How to pick the perfect decking for your home in 2022

When it comes to remolding your residence, the exterior of the home should be carefully constructed. A beautifully structured deck can give your space a touch of elegance. Decking is a fantastic addition to any living space. Most homeowners don't have any idea that decking can do wonders for their living space. Whether it is a swimming pool or a garden, decking can do much for your space. A deck is considered a fantastic space for family gatherings. Add some accessories, and you will have a comfortable area to sit, enjoy, and eat. You have a variety of options in the material, finishes, and styles of deck. Now, you may think that how to pick the right decking for your residence? To help you choose the right decking, here we have the complete guide for you. How to choose the best decking? What are the top decking trends in 2022? Keep reading.


How to choose the best deck for your residence?

Here we have enlisted some of the important steps that you should keep in mind. You can get the many benefits of the deck by selecting the right material and the right company's name for your deck.

  1. Evaluate the purpose of the deck

There are many reasons for which the homeowners want a decked area in their residence. Most want a deck for the functional and the practical reasons. For example, if you want to create an entertaining spot, your requirement will be a ground-level platform deck. If you host parties for your friends and family, you need some extra extension to space. Maybe you are a person who loves swimming and wants to have a safe area around the swimming pool. For the installation of the right deck, it is important to determine the purpose of the decking. In this, you can appropriately arrange the decking boards. The Composite Company's decking boards are easy to install. You can easily adjust them for the kind of deck you want to build.

  1. Free the space for your deck

Most homeowners usually want a deck for some extra space. Yes, the deck provides an extension to your space. For the installation of the decking boards, you need to clear the space where you want to build your deck. If you want to build a deck in your garden, then composite decking can complement your garden. The homeowners who have smaller outdoor spaces, the installation of the deck can do much for them.

  1. Select the material for your deck

When it comes to the selection of the best material for your deck, you should keep two main aspects in mind the maintenance of the deck and the cost. If you choose a low-maintenance material for your deck, it saves your cost in the future. There are many options available in the market that can give an elegant finish to your architectural style. The three main types of decking material are hardwood, softwood, and composite decking. Each has its pros and cons, but composite decking is taking the lead in the decking industry.


Softwood as decking material

Softwood decking has its origin in the growing trees. It’s the cheapest option in the market in terms of price. But it has some downsides. It is not a long-lasting material and requires much maintenance. It is made from growing trees so it is not resistant to insects. It is more prone to damage insects.


Hardwood as decking material

If we talk about hardwood, it comes from the slow-growing trees. It is the most expensive decking option as the trees are rare. It is also aesthetically pleasing. One downside of hardwood is that it requires a lot of hard work for its installation. You have to pay heavy labor costs if you select hardwood as a decking material.


Composite as decking material

Here we are going to talk about the most modern material that can give you many benefits. The composite decking makes your home eye-catching with just minimum maintenance. The composite decking is made from a mixture of wood and plastic fiber. The Composite Company's decking boards have many functional advantages. Our decking boards don't absorb moisture. In this way, they have anti-slippery properties. Our decking boards are not only visually attractive but also have functional advantages. Are you worried about the maintenance procedures of the deck? Well, if you will install our decking boards, you will see the difference. The composite decking is not an organic material so it is resistant to the damage of the insects. Additionally, it doesn't absorb moisture. So, there will be no liquid stains on your decking boards. What is better than having the functional and the beauty advantages at the same time? You can available many benefits of composite decking by selecting The Composite Company. Check out the amazing features of our capped composite decking board in light grey color.

  1. Match your interior and exterior style

The best technique to compliment your residential space is to match the architectural design of your interior and exterior. A deck that matches well with the overall look of your residence can do the best.

  1. Choose the height of your deck

Some of the decks are attached to the ground so, they are low in height. The others are raised and are also functional as stairs. Do you have a steep backyard in your space? All you need is the raised deck. When it comes to the raised deck a reliable railing system is a must to have.

A deck attached to the ground is the best option for parents who have young children. It will be safe for your little ones in every aspect. If you want to host a large party, it can accommodate large people. Multi-level decks are also good options, but you have to connect them with the stairs for a welcoming environment. It is a unique option if you want to have different sections on your deck. You can differentiate them for cooking, grilling, and dining area.


4 Deck Trends in 2022- Ideas for a Modern Look of your Home

Pick any idea from below top 4 deck trends. They will change the overall look of your residence.

  1. Outdoor Living Space

One way to make sure that your family will love the deck is to convert it into a living space. The more you will be close to nature, the more you spend quality time. You can make your living rooms on your deck to spend quality time with your family. You can match the comfortable and functional deck furniture for your outdoor deck area. Your family and friends will love to have this area. You can add accessories for the comfort of your family.

  1. Temperature Control Features

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the decking through every season of the year? Weather gets extremely severe sometimes. In the hot regions like South Africa, you need some additional features on your deck. You can attach ceiling fans to the railings of your decks. It will give calming effect in the summer afternoons. You will get the cooling effect while spending time with your family. In this way, you can make sure that your deck will be calm and cozy throughout the year. Are you more concerned about the colors of your decking boards? The Composite Company will not fade due to the heat. Our decking boards will remain the same in color after years.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a unique way to spend ideal quality time with family while cooking. If you are a person who loves eating outside, then all you need is an outdoor kitchen on your deck. You can arrange barbecue and grill parties in your outdoor decked area. You can make the atmosphere unique by hanging lights on your deck. Your guests will love to have a lightening area while enjoying food. The beautiful brown color of the decking boards can make your outdoor space beautiful. Our decking board colors are unique and will make your outdoor space elegant. If you want to arrange this kind of party, then our capped composite decking board in brown color is best for you.

  1. Add Lights to Railing

If you want to spend time on the deck at night, you should consider this trend for your deck. You can attach the hanging lights to your railing. It will give you a beautiful view at night, and you will love to spend time with your family. The hanging light will brighten all the areas of your deck, and you can keep an eye on your child's activity. It is a great option for beauty and functional benefits.


Final Words

A deck is a great addition to your residence because it has many functional advantages. You can make your exterior beautiful and elegant with a functional deck. To get the most benefits from the deck, it's essential to keep the above steps and trends in mind. The Composite Company decking boards are very functional and good-looking. They have an eye-catchy look and will look the same for the years. All of our decking boards come with a 25-year warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Select the decking boards from here and build a deck.

Do you find this article helpful in how to select the perfect deck for your residence? Do visit our site for the best decking boards in South Africa.

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