The Complete Guide to Deck Wood Prices, Types, Installation and Maintenance

Do you want to add some extra space to your home for relaxation and enjoyment? A deck is a kind of platform that extends into your outdoor space. It increases the value of your residence because your home is different from other residences in your town. There are many decking materials available in the market that confuses most homeowners about the selection. The durability of your deck depends on the decking material that you choose for your deck. For the aesthetically appealing look of the deck, you have to buy decking boards according to the requirements of your surroundings.

Do you want the best and most classy decking boards for your space? Buy decking boards from here, and you will love the results. There are different types of decking materials like composite decking, hardwoods, and softwoods. All these types of decking materials have their pros and cons, but composite decking is best in every possible way. Composite decking is a kind of decking material that provides you with all the benefits that you are looking for. How to choose the best decking material for your outdoor space in a budget-friendly way? What are the prices of different decking boards? Stay with us, and keep reading.

Select Decking Material- A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you want to relax on your deck or want to arrange parties for friends a deck is a perfect addition. You can avail the multiple benefits of decking by selecting the right material for your deck. There are many wood choices for the deckthat you will love to know. The beautiful and classy decking boards can aesthetically increase the beauty of your outdoor space to the next level. Your outdoor wood color has a great impact on the overall look of your residence. Moreover, your outdoor wood color shows your taste so, it should be unique. Here we have gathered some of the information regarding the installation of the deck.

  1. Choose the Decking Material

The first and most important step is the selection of the material. The many wood choices for the deck make the homeowners confused. The timber and other decking materials are only cost-effective at the initial cost. Do you want to select a wood choice for the deck that will give benefits to your pocket in the long run? All you need is to select the composite decking. It can give your space many benefits, from the aesthetically appealing look to the functional advantages.

  1. Installation of the Decking Boards

When it comes to the total cost of the budget, the installation cost of the decking boards matters a lot. If we talk about all the wood choices of the deck available, composite decking boards are very easy to install. The other traditional decking materials require a lot of effort for installation. As a result of the heavy labor cost, you have to pay more. The Composite Company aims to give comfort to the clients in every possible way. Our decking boards don't require a lot of effort. All you have to do is to measure the length and width of your outdoor space, and with the basic knowledge, you can install it on your own. 

  1. Design of the Deck

The design that you want to build in your outdoor space also depends on material flexibility. The design of the deck and outdoor wood color should be according to the theme of your outdoor space. The composite Company's decking boards are flexible, so you can build any kind of design with our decking boards. Cut the boards according to the design of the deck and install. Deck design ideas by The Composite Company can help you to change the look of your outdoor space.

Estimation of Your Deck Cost

If you are wondering how to calculate the total cost of your outdoor deck, then you are at the right place. You have to keep several factors in mind before calculating the cost per square foot for the deck.

  1. Material of Deck

The cost of the material is the first thing to count for. Many materials in the decking industry seem low cost to most homeowners as their initial cost is less. But, after the installation of the traditional decking materials, you have to invest again and again for their durability. A rough estimation of the cost per square metre of decking is R1700 to R2500 for Composite Decking Supplied & Fitted.

The Composite Company-the' top brand of decking suppliers aims to provide the best and most elite decking boards at a reasonable price. The cost of your capped composite decking board is only R1062 per Sqm. So, you can have a beautiful look of synthetic wood in your outdoor space at a reasonable price.

  1. Size of your Outdoor Space

You have to take accurate measurements of your outdoor space, including the length and width. It will determine the cost per square foot of the deck including how much area you want to cover. If you want to build one or the more platforms on your deck, simply estimate the area and add them together. Moreover, if you want to build stairs on your synthetic wood deck, multiply the length and width of each stair, add them to the total, and then estimate the cost per square foot of the deck.

  1. Quantity of the Decking Boards

The more area you want to cover with the deck, the more decking boards are required. It will impact the cost per square foot of the deck - to calculate how's many decking boards you will need (Times your Square Metres by 1.2 - as 1.2 decking boards makes up 1 Square metre). Moreover, you have to evaluate the length of the decking board according to the deck frame.

Maintenance - Which Decking Material is the Best?

When it comes to maintenance, do you have an idea that which decking material is on the top of the list? The composite decking is on the top of the list in terms of maintenance ease. From hardwood to cedar, all decking material requires a lot of time and cost for a durable deck. But, it is not the case with composite decking. Composite decking is resistant to moisture so, there will be no stains on your deck after the family gatherings. It is resistant to the stains of juices, oils, and sauces.  So, after the family gatherings on your beautiful deck, there is no need to spend a lot of time cleaning.


Build Your DIY Deck or Add-On Deck On Your Own

Before installing decking boards, you may probably think that how much does it cost to build a small deck in your house? You can reduce the cost by half by installing decking boards on your own. The reason is that in any DIY project, you don't pay the labor cost, you are only paying for the decking boards. Before proceeding with the installation process, you should think about some important aspects. Why do you want a deck in your outdoor space? What is the purpose of the deck? How large do you want your deck to be?

Again the material is very important for your DIY deck project. Most of the traditional materials that are available in the market don't have an easy installation process. The Composite Company's decking boards are flexible and don't require much effort in the installation process.

Moreover, you can hang light on your deck for a beautiful ambiance. Your deck will not only be a perfect spot for family dining, but the hanging lights will also provide safety benefits. All you have to do is to select the best and the classy decking boards from here. Build your DIY deck with The Composite Company's decking boards. Add accessories and furniture, bring innovation to your deck, and your deck will be the perfect spot for relaxation.

How much does it cost to build a small deck in your house?  It depends on the features and tools you are required to have for the construction of the deck. Moreover, if you want to have a sitting area on your deck, you are required to install the furniture. It will also impact the cost to build a small deck in your home.


Final Thoughts

The Composite Company's goal is to provide the best deck boards at a reasonable price. We have a range of elegant decking boards that can transform the look of any dull outdoor space. Different kinds of decking materials have pros and cons, but composite decking provides you the many benefits in every possible way. You can build a DIY deck on your own with just a few considerations. Moreover, composite decking is the lowest maintenance material in the decking industry. Now, what are you waiting for? Keep the above considerations in mind for your deck and build a deck with our decking boards. Your relaxation spot is ready for family gatherings for the next 25 years.

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