Is Composite Decking Cheaper Than Wood

Deck in the outdoor space is always a classy and practical addition. Whether you want to install it for the practical advantages or the aesthetic look, it has all the benefits that you want. What is the first point that comes to your mind when you think about the installation of a deck? The answer is the material of the decking. Most homeowners find it hard to choose between composite decking and wood decking. Homeowners who want a cost-effective material always look for the initial cost of the deck. Composite decking is in the top of the list in the decking industry for the past few years.

Composite decking is a great alternative to traditional decking materials. It is a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastic. Most homeowners are confused between the price of the composite decking and wood decking. Well, here we have the complete guide for you. In our today's article, we have summarized all the points about the various aspects of the cost. How composite decking is cost-effective in the long run? Comparison of the wood decking and composite deckingin the initial price. Why The Composite Company is considered the leading name of composite decking boards in South Africa? Be with us.

What is the Initial Price of Composite Decking?

If we talk about the initial price of the composite decking, yes composite decking is not cheaper than wood. Most homeowners that want a budget-friendly material go for the wood as the decking material. But, do you have any idea that you are choosing an expensive option in the long run? Wood decking always seems to be cost-effective only in its initial cost. The fact is that the material is cheaper only if it is cost-effective in the long run. Here the cheaper means the cost-effective material with all the benefits for the many years.

Yes, composite decking is a bit expensive in the initial cost of installation. The total cost depends on several factors including the labor cost, the price of the decking boards, accessories, and fixing material. Also, it depends on the company that you choose for your decking boards. Do you want to know about the best company for cost-effective decking boards in South Africa? The Composite Company aims to give many advantages to its customers with the best decking boards. From the functional advantages to the aesthetic look, we have decking boards that will be friendly to your pocket.

Here you can have a view of the best budget-friendly decking boards. You will find that our decking boards are cheaper than other traditional decking materials in the future. It means that our composite decking will provide you with multiple benefits. Additionally, you will notice your savings in the future.

High-Value Composite Decking with Low Cost

Here are some points that will help you in your decision between composite decking and wood decking. What makes composite decking a cost-effective option for many years?

  1. Composite Decking is Durable

When you install the durable decking material, you don't have to replace it again and again. It may seem that the composite decking is more in the initial cost. Our decking boards come with a promised warranty that makes them a better alternative to wood decking. Just suppose that you have installed a decking material that is cost-effective in the initial cost. After sometime you noticed that your decking material is not in shape. Additionally, the color of the decking boards is not the same. Do you find the material cheaper in the long run? The answer is no. The composite decking is resistant to stains, wrapping, and molds.

We proudly announce that our decking boards are cheaper in comparison to the other traditional companies. Our decking boards are only cheap in terms of your cost. But, if we talk about the benefits, we never compromise on the quality. We are committed to providing you with superb and fantastic decking boards that can uphold the beauty of your outdoor space. Our high-quality manufacturing decking processes make eco-friendly decking boards. So, elegance, durability, and classy decking boards at the same time.

  1. Composite Decking is Low-Maintenance

The most common question of the homeowner is ''What is the cost-effective material with the low maintenance’’. Do you have any idea what makes the composite decking low maintenance? Composite decking is easy to clean so, there is no need for an expensive deck cleaning solution. Moreover, it is stain-resistant. When you are arranging a party on your deck forget about the liquid stains of oils, juices, and sauces. We are proud to announce that our decking boards don't absorb water content. There is no need to spend a lot of your time and money on the cleaning of our decking boards.

When you install a wood deck, it will be a treat to the insects around your deck. You will notice the insect damage signs on your deck. Now, again it's time to install your deck. Do you find the wood decking cheaper? No, you have to replace it, and there is a need for investment again. The composite decking is not an organic material, so there is nothing for the insects. It will remain resistant throughout its life span.  So, if we talk about the cost in long run, yes, composite deckingis cheap in price for the long run. The days are gone when there was a need for staining and sealing of the deck. The good news is that the composite decking is available in the market now. There is no need for these maintenance chores. Check out the amazing features of cost-effective and low- maintenance capped composite decking board in brown color.

  1. Composite decking Requires Reduced Installation Cost

If we talk about the overall cost of the deck, labor cost also matters a lot. Composite decking again takes the lead in terms of the installation cost. As the composite decking is a man-made material, the decking is already straight to install. You don't have to put a lot of effort to cut the decking boards according to the requirements of your space. We have manufactured the decking boards with flexibility for your convenience. We want to make our decking boards more consistent to install. This level of consistency makes your installation process easy and saves costs.

We also offer some perfect fixing solutions for your composite deck. All you have to do is to cut the decking boards and fix them with our fixing solutions so that your deck will remain in shape. From the beautiful decking boards to the fixing accessories we want to make the life of our customers easy. In this way, you don't have to pay for the heavy labor cost. In this way, it will make the composite decking a cheaper option for you in terms of price. On the other hand, for the wood, you have to pay the heavy color cost as it requires much effort for its installation.

  1. Composite Decking Lasts Long

When it comes to the life span, composite decking maintains structural integrity much longer than wood decking. In the last years, the manufacturing process of composite decking made it the choice of most homeowners. At present, most homeowners have the idea that it is a durable material. Moreover, the investment they spent was worth the cost. Composite decking is resistant to cracking and fading. There will be no sharp cracks to harm your loved ones. From arranging a party on your deck to enjoying family time with your loved ones, a composite deck is all that you want.

Its maintenance, durability, and installation make it a cheap material in terms of price. But, if we talk about its wonderful features, it is the best decking material available on the market. The Composite Company makes sure to provide the best decking material across the region in a budget-friendly manner. Moreover, our decking boards are eco-friendly. We provide benefits to our customers and our environment too. So, are you ready to install a deck with superior decking material in your outdoor space? Build a deck with the best decking boards and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

The low maintenance features of the decking material make it a cheaper option for the future. In the case of composite decking, you only have to pay the initial cost, and you will find that it is cheap in price in the long run. Cheap meaning only in terms of price. If we talk about the functional and aesthetic advantages of composite decking, it takes the lead from all the decking materials. On the other hand, wood decking requires to be replaced after some years. So, instead of spending the cost, again and again, it's always a wise decision to invest at once. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best decking boards from here, and build an elegant and classy deck.

The Composite Company decking boards will give you many functional advantages for the next 25 years. Feel free to contact us.

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