The End of the Traditional Deck: 3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing a Rise in Plastic Decking

A time went by when traditional materials like hardwood or softwood were the only option for decking. Now, the current time is in the favour of wood plastic decking, known as composite decking. Plastic decking has gained popularity in the past few years in the decking industry. The fact is that the wood plastic decking is a combination of wood fibers and plastic material that can make your outdoor space a worthy place to live. It offers many advantages to its customers in the long run and makes their costs worth investing in. Wood-plastic decking has replaced all the traditional decking materials for the past few years.

Here, at The Composite Company, we offer capped composite decking boards that are made with wood fibers and 45% recycled HDPE. Now, you may think how plastic decking has replaced the traditional decking material? Well, our today's write-up is all about the reasons that have replaced the traditional deck materials. What are the benefits of capped composite wood plastic decking boards by The Composite Company? What are the top 3 reasons that make plastic decking best? Be with us, and in the end, you will get to know the answers to all these questions. Keep reading.

  1. Plastic Decking Provides Easy Installation

When it comes to wood plastic decking benefits, it has many pros to homeowners. From elegance to cost-effectiveness it has all that you are looking for. Let's talk about the installation benefits of plastic decking. Traditional decking materials like hardwood and softwood require much effort in their installation process. Their texture makes them hard to install. Moreover, you have to pay a lot for their installation as they require hard work from laborers. Do you want a material that requires you to pay a lot at the first? The answer is no. If we talk about wood plastic decking known by the term composite decking, it's the easiest material to install.

The plastic decking requires little effort in terms of the installation process. But, what you will have to do for the installation of the wood-plastic decking? The Composite Company has wood-plastic decking boards that make your installation process easy. All you have to do to take accurate measurements of your outdoor space. Cut the decking boards according to the type of deck you want to build. Adjust them according to your space, and your deck is ready to enjoy. The traditional decking material like hardwood provides tough times in terms of installation.

  1. Plastic Decking is Durable

Do you want to know about the most durable and sustainable decking material for your deck? The wood plastic deckinghas taken the lead in longevity from its competitors. Its texture makes it the most durable material in the long run. The plastic decking is covered with a capped sheath that acts as a defensive mechanism against the damaging agents. The other traditional alternatives don't have any protective mechanism that's why they are more prone to damage. We manufactured our capped composite decking boards in the steps of high-quality procedures that make them the most durable option.

Moreover, the color of the traditional decking material fade after some years of installation. Just suppose that you have selected material according to the theme of outdoor space. After some time, you notice that the color is not the same, and it no more in matches your surroundings. Traditional hardwood is more prone to color change. The wood plastic decking is a synthetic material that gives the look of natural wood with a beautiful finish. Moreover, the plastic decking is available in a range of colors. From the dark shade of brown to the elegant looks of grey, we have all that you are looking for.

Do you have any idea what makes the wood-plastic decking an alternative to the traditional decking material? The answer is that plastic decking is resistant to scratches, molds, and fading. Moreover, traditional decking materials are not resistant to cracks and splinters. Your outdoor deck is a place for relaxation and enjoyment for you and your family. It should be safe in every possible way. Plastic decking has no sharp edges that harm the feet of your little ones. Nothing is better than having a reliable decking material in your outdoor space with a warranty of 25 years. Do you know how much warranty The Composite Company is providing to your outdoor space with elegant decking boards? Our capped composite decking boards can make your outdoor space a worthy place to live for the next 25 years.

Moreover, wood-plastic decking is made from recycled materials. You can enjoy the feel of real wood in your outdoor space without any negative impact on the environment. The prolonged life of the plastic decking ensures that you don't have to replace it after short intervals.

  1. Plastic Decking Provides Long-Term Benefits

Plastic decking is not only eco-friendly, but also it has multiple benefits that you will love to know. When it comes to a material that requires minimal maintenance for its elegant look, wood plastic decking is at the top of the list. The fact is that like other traditional decking materials, it doesn't require a lot of effort and cost for its beautiful maintained look. With the occasional soap and water cleaning, your beautiful deck will go in the long run. Do you want to know about the other long-term advantages of wood plastic decking? Here we have listed some of the benefits that its alternatives don't provide.

  • Plastic decking provides many safety benefits to homeowners. The wood-plastic decking doesn't absorb moisture, so it will be safe to walk on after the rainy season
  • Its waterproof feature makes it the best alternative to other traditional decking materials. As it is resistant to moisture, it will not absorb the moisture from the stains. Your deck will be neat and clean after the family gatherings. The problem with the other traditional decking material is that they absorb the moisture, and the stain becomes permanent. For a stainless deck, you need to install plastic decking
  • Are you ready to enjoy your beautiful deck this summer? The traditional decking material materials get hot, and it becomes difficult for you to enjoy your deck in the summer afternoons. Here, the wood-plastic decking is again providing you with the opportunity to enjoy time on your deck. The plastic decking is resistant to heat, so you can enjoy and relax with your loved ones in the intense afternoons of the summer. Have a look at the amazing features of our capped composite decking board in brown color. Install it, and you will love the look of your outdoor space
  • With the variety of colors and beautiful wood grain texture, the plastic decking gives you the look of natural wood with a synthetic form. Colors options range from dark shades of wood to cool colors of grey. The Composite Company offers the best range of colors across South Africa. Our customers are very satisfied with the beauty of the colors of our decking boards. They have noticed the difference in their outdoor space before and after the installation of our decking boards.


The Composite Company - The Leading Brand Across South Africa

We aim to give our customers the best alternative to traditional decking material. Our decking boards are made from 55 % wood fibers and 45% recycled HDPE. Our wood plastic decking boards give the look of natural wood to your outdoor space in the synthetic form. Do you want to know the reason why The Composite Company is the leading brand of decking suppliers across South Africa? We provide the best quality decking boards to our customers without compromising on quality. From elegance to functional advantages, we have all that you want.

Moreover, we are pleased to announce that our customers are very satisfied with the quality of decking boards. The reason is that our high-quality manufacturing process provides you with the best decking boards at a reasonable price. Our decking boards are very budget-friendly that will give your pocket many benefits. There is no need to spend costs on expensive cleaning procedures. So, are you ready to enjoy the multiple benefits of the deck with our wood-plastic deckingboards? Select the best decking boards from here, and enjoy.


Final Words

Wood-plastic decking is becoming the choice of most homeowners due to its rapid popularity. Plastic decking has taken the place of other traditional decking materials due to its many benefits. Plastic decking is available in a range of beautiful colors. Are you ready to renovate the look of your outdoor space with beautiful wood-plastic decking boards? The Composite Company is ready to serve you with the best decking boards in South Africa. 

The wood-plastic decking, known as composite decking, has replaced the traditional decking material due to many benefits. You can give your precious comments in the comment section below. Be sure to visit the site of the best decking suppliers across South Africa.


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