The Composite Company: The Ever-Lasting Decking Solution in South Africa

Are you noticing that your decking boards are rotting, slippery, and becoming dirty day by day? All you have to do is to replace your traditional decking with composite decking. You may think that is why it's necessary to do so. The composite decking provides numerous solutions to all your problems. But to avail of all benefits, you have to install high-quality material for your space. The Composite Company is considered the best name in the decking industry in South Africa. Many reasons make us the best choice. We provide the solution to all of your problems. Whether it comes in terms of maintenance or elegance, we are the best choice.

We aim to provide you with the decking boards that will be a solution to all of your problems. Our decking boards are different in every aspect. You will get a unique beauty with elegance by selecting our decking boards. A unique deck gives many advantages to your space. But it is only possible when you choose the right name for your deck. You may think, what makes us the best choice? What are the benefits of our decking boards? How The Composite Company is the best? Just be with us, and in the end, you will get all your answers. Here we have listed the top 8 features of our decking boards. Keep reading.

  1. Our Decking Boards are Non-Slippery

In the intensive heat of summers, the decking boards become dry. But it is not the case in the winters. Other kinds of decking material absorb moisture and become slippery. You have to do several treatments to make it slip-resistant. It may include anti-slip decking paints or anti-slip decking oils. But it is the not case with our decking boards. The Composite Company's decking boards don't absorb any of the moisture. Whether it is a liquid stain or moisture from the weather, our decking boards are resistant to it.

  1. Our Decking Boards have a Unique Look

Just imagine that you have invested in the decking material, and after some time, your deck becomes black. The reason behind the problem is that you installed a cheap quality material. Initially, it may seem that you have saved the cost. But after some time you will be disappointed with the results. Many traditional companies make their decking boards attractive by selling them at a low cost. After a long winter season, you will notice that the decking boards are becoming black. The wooden decking boards are more likely to become black.

The reason is that when the fungus reacts with the wet wood, the tannins become reactive, and it changes the color into a darker shade. It is a sign that your decking is going to be rotten soon. Now, let's talk about the solution to this problem. First of all, choose composite decking boards to create a deck. Wood and other decking material are more prone to damage. The composite decking boards are unique and elegant in look. You will notice that the beauty of the decking boards has remained the same for years.

  1. Our Decking Boards Maintain Elegance

Most of the decking material becomes faded. In hot regions like South Africa, decking is more prone to damage by UV radiation. In these kinds of regions, you need a material that is resistant to damage. Our composite decking boards are covered with a sheet that protects the inner material from UV radiation. Our manufacturing processes keep the color of the decking boards unaffected by UV radiations. Faded decking boards have a negative impact on the look of your residence. Your home appearance reflects your taste. It should be uniquely designed. The Composite Company's decking boards will give a unique touch of elegance to your property. 

  1. Our Decking Boards are Easy to Clean

Almost every year, weather breaks its record whether it gets too hot or too cold. Different weather conditions leave an impact on the decking boards. The windy atmosphere will make your decking boards dirty. Rainy seasons will make your decking boards wet. All these weather conditions can affect your decking boards. The right decking material is very easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. You can easily clean the decking boards with a piece of cloth. There is no need for a time-consuming cleaning procedure. The heavy cleaning procedure not only requires your time but also they are expensive. If you trust The Composite Company, you will be stressed-free in terms of cleaning. 

Composite decking is made up of three kinds of material, including wood, cellulose fibers, and plastic. Its composition requires only occasional cleaning. The manufacturing process of our decking boards will keep the upkeep of decking boards easy for you. We take the lead in the decking industry in terms of durability, upkeep, and beauty of the decking boards. The cost of all our decking boards is very reasonable. You don't have to pay a heavy amount for the beautiful look of your space. All you have to do is to select the color and design of the decking boards according to your theme. Have a look at our beautiful decking boards. When you rely on The Composite Company, there will be no fuss of cleaning and maintenance in your space.

  1. Our Decking Boards don't become Shape Less

The problem is that other kinds of decking materials become warped. If you don't maintain them for a long them, they would start to lose shape. It happens mostly when the manufacturing process of the decking boards is not weather-treated. It may also happen due to bad weather conditions. Whatever the reason is, warp and bow decking boards are not suitable for an elegant look. Decking boards also become warp when the boards pull out of the fastener. Our manufacturing process won't let your deck look out of shape. They will remain the same in shape for years after installation.

  1. Our Decking Boards will remain Fixed

When there are gaps between your decking boards, it will make space for the damaging agents. The traditional decking materials create the space between the boards after some years. It affects the shape of your deck. Additionally, it also provides suitable conditions for the molds to grow. There might be another reason that can cause this problem. Maybe your decking boards are not fixed in their place. After some time they will become detached from the surface and create gaps between them. The Composite Company's decking boards are easy to install. On the other hand, they will remain fixed in the place where you have installed them.

  1. Our Decking Boards are Durable

Another key feature that makes us the priority is that our decking boards are long-lasting. Other traditional decking boards may look appealing, but they are prone to damaging agents. They can be easily damaged by the weather conditions. The weather conditions like harsh rain and blistering heat can harm them. If we talk about composite decking, it will give you benefits for a long time with minimal maintenance. There are many reasons behind the durability of our decking boards. Our decking boards are stable in different weather conditions. They are resistant to mold and are splinter-free. Check out the amazing features of our Capped composite decking board in brown color for the elegant look of your space.

  1. Our Decking Boards are Adjustable

Most traditional companies' decking materials require a lot of hard work for installation. The composite decking requires minimal effort with just a few nails and screws. You can easily cut the decking boards according to the measurements of your space. Just suppose that you have installed the decking boards. After some time, you realize that the adjustment is not according to your requirement. Well, there is no need to worry. You can re-install our decking boards with just a minimum effort. Our decking boards have a smooth surface that gives a smart and modern feel. Our decking boards are functional and visually pleasing. We have a range of colors to complement your outdoor space. Most of the other decking materials have visual colors that only last for the first three months. The appealing look of our decking boards and the functional advantages make us the best suppliers of decking boards in South Africa. 


Bottom Line

Here at The Composite Company, we have an immense range of designs available for you. The traditional decking material can create many problems for you. Our decking boards are the solution to all of your problems. When you invest in The Composite Company, you don't have to paint or stain your decking boards. Our decking boards come with a warranty of 25 years that you easily walk on them barefoot. Our decking boards are not only durable but also have safety advantages. The good news is that you don't have to invest a lot of time in its maintenance. You can avail many benefits by selecting The Composite Company.

The Composite Company always aims to make the best decking boards across South Africa. Do you find this article helpful? Do give your suggestions in the comment section below. Feel free to contact us for the best decking boards.

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