decking suppliers offer a wide range of design options, including a variety of colors, textures, and styles. This makes it easy to create a custom look for your outdoor space that meets your needs and preferences.


What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Decking Supplier

  1. Sustainable Materials - Look for suppliers that use sustainably sourced materials, such as wood from FSC-certified forests, or recycled materials.

  2. Quality Products - Choose a supplier that offers high-quality, durable products that are backed by a warranty.

  3. Installation Services - Some suppliers offer installation services, which can save you time and money on your decking project.

  4. Customer Service - Look for a supplier that offers excellent customer service, including knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions and help you choose the right decking materials for your project.


The Composite Company - Your Eco-Friendly Decking Supplier

At The Composite Company, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, eco-friendly decking materials that are both durable and environmentally conscious. Our decking products are made from 95% recycled materials, including plastic and wood fibers, and are available in a variety of colors and styles. We also offer sustainably sourced wood decking options, including FSC-certified Cumaru and Ipe wood.

In addition to our quality products, we also offer installation services and excellent customer service. Our team of experts can help you choose the right decking materials for your project and provide professional installation services to ensure that your deck is safe and functional for years to come.


As the demand for eco-friendly products continues to rise, the decking industry has responded with a variety of sustainable and environmentally conscious options. By choosing an eco-friendly decking supplier, you can reduce the impact of your project on the environment while enjoying the many benefits of durable and low-maintenance decking materials. When choosing an eco-friendly decking supplier, be sure to look for sustainable materials, quality products, installation services, and excellent customer service. And if you're looking for a reliable and experienced eco-friendly decking supplier, consider The Composite Company for your next decking project.

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