The 5 Best Wood Decking Materials for Your Home

Are you looking for the best wood decking material that fits your requirements and needs? Wood decking is a great way to change the look of your outdoor space. There is a range of wood decking materials that confuses most homeowners. There was a time when selecting the decking material was a simple process as the only available option was traditional wood. Today, the market is packed with a variety of decking options.

Exploring all the possibilities of the wood decking material will help you to make the correct decision for your outdoor space. Our today's article is all about the best wood decking options available in the market. What are the pros and cons of the wood decking material? Which is the best material for your outdoor space? How do The Composite Company's decking boards provide the best alternative to the traditional wood? Stay with us and in the end, you will get to know all the information about wood decking materials. Keep reading.

  1. Tropical Hardwoods

If we talk about tropical hardwood as a wood decking material, the most common forms are ipe and mahogany. There are some drawbacks of the hardwood that makes them a costly investment. The traditional hardwood decking is going to be the most expensive option for your deck in the long run. Firstly, hardwoods give a tough time in their installation process. It is not the wood decking material that you can install on your own. Moreover, hardwoods lose their color if they are not properly maintained. You have to invest again and again for its maintained look.

Additionally, hardwoods are not easily accessible in the market. It is hard to find this kind of wood decking material in the local lumber yard. The shipping price is going to increase the total cost of your deck. If you have margin in your budget and other resources to maintain the look, then hardwood is a good option for your outdoor exterior. Are you looking for the look of natural wood in the synthetic form? Have a look at the beautiful and elegant decking boards in the synthetic form.

  1. Cedar

Cedar can be the next wood decking material for your commercial and residential projects. It gives an attractive natural wood appearance with regular painting and sanding. As cedar is a soft wood, it is not resistant to scratches and dents by furniture and pests. Cedar is a budget-friendly option for the decking, but only at the initial cost. Cedar only longs last in the ideal conditions and treatment. Cedar is a long-lasting option, but only with proper maintenance. It comes on the market with a warranty of 15 to 20 years with a careful cleaning schedule. Cedar is an attractive wood decking option, but it requires your time and cost for a beautiful look.

Do you want a wood decking material that is not resistant to deterioration and lose its shape after some time? The answer is no. As cedar is a soft wood, it is more prone to damage by external environmental factors. If you choose cedar for your ground deck, then there is a need for shade. Because without shade it will slowly dry out. Cedar seems to be a cost-effective option for most homeowners who don't have the knowledge about its pros and cons in the long run.

  1. Redwood

Redwood is a beautiful reddish wood decking material that gives tan tones to your outdoor space. Moreover, it is resistant to decay because it naturally contains oil and tannins. The little features don't like these substances, so they stay away from them. But, over time redwood lose its natural color and becomes brown in shade. Redwood requires careful maintenance procedures for its beautiful outdoor look. Additionally, you will have to be careful as the pressure-treated procedures can change the richness of the color. As redwood has a soft composition, so it is more prone to dents. You cannot install heavy furniture and other accessories on your deck if you have redwood as a wood decking material. The redwood goes for 15 to 20 years with the proper maintenance and cleaning procedures. Decks are the place for relaxation, so they need to be durable and resistant to intense weather conditions.

  1. Pressure Treated Wood

Do you have any idea what is pressure-treated wood? It is a specie of wood known as yellow pine that is treated synthetically to increase the duration of the living span of the deck. It is a cost-effective option as compared to the other decking materials. But, the chemical used to preserve the wood have negative impacts on the environment. What are the consequences of the wood decking material on your environment? The fact is that the pressure-treated wood can be harmful to your environment as well as to your little ones.

What is the effect of the chemical treatment on the color of your deck? The pressure-treated wood loses color and moves towards discoloration after a short interval. The fact is the chemical treatment is the cause of the discoloration of the deck. The process known as photo-oxidation changes the color of the deck, and the brown shade leads to grey. You have to paint and stain your deck to slow the process of discoloration. The pressure-treated wood decking is not resistant to moisture. The water can enter through the pores, and your deck will lose shape. Moreover, it will lead to cracking and splinters. The pressure-treated wood is not resistant to cracks and splinters. Your outdoor deck is a place for your little ones' enjoyment and relaxation, so it needs to be safe in every possible way. 

  1. Composite Decking

Let's talk about a wood decking material that is becoming more popular day by day in the decking industry. The reason is that its amazing functional and aesthetic advantages make it the choice of most homeowners. From the functional advantages to the beautiful attractive look it has all that you are looking for. Composite decking is a kind of synthetic wood that is made from wood fibers and HDPE. Many factors are attracting most homeowners who want to build a deck or renovate an old one. Moreover, composite decking is available in a range of colors. The other decking materials are only available in one or two colors. But, it is not the case with composite decking.

From the beautiful shades of brown to the elegant looks of grey, have a look at the most beautiful decking boards here. You will notice a major difference before and after the installation in your outdoor space. Let us tell about another fact about composite decking. It is the only material in the decking industry that doesn't require regular painting and staining. When it comes to the most less requirement maintenance material, composite decking is on the top of the list. The Composite Company- the leading brand of decking suppliers offering the best elegant decking boards that make your outdoor space a worthy place to live in. Your outdoor deck is a spot for your friend and family gatherings, it should be stainless for a neat and clean look.

Let us let you know that the composite decking doesn't absorb the moisture of the stains. So, after the family gatherings, you can easily remove all the stains of oils and juices with a simple piece of cloth. Of all other wood decking options available on the market, composite decking gives you many benefits. It is not only a budget-friendly option but also makes your life easy in terms of maintenance. There is confusion about composite decking that it is an expensive option, but it is not the fact. The reality is that composite decking gives multiple benefits to your pocket for the next 25 years. The Composite Company decking boards make your outdoor space a beautiful place to enjoy and relax for 25 years. Our beautiful capped composite decking board in light grey color can completely transform the look of your outdoor space. Our happy customers reviewed us as the top decking suppliers across South Africa.

Final Thoughts

The Composite company has made its place in the decking industry with elegant and classy decking boards. All wood decking materials have pros and cons, but composite decking gives you many benefits in all aspects. The composite decking is a synthetic wood that gives the feel of real wood to your outdoor space. Moreover, it provides eco-friendly benefits that no other wood decking material provides. The Composite Company has decking boards that can increase the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Are you on the way to selling your home? A deck beautiful deck in your outdoor space can increase the value of your residence. So, build a deck with the top leading brand of South Africa and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space for 25 years.

The Composite Company has the best synthetic wood that gives the feel and looks of a beautiful natural look. Be sure to visit the site of the best synthetic composite wood decking suppliers in South Africa.

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