Pool Decking: An Ultimate Guide to Pool Decking Material that Stay Cool

Are you going to install a new pool decking soon? Well then, we have got you covered! This article provides a deep insight into a really popular decking choice nowadays that actually stays cool-composite decking! So read till the end to know about what composite decking is, where to buy it from, and of course its many benefits!

Pool deck and wall cladding installation is a big project that costs you a good handful of money and brings about a drastic change to your poolside. A durable and high-end decking would not only bring a touch of extravaganza to your backyard but also stay by your side for decades. BUT on top of everything else, the optimal pool decking has to stay super cool and help you beat the heat instantly when you step on it! Hence, it is always better to do your research by exploring the market for different options and choosing the optimal option available.

Composite decking has been the talk of the town recently. Masses are flooding the market to install it, while some are still confused about its pros and cons. If you are among the latter, then this article is intended just for you. Composite decking, eco decking, WPC decking, recycled decking, PVC decking, synthetic decking, and plastic decking are all more or less the same things, so don't get confused. Composite decking is a durable decking material made from a blend of other materials, which we will discuss later on. It is widely popular for its heat resistant properties since it is observed to remain greatly unaffected by the scorching summer sun and remains super cool! How cool is that?! Pun intended. While wood has been a superior staple for decking for decades, composite decking has overcome the disadvantages associated with wood decking, thereby giving us a desirable, robust decking material.


What Is Composite Decking Made Of And How Does It Stay Cool?

Many people are seen complaining their wooden decking and so the intelligent manufacuturers found a solution to this. Composite decking is specially designed to beat the heat in scorching summers and remain 10-15 degrees cooler than its surrounding air. Composite decking is made up of a blend of wood, plastic, and other additives. A variety of plastics is used, including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene are the most common. In addition, a percentage of wood flour is also added along with some other stabilizers. Its raw materials are the key to its "stay cool technology". It is worthy of mentioning here that most manufacturers recycle wood and plastic to make composite decking and thereby make it desirable for a "go green" approach. The ratio of wood to plastic varies from brand to brand, and so it could have an impact on the quality of decking. The ideal ratio is 50:50 wood to plastic, but again, many manufacturers have their own recipe for their composite decking. But whoever the manufacturer is, composite or plastic decking has the super interesting property of staying cool all day long!


7 Superior Benefits Of Composite Decking for Pool:

Composite decking is a popular option and for all the right reasons. It has numerous benefits over the conventional wood decking, some of which are listed below:

  1. Stays Cool All Year Round

Yes you heard us right! Composite decking is famous among the heat freaks as it keeps heat away at a good distance. It is an innovative solution for pool owners to install a decking that has to remain under direct sun all day long. Composite decking has the unique feature of staying upo 30° cooler than its surroundings and competitors. It feel cool to touch even under direct sunlight and so you do not have to worry about burning your feet when you step out of the pool!

  1. Composite Pool Decking is Durable And Long Lasting

The first feature everyone wants to look for in their pool decking is its durability and strength. And so, this is what composite decking is suitable for. Made from a blend of various tough materials, composite decking is durable and long-lasting. The quality that contributes to its toughness is the fact that composite decking absorbs little to no water. On the contrary, the traditional wooden decking tends to absorb huge amounts of water. Composite decking has wood particles protected and sealed with plastic; hence it does not have water-absorbing capacity. This makes it durable, tough, and long-lasting.

  1. Composite Pool Decking is a Sustainable Option

Imagine if all the plastic lying in the oceans is recycled, and virgin wood demands are cut down drastically. Sounds fantasy-ish, right? It seems like the plant would already grow healthier if this happens. Well, this is what could definitely happen if composite becomes the only widely used decking material in place of wood. Here is the secret; the plastic used in composite decking comes from the waste plastic bottles and boxes that are unable to be upgraded into other products. So plastic that once went to contaminate our water bodies and disturb our marine life is now being used in the right place. Also, the factories making wooden furniture, doors, and cabinets, leave behind heaps of wood chips and pieces that are practically useless. These wood wastes are then picked up by composite manufacturers to be used in making composite decking. In addition, tonnes of wood are used in the manufacture of wooden decking. This used to pose a serious demand for raw wood. However, with the increasing composite demand, there is a noticeable decrease in wood demand. 1 tree cut deprives hundreds of species of their shelter. But not anymore because composite decking is here to save the day.

  1. Low Maintenance

We all get tired of manicuring our large pool deck with countless chemicals, sprays, and paints, don't we? Not anymore! Because composite decking does not need any of these. Did you even count the hazards of numerous toxic chemicals you use to prep and maintain your wooden decking? Most of these chemicals give off toxic fumes that contribute a great deal to deteriorating our environment. These chemicals eventually lead to the increase of global house gases. Not to mention the harmful effects they could cause to your family and loved ones, such as eye and skin irritation, asthma, and numerous lung diseases.

On the flip side, there is good news. Composite decking does not need constant maintenance and paint coats. So you can finally toss all these harmful chemicals out the window and relax in peace.

  1. Mould And Fungus Resistant

Mould and fungus are creepy little beings thriving in moist environments. This ideal environment is exactly what wooden decking provides. As mentioned earlier, composite decking is prone to absorbing only a minute quantity or even no water. So the root cause of mold and fungus is eliminated by composite decking. This means no more frequent chemical treatments to kill bacteria and fungus. So now, all you are left to do is spend quality time on your brand new poolside deck which also remains cool and calm!

  1. Luscious Designs

Opting for something having heaps of benefits does not necessarily mean compromising on your aesthetic. While it may sound unrealistic but composite decking comes in a variety of prints and designs that match the look of wood. They come in many different luscious colors and even wooden prints. In addition, the lighter colours available in composite decking adds to its heat resistant property. Such light colours are definitely not possible to find in the wooden deck varieties. The colour choice depends upon your taste but if you want an added benefit, then do opt for a lighter shade of composite pool decking. So you can easily find your desired design and light up your poolside with a touch of glamour and ofcourse an added chill!

  1. Zero Splinters And Cracking

What is better than walking on your warm deck barefoot on a cozy sunny morning? But wooden decks do not offer this luxury, right? So here is the solution! Composite decking specially designed to be totally splinter-free and crack resistant. The cause of splinters is the same old enemy; water! It seeps into the wood and makes its fibers swell and crack.   Since composite decking is sealed with plastic, no water enters it, so it is less likely to splinter or crack. This makes it an excellent choice for a pet and child-friendly pool decking so that your family can relax and enjoy tension-free!

  1. Cost-Effective Option

At the end of the day, your budget decides what material you opt for. But no worries! Composite decking is made to win your hearts over here too. For the first-time installation, it might cost a little greater than wooden decking. However, its benefits are far much greater, which makes it worthy of its cost. Since the composite decking is more durable, it lasts 10 times longer than your cheap wooden decking. Its durability and strength make it last a lifetime and save you from the hassle of reinstallation after every few years. On top of that, you do not need to invest in expensive paints and stains as well as harsh chemicals to maintain them periodically. It also caters your comfort by bringin about a subtle frosty feel and composure!



Pools are the only way to freshen you uo on a hot day but as soon as you step on a hat decking, your mood is ruined. A good decking can totally rejuvenate the feels of your previously boring and hot pool and backyard. Composite decking has all the much-needed qualities to rejuvenate your house's exterior while blessing you with many other benefits simultaneously, especially with the one being cool. It is cost not only effective but also a sustainable material that could contribute heaps to reducing your carbon footprint.

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