Is Eco Decking The Right Choice for Your Next Project? Here Is All You Need To Know

Are you planning to install a long-lasting, durable, and luscious-looking deck for the next summer? Here is all need to know about the benefits of eco decking. 

No feeling in the world could compete with the feel of enjoying a lovely summer evening or cozy winter noon sitting on your personal luxurious outdoor deck reading a book and sipping tea… fascinating! Eco decking has been the talk of the town lately, both due to its rigidity as well as sustainability. With the rising awareness of ozone depletion and the environmental hazards associated with it, many people are concerned. Mass population is now taking baby steps towards a greener and healthier earth. The manufacturers are also trying hard to produce materials that are sustainable, and so eco decking is a really popular choice nowadays. It is the optimal choice of many due to its durability and sustainability.


What Is Eco Decking?

Eco decking or composite decking is a new decking material with rapidly growing demands due to a long list of its benefits. It is made from a mix of many recycled materials, mainly timber and plastic. It is actually a blend of about 45% wood fibers and 55% plastic that makes it high-end and tough. Eco decking is the perfect example of innovative technology that has an excessively rising demand in the market as an alternative to timber decking.


Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Eco Decking

Eco decking has countless such properties that differ from the old age timber decking, and for good. For those unaware, composite decking has far greater advantages than you might have thought of. So here are some notable advantages of eco decking that will make you rethink your opinion:

  •  Eco-Friendly Decking

Getting rid of conventional timber decking is a step towards a greener earth. Eco decking or composite decking serves to be just the right alternative to timber decking, however, with relatively greater benefits. Authentic composite decking boards are composed of recycled timber and plastic. They use and incorporate reclaimed timber, sawdust, and wood waste into something much more long-lasting and eco-friendly. Reusing wood waste not only saves tonnes of wood from ending up in an incinerator but also reduces the demand for raw wood for wooden decking. This saves a lot of trees in the rainforests and also the wide variety of populations related to them.

Since composite decking has an important plastic content, it thereby saves heaps of plastic waste from going to the landfill by recycling it. Yes, composite decking is made out of recycled plastic products such as water bottles, food containers, toys, and many others. The rising demand and awareness of the benefits of using eco decking are leading to a substantial decrease in plastic products burning and emitting poisonous gases in the landfills. It also decreases and prevents ocean trashing since loads of plastic are salvaged from there. So now you can sip your margaritas sitting on your deck outside while bathing in the sun, without worrying about the worst environmental effects.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing

Eco decking keeps the promise of being environmentally friendly by keeping its manufacturing process completely sustainable. Its manufacture does not involve harsh and poisonous chemicals to treat the wood. It is simply made from a mix of wood and plastic along with some cementing agents, which pose a far less threat to the environment than timber deck manufacturing.

  • Cost-Effective

While it may seem expensive at first, eco decking is actually an exceptionally cost-effective option. Due to its durability and low maintenance, you do not have to invest in tonnes of maintenance products like stains, paints, sealants, pest sprays, and the list goes on. You would also not have to reinstall a completely new deck every few years since this one lasts a really long time. You may end up saving heaps of money you used to spend on your previous cheap but high-maintenance timber decking.

  • Durable Decking

Initially, investing in eco decking might seem quite expensive. However, it saves you from many expenses in future years of its usage. Compared to traditional timber decking, composite decking lasts double fold and so is worth all the money invested. Not only does it last longer, but it also has little to no chances of being susceptible to rot, mold, pests, warp, split, or splinter. This makes it a much more desirable option since you do not have to invest in repairing and replacing your deck all over again.

  • Low Maintenance

Eco decking is not only durable, but it also requires way less maintenance than timber decking. It is a strong and tough material resistant to degradation by harsh weather and other invasive factors. It means that you would not have to waste your money and energy in oiling, sealing, and painting the wood regularly. It also does not require chemical treatments to erase and prevent damage from pests. This means that all the toxic and harmful chemicals have to stay away from your house, keeping you and your family safe while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint as well. In addition, unlike traditional timber decks, eco decking does not require periodic staining and sealing. This eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that degrade our ozone and lead to increasing greenhouse gases.

  • Child and Pet Friendly

Eco decking is a high-end one, and you do not have to worry about splints and cracks when you have it in the house. It makes the experience carefree and enjoyable when you do not have to constantly check the deck for any splints. You do not have to stress about your children and pets playing outside since your deck would not be free of any warps and splints. It is also scratch and slip-free. So now your dog can not ruin a brand new deck, and your children have not posed the danger of a slippery deck in rainy weather.

  • Less Absorbent

When it comes to decking, water is your worst enemy. The fact that eco decking is very less absorbent makes it durable and long-lasting. Eco decking absorbs 1% or less water and thus prevents many other wood problems. Less water absorbed means less or no mold and pests. Wood soaked in water makes the ideal conditions for pests and bacteria to thrive. Absorbed water leads to more splinters and cracks that usually end up being painful and tearful.

  • Variety and Vibrancy

When it comes to a material having so many benefits, you might think of its lacking points, usually the variety and vibrancy of colors available. Well, that is not the case with eco decking. It is just as vibrant as any timber wood decking. In fact, its vibrant and bright colors are fade resistant, and its luscious shine and color last an eternity. It also comes in an extensive range of wood patterns, and you can surely create any design of choice.

  • Warranty

No matter how tough your eco deck is, it still mostly comes with a warranty.  A company providing a warranty is actually a green flag to its eco decking being authentic. This means that they have constructed the decking from exceptional materials and have the confidence in their product to be strong and luxurious. Look for a brand that offers a warranty with its eco decking. This not only leaves you in a safe spot but also ensures that the company offering the decking is trustworthy and reliable. On the contrary, many timber wood decking options do not come with a warranty, on top of which, they only last for a small bunch of years, after which you eventually have to install another one.

  • Increases Your House's Value

This might seem like a clickbait heading, but it is 100% true. Eco decking generally lasts for 10-15 years or even more, so if you plan to sell out your house a while after installing it, your house would be worth many more dollars than without the eco decking. It is also luscious-looking and comes with a warranty, so having one in the house would definitely attract many more buyers ready to pay the amount you wish.


Final Thoughts

Eco decking or composite wood decking has earned quite a great deal in the market from both the end-users and suppliers. The world is sprinting and leaping towards sustainability, and so it is now time that we eliminate the use of timber decking that deprives the world of many precious trees. We should now move on to the use of sustainable and harmless eco decking that saves loads of wood and plastic from ending up in a landfill. It has all the properties of optimal decking material, such as toughness, strength, durability, finishing, and color. Its many innovative features make it more preferable than timber decking.

 So what are you waiting for? Go install the very famous eco decking for your next project and feast upon all its benefits! Visit The Composite Company for buying eco-friendly decking planks in South Africa, right!

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