How to Clean Plastic Decking? An Ultimate Guide

When you focus on the cleanliness of other things around the house, it's also important to remember your plastic decking. Throughout the different seasons of the year, your plastic decks have faced many weather conditions. Cleaning the plastic decks is not difficult to tackle. When you take proper cleaning measures, your plastic decks will not only last long but will look good in appearance. If you don't have any idea how to clean your plastic decking boards, then it's time to learn. Just imagine you want to enjoy a sitting with your guests. Nothing leaves a bad impression than the dusty deck boards. It's important to clean your decking boards after some period. It is not only for a good-looking appearance but also for a healthy environment. Do you want to know how to clean your plastic deck boards? With just a few simple steps to keep in mind, you can get your job done. How to clean your plastic decking? What are the essential points to keep in mind? What are the steps of the cleaning procedure? Here we got you covered. Just be with us.


Top 5 Plastic Decking Damagers

Plastic composite decking is easy to maintain than other traditional deck boards. When you have the plastic deck boards in your outdoor space, you don't have to spend a lot of time maintaining them. That means you can enjoy more time in your decks than cleaning them. Here we are going to discuss some most common deck damagers and how to clean them.

  1. Debris and Dust

The small spaces between the decking boards can trap dust particles. First, try to remove the dirt with soap and water solution. If it is not working for your plastic deck, then try a pressure washer. You can remove the dust and debris with the help of a brush and soapy water. Keep that in mind that the brush should not be too hard for your deck boards. You don't want to damage the design of your deck boards. You can spray on the affected area with a hose to clean the surface debris.

  1. Snow and Ice

Ice and snow are also the common damagers to your deck boards if you are in a cold area. You can use rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow on your deck boards. A plastic shovel is a beneficial tool to clean the deck boards from snow. Rinse with the water after using the rock salt or calcium chloride. You can use the cleaning solution to prevent damage from calcium chloride or rock salt.

  1. Oil or Food

If you have little ones in your house, then it's common to have food stains on your deck boards. For the long-lasting appearance of plastic deck boards, it is essential to remove all kinds of food stains from your deck boards. Most of the plastic deck boards come with a warranty to remove the stains within seven days. To remove the food stains, use warm soapy water and a brush. With a dry paper towel, you can easily remove the food stains.  If the paper towel is not able to clean the stain then, use a simple water and soap solution.

Many people want to enjoy an outdoor cooking experience. Just imagine how beautiful it is to enjoy with family in your outdoor space. There will be some oil and grease left on your decking surfaces. You should quickly remove it to avoid a permanent stain.

  1. Mildews and Molds

Molds are also deck board damagers that feed on the debris. To remove all the molds and mildews, use warm soapy water and a stiff-bristle brush.

  1. Tannins

If the debris accumulates for a long time, it will leave the tannins on the surface of deck boards. According to the instructions, you can use a deck brightener after drying the surface of deck boards.


Regular Cleaning Matters

If you are cleaning your plastic deck boards at regular intervals, it will save time in the long run. In the same way as clothing, the longer the stain on the decking board, the harder it is to remove. Most homeowners choose plastic decking to avoid the time taking cleaning procedures. If you want to maintain the beauty of your plastic decking, then clean it after a short time.

The regular maintenance of decking boards gives a clean appearance to your outdoor space. A pressure washer is also a good option for cleaning purposes as long as pressure is not greater than 3100 psi. Buy your pressure washer with a soap dispenser and a fan attachment. Pressure washers are good to remove dust particles, but they are not an ideal option for stains. You also don't want to damage the color of your beautiful outdoor space. The composite company offers you decking boards that are easy to maintain. Our colors are long-lasting and will not be affected by cleaning procedures.


5 Steps to Clean Plastic Decking

The cleaning procedure depends on which type of composite decking you have. Here are a few simple and easy steps that will help you to make your plastic deck boards look neat and clean. 

  1. Clear Your Plastic Deck Boards

The first step is to remove all kinds of stuff from your deck boards for easy cleaning. This step will make your cleaning procedure easy.

When you remove all kinds of stuff from your decking boards, it will provide you with better options to inspect. You can see all the possible stains and discoloration on your plastic decking boards. This step is all about the inspection.

  1. Sweep Off the Plastic Deck Boards

The accumulation of debris can retain moisture. It is important to remove all kinds of debris from your deck boards. When the debris accumulates, it will make stains on your deck boards. You can use any type of tool to remove the dust between the deck boards. Sweeping the deck boards will remove the dust and grim.

  1. Pre-Rinse Your Deck Boards

This step will make the further cleaning steps easy for you. Pre-rinsing will help the cleaner to spread effectively. 

  1. Clean the Plastic Deck Boards

The cleaning solution depends on which kind of deck boards you have.  Choose the best cleaner according to the requirements of your deck boards. Prepare your cleaner by mixing the warm water and soap. Be sure to check the concentration of the solution. The chemical in the cleaning agents can cause harm to your decking material.

  1. Rinse the Decking Boards

Rinsing will remove all kinds of dust and debris from your composite decking. You have to spray from 6 to 12 inches away from the surface of your composite decks. Keep that in mind that the water pressure should be strong enough to remove the debris and stains. You have to keep two points in mind. You have to clean your deck boards. Additionally, the cleaner and the water pressure won't damage your deck boards.


5 Points to Keep in Mind While Cleaning Your Deck

  1. If you are still conscious about your decking boards, then use a cleaning agent that doesn't have chlorine bleach.
  2. You can use different cleaning agents for your decking boards like ammonia, soap, apple cider vinegar, or white vinegar.
  3. Don't be too harsh on your decking boards. Use the brushes with soft fibers. If you use a wire brush, it will create scratches on your decking surfaces. Be sure to use clean water for the decking surfaces.
  4. A pressure washer is also a good option for cleaning your deck surfaces. You can remove the dirt and debris with a pressure washer from time to time. When you are using a pressure washer, keep the temperature and speed in mind.
  5. Be sure to check that whether your decking surface is porous or not. If your deck boards are porous then, they absorb moisture from the cleaning. You can also check on your own. If your deck boards become heavier with the use of water, then they are porous.


Final Thoughts

It is important to clean the plastic decking after short intervals. The clearance of all the dirt and debris from time to time will make your decking material look beautiful. When you use the soap and water solution, be sure to keep the concentration in mind. Firstly, remove all kinds of dust and debris from your plastic decking. Use a brush and a soapy solution for the cleaning. Whether your plastic decking is new or old, a lot of dust and germs can accumulate on the surface. In the winter season, you have to clean the snow. The best cleaning solution followed by a few simple steps can make your decking boards neat and clean.

Do you find this write-up helpful in your cleaning procedure? Do let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to check some amazing plastic decking boards that are easy to clean.

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