Outdoor Decking Options You Need to Know

It's time to take the beauty of your exterior to the next level with outdoor decking. Outdoor decking adds a spark to entertainment, family events, and relaxation in the summer afternoons. When you think of installing an outdoor decking area in your garden or backyard, there are many factors to consider. The cost of decking boards, their maintenance procedures, and the sustainability of products are the major factors in the selection process. However, before purchasing any material for your outdoor decking, it's a good idea to investigate all the options available for your exterior.

Earlier, many homeowners move away from the idea of outdoor decking due to the hefty price tag in the initial installation process, and costly maintenance procedures. But, today many alternatives are available in the decking industry that gives the real look of wood to your outdoor decking without much upkeep. If you are considering ways of enhancing the value of your home, you may be surprised to know that there are many outdoor decking options available for your exterior. Once you have selected the right material for your outdoor decking, all the multiple pros will fall on your exterior. Just stay with us and keep reading.

1.   Concrete as an Outdoor Decking Material

Most homeowners would agree that concrete as a decking material has both pros and cons. Concrete is a good alternative to traditional hardwood as it is a cheaper option. You get two main benefits when you install concrete as your outdoor decking material, the beauty of traditional wood and the benefit of strong concrete. But, one of the drawbacks of concrete that hinders its progress in the decking industry is its hardness. It is not an ideal outdoor decking option if you have little ones in your home. More so, the concrete outdoor decking can be an expensive material to install as it requires some upkeep in the long run.

One of the potential drawbacks of concrete is that it becomes very hard after its installation. If your loved one fall on it accidentally, it may result in bumps, injuries, and scrapes. The hardness of concrete makes it a dangerous outdoor deckingmaterial for your family members. Additionally, concrete is a hard material to install, and you need professional help for its installation. Do you want to know about the most flexible outdoor decking material that can be installed without calling a professional team? Well, composite outdoor decking is the best option that is easy to install and also the most durable option in the decking industry.

2.   Pressure Treated Wood as an Outdoor Decking Material

No doubt, pressure-treated wood is the most cost-effective material on the market. It is easily available in the market, and you can work with it without any hard and fast rules. Do you want to know about the preservation procedure of the pressure-treated wood that makes it durable? It is treated with different preservative chemicals that make it strong and long-lasting. But, these chemicals can be infectious to human health and leaves a harmful impact on the surrounding area of your outdoor decking. More so, you have to seal the pressure-treated wood to avoid cracks and splinters. 

When it comes to the eco-friendly aspect of pressure-treated wood, it has no positive impact on the environment. As it is an organic material, so the market is required to cut a lot of trees. Additionally, its preservation process leaves toxins in the nearby areas of your outdoor decking. You have to hire a professional team for its maintenance as the pressure-treated wood requires annual cleaning with the pressure washer.

3.   Redwood as an Outdoor Decking Material

Redwood is among the popular outdoor decking option due to its beautiful natural color. You can cut redwood easily as it is a softwood, and you need to hire a professional team for its installation. More or less, it is a durable outdoor decking option but comes in the market with a higher price tag than pressure-treated wood. For the maintenance of beautiful rich color, you need to clean and stain it after short intervals. One of the most potential drawbacks of pressure-treated wood is that it is a soft material and is not an ideal outdoor decking option.

Your outdoor deck is a space where you will install heavy furniture for your relaxation and dining. Just suppose that you want to make an outdoor kitchen on your deck. You need to install heavy grills, dining furniture, and kitchen appliances for the practical benefits of the outdoor kitchen. Softwood is not an outdoor decking material that can withstand the weight of your outdoor accessories. The installation of heavy furniture on the redwood will lead to cracks and splinters and can harm your loved ones.

4.   Vinyl as an Outdoor Decking Material

For many homeowners, vinyl decking is a great alternative to traditional wood as it seems low maintenance. No doubt that it is available in a range of colors and designs. But the fact is it is plastic and gives a very artificial look to your outdoor decking. Vinyl outdoor decking doesn't give the real color and look of the timber to your exterior. If it is not properly installed, then you will notice the different areas of the deck overlapping each other. 

More so, vinyl is not considered a green or sustainable outdoor decking material. Additionally, it is not a good decking option in hot regions as it can change shape in intense warm conditions. If your decking material is vinyl, your deck will lose its structural integrity. Nothing leaves a negative impression on your exterior than a worn-out deck. Vinyl is not an ideal option in intense outdoor conditions because it will melt, and your deck will lose its shape. If you want to maintain the structural integrity of your deck, then purchase the best quality composite decking boards from here at a reasonable price.

5.   Cedar as an Outdoor Decking Material

Cedar is also among the most popular trend in the market due to its lightweight feature. But, it is an expensive option and requires you to pay much more than other decking materials. More so, the cedar changes its color after some years of installation. It absorbs the moisture content of the surroundings and changes its shade to a different color. As cedar is a softwood, so there will be scratches and cracks on your outdoor deck. Additionally, if you have pets in your home, you will notice scratches or claws footprints on your outdoor decking.

  1. Composite as an Outdoor Decking Material

We are probably moving towards a time when most homeowners want an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and durable outdoor decking material. Composite decking is a manufactured and relatively new material as compared to traditional decking materials. It has climbed many steps of popularity in the decking industry due to its many benefits making it the choice of most homeowners. Its composition consists of recycled wood fibers and plastic capped in a polymer sheath. The best thing about the polymer sheath is it protects all the range of our composite products from outdoor damaging agents.

Composite outdoor decking can withstand the weight of all your exterior accessories and is easy to care for. One of the surprising benefits of composite decking is that it gives the realistic texture of wood in the synthetic form. The top brand of outdoor decking supplier provides you with composite products that are resistant to mildew, slips, and staining. For this unique combination of wood-plastic composite decking, you only have to pay the initial price.

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Final Thoughts

The best outdoor decking material keeps your life at ease in terms of maintenance. Your garden or backyard deck is a spot of enjoyment, so you should spend a lot of time on it with your loved ones instead of caring for it all the time. All the outdoor decking options have some potential drawbacks that make them less suitable for exterior projects. The Composite Company is pleased to announce that we have the best range of composite products that are suitable for all kinds of your project. Whether you want to install an outdoor kitchen on your exterior, or you want a simple deck in your garden, we have all that you want.

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