The Benefits of a Wooden Deck Vs Composite Decking

Composite decking provides a myriad of advantages to your garden or backyard, starting from its easy installation to the long-lasting warranty. Well, you have decided to install a deck, before you start working on your project, it's important to know that the decking material options have grown over the past few years. Wood deck is still the choice of most homeowners who loves to have the look of natural brown on the exterior of their commercial or residential projects. While composite decking, on the other hand, offers the promise of long-lasting durability and cosmetic benefits for 25 years.

When you plan your dream deck, one of the confusing decisions you face is what kind of decking material is best for your home. Two of the most common decking material that confuses most homeowners are wood decking and the combination of recycled wood fibers, and plastic known as composite decking. Our today's blog will consider some of the important factors while comparing the wood deck and composite decking. Without any further delay, let's get into it.


Composite Decking Vs Wood Deck - Which One Is the Superior Choice in South Africa?

Many homeowners choose the wood deck because it is readily available in the market, and they consider it an affordable material. With technology innovation, the decking industry from all around the globe has generated a new material that gives the feel of real wood without the hassle of much maintenance. The superior manufacturing process of The Composite Company has generated composite decking boards that emulate the rich natural look of wood without costly maintenance procedures. Your deck should be a place of enjoyment, not a painful reminder to paint or seal it on the weekends. When comparing composite decking vs wood decking, keep the following key aspects in mind for the best decision.

1.    Moisture Resistance

What is the major drawback of the wood deck that disrupts its structural integrity? One of the potential cons of the wood deck is that it absorbs the moisture of the surrounding conditions and leads to losing its shape. More so, the accumulation of moisture in the different corners of the deck leads to the growth of molds and algae. When your decking material is wood, you need to apply stains and paints in order to prevent wrapping, cracking, and rotting.

In contrast, the composite decking comes on the market with a full moisture resistance feature from the core to the surface. The capped polymer sheath enables the composite decking to resist the high moisture condition, so your deck will go in the long run without decaying. The technology has covered the composite decking boards with a shell that improves their durability. Additionally, the moisture-resistant feature of composite decking prevents the fading of the decking boards. Your outdoor deck will remain the same in dimensions for the long run. You can purchase the finest range of composite decking materials from here in South Africa.

2.    Heat Resistance

When it comes to the intensely hot summers, composite decking has historically benefited over a wood deck. The composite decking remains cool and cozy on the intensely hot days of the summer, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the afternoons. You have installed the deck to increase your outdoor living experience. Just suppose, that if your deck becomes too hot, how you can enjoy it with your loved ones? The wood deck absorbs the heat from the surroundings and becomes too hot like a grilling frying pan. We have made our decking boards with polymer capped sheath that prevents heat absorption and keeps your deck comfortable on hot days.

3.    Decking Price

When it comes to the pros and cons of wood decking, wood is an affordable material, but only at the initial price. Although wood decking is lower in cost than composite decking, the combination of wood fibers and plastic offers some long-term savings. When you install a wood deck in your outdoor space, you have to replace it again and again as the wood loses its color after some time. More so, for the maintenance of wood decks, you have to call a professional team for the costly upkeep procedures. The pressure-treated wood requires annual cleaning with a pressure washer for the beautiful look of timber.

On the other hand, composite decking provides long-term budget-friendly benefits to your pocket. The Composite Company has decking boards that save time, effort, and energy in terms of maintenance. More so, there is no need for painting, staining, or sealing for the maintenance of lustrous colors. The cleaning procedure of our decking boards is very easy as you can remove dust and debris with a simple spot treatment. All you have to do is to mix the mild solution of soap with water and clean your deck with a piece of cloth.

4.    Workability

The wood decking boards require your effort, time, and cost in cutting and installation. As wood is an organic material, so you have to hire a professional team that will use special tools for the installation process. On the other hand, the composite decking is flexible, and you can bend it according to the curves of your deck sections. Unlike traditional decking boards, you don't need to use screws and nails for the installation of our decking boards. We aim to keep your life easy from the installation to the next 25 years.

All you have to do is to take accurate measurements of our outdoor area, cut the decking boards, and your deck is ready to enjoy for many coming years. You can build your dream deck with some simple techniques and basic tools with our composite decking boards. Our customer reviews are the verification that we always provide them with the products that keep their life easy in installation as well as in maintenance. You will love the natural tone of timber in your exterior with our capped composite decking board in brown color.

  1. Insect Damage

The composite decking is a suitable material for your outdoor space as it is not prone to damage by insects and terminates. When you install any material in your outdoor space, you should be more conscious as the garden is the place of most insects and terminates. On the other hand, wood is an organic material that is attractive to insects and pests. When your decking material is wood, there will be different holes on the various sides of your deck. The capped polymer sheath provides superior protection to our decking boards from insects and pests and keeps the elegance the same for many years.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

The new versions of the composite decking provide the real look of wood to your exterior without maintenance. The beautiful grain pattern of our composite decking boards closely resembles the real wood. One of the potential benefits of composite decking that is the reason behind its rapid popularity in the decking industry is that it gives an expensive look to your residence without investing much. It offers you the natural beauty of wood with practical benefits. The traditional wood provides a beautiful look to your outdoor space, but it absorbs the moisture from the surroundings and loses its colors.

  1. Splinters

While all forms of wooding decking will lead to splinters on different sides of the deck, composite decking is a manufactured material covered in a plastic capsule, so it won't splinter. Your outdoor deck is a place where you will enjoy multiple hours of relaxation with your little ones. The cracks and splinters can cause some serious injury to your visitors and family members. You can give a smooth finish to the sides of the deck with our composite fascia boards. Our composite fascia boards will act like a concealer to your worn-out deck. You can purchase the best composite fascia boards for your dull and damaged deck from here.

  1. Budget-Friendly

The wood decking is more expensive in the long run, and there is an up and down in the prices according to the availability of the wood species. The composite decking is a proven budget-friendly material that saves your cost from the installation to the upkeep. It means that you will get a beautiful grain pattern in your outdoor space without investing much. More so, there is a range of color options on our site, so you can select according to the theme of your home.


Final Thoughts

Decks that are built with composite decking boards are more durable and require no staining. There is no doubt that durability is the top feature of composite decking. The composite decking has taken the lead over other traditional decking materials with exceptional strength. The manufacturing processes of The Composite Company contribute to the overall strength and exceptional durability. The other traditional wood decking material cannot withstand the weight and traffic of your outdoor furniture. The composite decking is the best alternative to the wood deck as it doesn't splinter and is an ideal material for bare feet.

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