Installing Composite Decking Around Pool In South Africa: An Ultimate Guide!

Take the beauty of your swimming pool to the next level by installing beautiful Composite Decking boards around it. South Africa has traditional hot summers. A swimming pool with ultra-thin deck boards is a good choice for you and your family. The deck designs that suit best according to the requirement of your swimming pool can create a great entertaining spot. It not only increases the beauty of the swimming pool but will also elevate the value of your residence. An above-ground swimming pool is a budget-friendly way to have fun in a hot region like South Africa.

 Our decking boards are available in different shapes and sizes. They will create elevated sides around the swimming pool. Your little ones are safe to enjoy around your swimming pool. The Composite Company offers you the decking boards that will transform your swimming pool into a stylish property. Now, the point is how to install the composite decking around your swimming pool? What are the points to keep in mind while choosing the decking boards? What are the benefits of Composite Decking around your swimming pool? We are going to answer all of these questions. Just read on.


Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Decking Boards for Your Pool

Imagine the charm of enjoying the beautiful afternoons of the summer around the beautiful pool. What is better than having cold beverages in your hand with a beautiful view of the swimming pool?  You are sitting on the beautiful decking boards, and your children are playing around the pool. Nothing beats the charm of spending time with a swimming pool in hot regions like South Africa. To enjoy a pool deck first, you have to create it. Here are some important points to transform your imagination into reality.

  1. Budget

When you are choosing the decking material for your swimming pool, first create a rough sketch of the budget. The price will depend on the type of material you want. We offer premium material at a very reasonable price. There is no need to compromise on quality. It is very important to calculate the total cost of the project for the stylish decking.

  1. Location

So you have selected the budget of your decking material, it's time to calculate the area you want to cover with your decking boards. If you want a sun lounge then, it is essential to make your deck at least two meters deep.

  1. Material

Now, it's time to buy the decking material that will convert the space around the swimming pool into a dream place. You can make a lot of memories with your family and friends even on the hot days of summer. The composite decking around the swimming pool is becoming extremely popular these days. Due to its desirable feature as compared to traditional decking, it's becoming the superior choice. It is less hazardous than the other decking materials. It gives a very natural look to the surroundings. Composite Decking around the pool by The Composite Company is always a superior choice. Our Co-Extrusion Composite Deck Board is long-standing with a sleek design.

  1. Style

It's time to select the style of decking material after the selection of budget and material. The best composite decking around the pool is the one that adds a complementary effect to the swimming pool. A wrong selection of the design and color can make the appearance of the swimming pool worst. The right composite decking material will make your entertainment spot look natural. Our styles will give your swimming pool a natural look.

  1. Fence

It is something that you must consider if you have little once at your place. Having an appropriate barrier or fence around the swimming pool will act as a defense system. It will ensure the safety of children, elderly groups, pool swimmers, and visitors. You should select the fence or barriers around the swimming pool that suits the surroundings. It should have both features. Firstly, it should provide a strong defense system. Secondly, it should be visually appealing. You can consult with a local decking consultant for the appropriate choice of the pool fence. Choose what suits according to the style of your composite decking material.


How to Install The Composite Decking Material Around Your Swimming Pool in South Africa? A Step by Step Guide!

When you have selected the material for your swimming pool, now it's time to initiate practically. The following are some steps and recommendations for the installation of composite decking around your swimming pool. For the In-Ground decks and elevated pools, the following points should be kept in mind. 


In-Ground Decks

  1. Measure the size of the dig around your swimming pool. Determine how much space do you want around your swimming pool as an entertainment area. The measurement of your excavation should be according to the depth of your decking material. 
  2. It is important to cut the appropriate length of the decking boards. The decking material should be in accordance with the general curvature of the swimming pool. Instead of selecting the wrong lengths and then, trimming them try to have the appropriate length. 
  3. Before you cut or install the decking material, evaluate what type of decking area do you want. The right choice and decision will prevent the unnecessary wastage of your decking material. The appropriate length and width will make your job done perfectly on the first attempt. If you have a grey exterior, then our classic composite decking board in light grey color is best for your swimming pool.


Elevated Pool

  1. Take the careful measurement of the height as well as the width of the swimming pool.
  2. Calculate the height of the lip of the swimming pool. The reason behind the appropriate selection is that your decking boards will fit neatly around your swimming pool.
  3. You can install a pool railing around your dream swimming pool. It is for the avoidance of moisture on your decking boards. All the fun activities of you and your family can splash the water out of the swimming pool. There is another benefit of the pool railing. It will give support to your loved ones while getting out of the swimming pool. The pool railing will prevent the wet and slippery area around your swimming pool.


Benefits of Installing Composite Wood Decking Around Swimming Pool

When your swimming pool is a fun place for you and your children, you have to make the area around it safe. Your fun activities with the children can make the surface wet. The children will run and jump into the swimming pool. The composite's company decking material provides one of the best defense systems. We offer you completely water-resistant decking boards. There are also many other advantages that you can avail of by installing our composite decking around your swimming pool. Our decking boards are resistant to any insect attack.

Unlike other traditional decking companies, our decking boards are eco-friendly. In every kind of weather, our material can withstand rain, sun, and snow. Our decking boards are extremely durable and come with a warranty. By adding composite decking around your swimming pool, you can increase the beauty and value of your property. Our decking boards are low maintenance and are easy to install. With just a little effort, you can take the beauty of your swimming pool to the next level. Another feature of our decking boards is that they are non-splintering. We provide style and quality at the same time.


Tips for Installing Composite Wood Decking Around The Swimming Pool

  1. Choose the color and design that is according to your building's exterior. Your taste is very important that what kind of environment you want to create. Choose the theme that suits your furniture.
  2. You can add more beauty to your swimming spot by adding sun loungers, plants, and lighting.
  3. Putting a pergola on the decking material will give you functional advantages. You will get a shady spot and enjoy the aesthetic look of the swimming pool. The hot summers of South Africa will not distract you from enjoying the view.
  4. Your swimming pool decking should be 1.2 meters in width.


Final Thoughts

Adding a Pool Decking provides you with the space to relax and enjoy. For your swimming pool to remain safe and strong for a long time, it's essential to have the right decking material. The decking boards should be able to resist moisture. Our wooden-Plastic Decking Boards are durable enough to be installed in the ground, under the water, and on the ground. Take the appropriate measurements of your swimming pool to increase the beauty of your swimming area. Composite Wood Decking around the swimming pool is no longer a difficult task. Our decking boards are easy to install. The composite decking will work well for your swimming pool than other traditional decking materials. So, get your composite decking boards from The Composite Company right now.

Do you find this write-up helpful in installing Composite Decking around your swimming pool? Don't forget to give your precious opinions in the comment section below. Be sure to visit our site for some stylish and functional decking material.

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